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The Importance of Loyalty

Loyalty is oftentimes a key ingredient to many organizations’ mission statements. Frequently people attribute their success to their team’s immense loyalty to one another. So, there is a need to talk about loyalty regarding how it impacts leadership. 457 more words


3 Characteristics of Authentic Leadership that Inspires Innovation

Although it is impossible to think that one could or should have all the answers, too many of us often feel inadequate when we don’t. It is hard to get away from the idea that the teacher, principal, superintendent or whoever is “in charge” should be the expert and have all the answers. 1,384 more words

Learning And Teaching

Leaders: Be Authentic or Beware

CEOs and leaders your role has changed – did you miss the memo?

In reality you probably missed the tweet, the comment on Glassdoor, or the text message because paper memos are no longer a mainstream form of communications. 385 more words

CEOs And Leadership


Excerpt from the book Critical Thinking? Introduction to navigating the irrational

Like at all other personal practices, we look at this principle sub specie interioritatis, the internal point of view. 961 more words


Dinner's Ready! (The power of vocal inflection)

We’d all like to think that what we say is important. When we stand up to give a presentation or if we’re talking with a friend or significant other, we… 419 more words


Authentic Leadership Action Wheel

What is authentic leadership?

“authentic leaders are anchored by their own deep sense of self; they know where they stand on important issues, values and beliefs. 288 more words


Company restructure : a modern day Wild West

Restructuring. Downsizing. Disestablishing. And now Transforming. These descriptors tumble out of the thesaurus like marbles through a mincer, particularly in this age of disruption and reinvention, but the one commonality is that these fancy words and phrases spell doom and chaos for the rank and file; and just as interestingly tend to lead to an intense period of some of the worst executive behaviours that you will ever likely see. 872 more words

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