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Napa Fires Offer Powerful Lesson on Leadership, Courage and Connection

A client of mine lives near Atlas Peak in Napa. He and his family were evacuated during the horrific fires that descended upon the Napa Valley recently. 996 more words


The Executive Assessment

Last week I was rudely introduced to a new level of data driven executive atrocity. A very thorough set of new age psychometric tests followed by a four hour – yes four hour – face to face interview with an ex lawyer. 939 more words

Executive Life

Be it to teach it.

“Be it to teach it” seems to apply to every aspect of my life — teaching, coaching, training, parenting, and even just “adulting” too. I find myself saying it often in workshops regarding classroom management and boosting children’s social competence — you have to be kind and be patient if you want to teach kindness and patience, right? 164 more words


The Challenge of Frustration

Recently I had the opportunity to discuss leadership with a group of mid-level managers. At the end of my presentation I was approached by a significant number of the attendees who all had the same question. 670 more words


Words of Wisdom: Unraveling the Chaos

When the country is in chaos, everybody has a plan to fix it; but it takes a leader of real understanding to straighten things out

Taking an authentic lead

When you’re little you’re always told honest is the best policy- lies are looked down on and you are rewarded when you admit your faults. 729 more words

Are you in Control? Really?

So, you’re the boss! You’re the one in charge! You’re in Control! The buck always stops with you! Well…not exactly.

When you’re at or near the top of your organization you have lots of influence, but you don’t control all that much. 390 more words