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Being Transparent

There’s a trend in business today to be TRANSPARENT. An organization I have done consulting for goes as far as to have glass walls for their Executive offices so that nothing is hidden from employees. 1,075 more words

Getting ready

On Monday we’ll continue an Authentic Leadership Programme for 18 leaders. There’s a good chance that many of the group coming back together will have been busy – especially busy because of the time out from work on the Programme – to have spent much time focussing on the development work ahead. 124 more words

Leadership Insights

Being An Authentic Leader

When I was sitting in my Sunday lecture, my teacher brought home what it meant to be hypocritical when discussing Jesus’ interaction with the leaders of his time, The Pharisees. 565 more words

Leadership Development

How to Determine if Someone is Actually a Leader

Positions don’t make leaders, leaders make positions. I’ve said that thousands of times in presentations and many other people have said it and written it even more. 494 more words


Self Leadership

True leaders do not work to do better than anyone else, they work to do better than themselves. And that’s what makes them better leaders. ~Simon Sinek

Thoughts On Leading.


This value is as critical for individuals as it is for organisations. You stop looking internally, learn and adapt, you die.

Leading Truly

When purpose calls

When I left my job as a corporate executive, most people did not understand what I was trying to do. I remember calling my mentor, Mr Zweli Manyathi and spending 45 minutes with him on the phone with the whole conversation centered around the foolishness of the decision. 549 more words