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Perfect Leaders

Every leader I’ve ever met and every leader I’ll ever meet in the future all suffer from the identical weakness. They are human.

I actually believe “humanness” is the most vital strength a leader can have but there is no doubt being human comes with certain limitations. 609 more words


Leaders Don't Complain

I’ll never really understand why some people continually complain about the people and circumstances they allow to be part of their lives.

Some people would rather complain than actually do something about their situation. 552 more words


Tales from the Vault: Square pegs and round holes

I’ve spent my whole career trying not to get typecast and pigeonholed. I mean really, who on earth would want to be Ken Barlow? Successfully manoeuvring between streams has afforded me that ultimate luxury of variety throughout my career and life. 910 more words

Executive Life

What To Do When You Have The Feisty Talk

No secret I love a good F word.

Feminist. Fabulous. Flawesome. Feisty! Marina Go wrote this article in Women’s Agenda  about being feisty;

  1. Being…
  2. 807 more words

Magnetic Leadership

For companies to thrive they need great leadership. So how do we define great leadership and what are the behavioral traits of a great leader? 779 more words


The Yin Side Of Business: How Emotions Reveal a Leader’s Authenticity

In the corporate world, professionals are quick to dismiss words and actions that come off as too good to be true. Leaders–especially women–who seem to tap into the emotions of the people they manage are dismissed as less credible than those who maintain a stoic mien. 288 more words

Authentic Leadership

It has three specifications:

  • Mutual understanding.
  • Trust.
  • Respect.