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Leadership Development Retreats

Through its authentic leadership retreats, Shaman in the Boardroom seeks to fulfil its mission to help CEO’s – and other C-suite executives and leaders – to uncover their authentic selves, to develop strong core values and high levels of self esteem and self worth, so that they can go on to create sustainable long-term organisations for the benefit of all stakeholders – including the Earth. 287 more words

Leading through authenticity

Do you consider yourself a leader? Leadership takes on many forms from leading a team of employees, to leading a sports team, a group of friends and even self-leadership. 570 more words

Leadership In the Age of Cynicism and Fake News

Have you noticed the shift in attitude among your friends and coworkers? Have you noticed that cynicism and skepticism have become normalized? Information we formerly trusted is now regarded as… 719 more words

Leading Others

What Makes a Leader

Calling yourself a leader does not make you a leader. Holding a position of leadership in your organization does not make you a leader. Having an important sounding title does not make you a leader. 389 more words


Are You Really Leading?

I’m kind of afraid that “leadership” has become something of a buzzword. The actual definition of buzzword is “a word or phrase, often an item of jargon, that is fashionable at a particular time or in a particular context.” … 460 more words


Conflict Resolution: 4 Things You Need to Know to Master It

Conflict. The word itself more than likely triggers you to think about a personal or professional challenge you’ve had or are currently going through with someone. 1,573 more words

Professional Development

The Reality Gap

The higher you go in your organization the greater the risk that you will lose touch with your people. That risk has less to do with you as a leader than it has to do with with your followers. 480 more words