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Will the real leader please stand up...

Are you presenting yourself as YOU or acting out an unconscious script?

I’m wondering today how we can, from potientally a very young age, begin to adopt a ‘persona’.  227 more words

Leadership Behaviour

1-Minute Playbook: Are You a Happy Leader?

Leaders can achieve great things if they trust their inner energy and their work gives them pleasure. The resulting energies are infectious.

To give a popular example of how this might manifest itself in the business world, consider the words of Richard Branson: 115 more words


The Dualities of Leadership - Duality Number One

Reading through the literature especially Harvard’s publication The Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice we discover about five to seven key dualities in scholarship on leadership. 124 more words

Tim Cloyd

Create Big! Don't go along with the consensus

I have been amazed this week about how powerfully leadership can shift when we are willing to let go of the fear of being ourselves. 479 more words

Leadership Behaviour

Needing Leadership?

Leadership is a human experience. It doesn’t happen on paper or with rank or publicity. It is earned when other people choose to follow. ~ Simon  Sinek

Lead On: How To Be A Better Leader.

Managing Unplanned Demands On Your Time

My in-laws dropped in early this Saturday morning.  We were getting our day going and just finishing our first cup of coffee.  Right after they arrived, our daughter and granddaughter also came through the door, although we already knew they were coming over at some point.  1,167 more words

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