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Starting A career in HR ? Walk the Floor!!!

So you are a junior HR person and you are looking to step up the ladder. But how, and where to start. Well after a number of years and a multitude of experiences I thought I would share a key insight. 545 more words

HR And The Leader

1-Minute Playbook: How To Create a Healthy Leadership

When your employees are experiencing that they work in a healthy work environment, and they feel good, their sick leave decreases and their creativity intensifies. 162 more words

Proudly Imperfect!

Louise Gallagher over at Dare Boldly published a great post this week that was titled “Pride: it cometh after the fall too“. In it Louise discusses how our pride can get in the way doing what really needs to be done because we’re too worried about what others might think, instead of worrying less about how we’re perceived and just doing the right thing. 1,114 more words

Personal Growth

True Team Building

Team building is much more than just recreational activities.

The purpose with teambuilding is to create a team spirit – a “we”-feeling – where your group works towards the same purpose and goals, and where all your team members work in harmony with each other. 25 more words


The Sacrifice of Authentic Leadership

Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness. – Napoleon Hill

There is a myth about leadership that many people in leadership positions believe. 443 more words


Successful Behavioral Change Linked to Values

Nothing will make people change their behavior—no matter how detrimental—until they can see how it is in conflict with their own value system. That alone motivates us toward successful change. 660 more words