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Do You See Everyone as a "10?"

Pretty much everyone, no matter their business or where they live, understand what it is to be a “10.” 10 is perfection. 10 is what almost everyone wants to be. 358 more words


Who we are

How do we become who we are? Recently I’ve had a few conversations with friends on this question. Usually it comes up after we begin discussing work and I get really enthusiastic about our plans in the Student Life office. 1,019 more words


Millennial Myths: Debunked

Millennials are weird. Me being one of them, I can contest to this statement. We are always looking for something new, something worth pursuing. We hop around from job to job, we give off the wrong impression to the older generations. 333 more words


The problem with authentic leadership

It is the time when people want leaders they can trust. This means leaders who are genuine, human, open, vulnerable and visionary. This all sounds great right? 544 more words


Morality: A key component of authentic leadership?

When I began to read about Authentic Leadership, one of the ideas that perturbed me was that authentic leaders had to be guided by internal moral standards, which are used to self-regulate one’s behavior… 372 more words