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Leading from the Front

Most commonly leaders lead from the front. There is nothing wrong with that, usually. But, if you’re only leading from the front you run the danger of getting too far out in front of your people and when you turn around there’s actually no one there anymore. 501 more words


3 Leadership Lessons from 2017

Happy New Year folks!

Wishing you a productive and purposeful 2018.

Many people like to make resolutions at this time of year. For me I like to reflect on the year and think about the lessons I’ll take into the next year. 391 more words


learn to say yes

One of the popular mantra’s now is learning to say no to what we consider to be unimportant things that will hinder our “success”.

I agree to a point, but a friend reminded me that we need to learn to say yes to being selfless, to loving, serving, caring for, and helping others. 100 more words

Leadership & Leader Development

Enter the Executive maverick : Rock Star CIO

Artificial intelligence has landed in my Executive life with a crash, bang and a wallop. And its name is Walter (its surname rhymes with Shitty). 1,402 more words

Executive Life

Resilience and Authentic Leadership for Entrepreneurs: a Creative Fuse North East pilot


This post introduces our pilot we’re calling “Resilience and Authentic Leadership for Entrepreneurs”.

In essence, it’s about helping entrepreneurs and innovators learn how to get back up, before they get knocked down (emotionally). 766 more words

Authentic Leadership

Why Would Anyone Follow You?

People are pretty interesting to study. So many people from so many places, so many different cultures, backgrounds, and histories. So many differences.

But even in a world of differences there are some things that most everyone has in common, and one of those commonalities is that the majority of people hold others to a higher standard than they hold themselves. 422 more words


The Authentic Leader

In 2013, Forbes magazine quoted Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries, on authentic leadership: “Talented people with bad values will do far more damage than virtuous people with lesser talents.” 419 more words