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My authentic self - static or evolving

I was having a conversation with my nephew’s friends on facebook which started out with ‘why people are pretenders’. I joined in the dialogue about when we live into our authentic self we don’t feel the need for the false self, the pretense and it’s freeing. 418 more words

Authentic Leadership

Your Leadership Is YOU

I saw this letter via one of my facebook friends and reading this really touched my heart.

Just imagine what a world we would have if every child heard and experienced this truth in their school life. 64 more words

Leadership Behaviour

How To Make A Board Presentation With Major Impact!

For many executives, making presentations to the Board can be a nerve-wracking experience. Even if you are familiar with the individuals who sit on your company’s Board, there can still be something intimidating about going into a room of very intelligent, powerful people and trying to explain a technical concept or bigger yet, ask for their buy in on your project. 1,002 more words

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Where is the love?

In “On the Waterfront”, Eve Marie Saint’s character, Edie, is on a date with Marlon Brandon’s character Terry, and as they sit and talk and get to know a little about each other, she enquires about his situation in life.   1,194 more words

Quantum Shift

A Leadership Lesson from Jose Marenio

A leadership blog, based on Jose Marenio, the “chosen one”. Is it possible that we can learn from him. Well, if you know football you will know that his  success record is almost unchallenged. 472 more words

Leadership Basics

Are you too Smart for Your Own Good?

A long time ago, people believed the sun revolved around the earth and that bloodletting was an effective way to treat a variety of ailments.  We now know none of those previous ‘truths’ are true. 276 more words

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