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Why I want to start a #BanBusy movement

I made a sidebar statement at a couple of speaking gigs I did recently. I said, I want to be the founder of the #BanBusy movement! 782 more words


The Importance of Leadership

If you’re an Authentic Leader then you know that leadership is about people. You understand that things are managed and people are led.

Not all managers are also tasked with leading people but nearly all, or more likely absolutely all, leaders are also tasked with some management responsibility. 360 more words


Integrity, a subject that many of us easily talk about but often used to hide our real selves. I will use excerpts from an article I recently read around the subject. 540 more words

Leading Truly

6 Powerful Ways to Build Muscles That Matter

I moderate forums quite regularly for women that focus on the themes of vulnerability, building strategic acumen and leadership authenticity. There is a consistent theme in the conversations I have before, during and after these forums. 941 more words


Where Management and Leadership Skills Meet

I have written several times on the vast difference between managing and leading. Managing is about “stuff’, budgets, inventory, buildings, executing plans, etc. Leading is about people and only about people. 548 more words


Are You the "Right" Kind of Leader?

One of the many challenges of leadership is this little gem: doing what’s right and doing what’s popular are very often two different things.

Authentic leaders do what’s right. 274 more words


The perils of Authentic Leadership

No longer is it enough to be a strong leader, a motivational leader or an intelligent leader. Now you’ve got to be an authentic leader. What’s wrong with that I hear you shout. 963 more words

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