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Find Yourself to Let Love Find You :)

I’ve been thinking recently – is it REALLY so hard to find someone special? I never actually considered it as difficult as everyone around me has made it out to be. 513 more words

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Number 6: Find Happiness Through Selflessness, Charity, Compassion and Forgiveness

Humans are social by nature, and our mind-bodies have evolved in such a way that when we help each other we become happier. It is in our nature to build secure relationships with each other. 1,519 more words

How To Be Happy

The Happiness Factor

Martin Seligman is the well-known, well-respected driving force behind Authentic Happiness and the benefits of applied positive psychology. I have featured him here before in past years on this blog . 57 more words

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Number 5: Find Happiness Through Meditation

Happiness does not exist in the past and it does not exist in the future. It exists right now. To be happy, you have to be here now to experience it. 1,394 more words

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The Magic Of A Grateful Attitude

Having a grateful heart is the key to achieving all that we desire in life. We should not just be grateful when we get what we want, or when things are going well for us; but we should learn to be grateful for all things — good and bad. 282 more words

Number 4: Choose Happiness as if Your Life Depends on It

To be happy, you have to choose to be happy, regardless of your life situation. You need to choose happiness as if your life depends on it because, in reality, it does. 1,691 more words

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Number 3: Don't Let Pleasure Obscure Happiness

Everyone seems to be in a 24/7 rush for pleasure and distraction. What people really want is to be happy, but they seem to spend most of their time seeking sense pleasures. 1,536 more words

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