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Don't be complacent, lead from within

We often fall into routines which can be detrimental to our constant development and our leadership success. It might start with laziness, and it is prolonged by acceptance and comfort, but that does not make it necessarily good. 400 more words


The Awesome Responsibility of Leading

Lots of people occupy leadership positions without really leading. Many people identify themselves as leaders even though they actually lead no one.

To those people leadership is apparently just a word. 256 more words


Leadership, the collective noun

Leadership theorists of times gone by have determined leadership to be something of an individualistic notion.

One of the earlier nineteenth century theories was called the ‘Great Man Theory’. 499 more words


#7 Leadership

When Richie McCaw announced his retirement from Rugby today it was in the same matter of fact and calm way in which he has led the world of rugby for what seems like forever. 235 more words

Authentic Leadership

People Don't Follow Positions

People follow people. They don’t follow positions and they certainly don’t follow titles. If you believe that your position or title makes you a leader then you’re making one of the most common leadership mistakes you can make. 356 more words


Learning from feedback and 'criticism'

“If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” ― Leo Tolstoy

I am not perfect, say it to yourself for a moment. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be.

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One More Move: Use your favorite command everyday


Happy Monday! It’s been a wonderful week, almost like a sense of renewed outlook on living, yet the same one of seeking authentic leadership in an ultra-produced world. 396 more words