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The Essential Ingredient for Success in Business

There are many ingredients required to grow a successful business. Many of those ingredients can be, and in fact are, provided by leaders at every level of the organization. 448 more words


10 Things We Must Always Require From Our Leaders

We live in a time when the standards of behavior expected in our leaders has been eroding, when our tolerance for human foible is more pronounced than our expectation for the execution of leadership duty with honor, intelligence and sensibility. 408 more words


How to pack a ‘SPICE’ punch in your life?

Each one of us wants to be the best. Each one of us dreams of being the next superstar or the next billionaire. But to hit the perfect score, we must be able to hit the bullseye at each turn. 786 more words


Tales from the Crypt : Stan and Ollie

Both regular readers will no doubt notice with some alarm that the “Vault” – my simple archive for hopefully humorous reminisces of my Executive past – has for this episode only been transformed to the “Crypt”. 1,098 more words

Executive Life

Three Minute Leadership

One of the things I enjoy most about what I do for a living is that I get to meet a lot of people. As someone who enjoys studying people, their characteristics, habits, and attitudes, the more people I meet the better. 582 more words


Everyone Needs Encouragement

This post has a pretty simple title. I’m hoping that everyone who reads this knows that unarguable fact.

Knowing it isn’t enough. If you’re a leader you must actually provide encouragement to your people. 346 more words


The Case for Micro-Leading

It seems as if I’m always learning something more about leadership. If there is one thing about leadership that I learn almost everyday it’s that I have a lot to learn when it comes to leading. 581 more words