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Configuring Apache server with LDAP for authentication and authorization

This post provides an example configuration of Apache http server to be used to serve downloading requests which are authenticated and authorized using LDAP.

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How to determine which Authentication you are using to connect to SQL Server ?

The following T-SQL statement will help you to find the Authentication.

select auth_scheme from sys.dm_exec_connections where session_id=@@spid

Victory for artists as Peter Doig authentication trial comes to an end

In what has been deemed a victory for artists’ and their “unfettered right” to authenticate their own work, the Federal District Court for Northern Illinois yesterday (23 August) ruled in favour of Scottish figurative painter Peter Doig. 341 more words

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Authentication startup Auth0 raises $15M as it beefs up security features

“Identity-as-a-service” startup Auth0 (pronounced “auth zero”) has raised $15 million in Series B funding.

CEO Jon Gelsey said that for many website and mobile app developers, integrating with different login systems can turn into a big headache — and also create security risks. 291 more words


Kerberos is Easy - Part 2

Yes my friends, this post has been long overdue. Life, work and all the other good excuses got in the way. However, there is nothing like a friend calling you out with a “WTF I need part 2” to get the motivation and kerberos mana flowing again. 828 more words


JSON Web Token

What is JSON Web Token?

JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open standard (RFC 7519) that defines a compact and self-contained way for securely transmitting information between parties as a JSON object. 1,074 more words


Facial recognition can be tricked with Facebook photos

Here’s a bit of irony: the vast array of photos collected on Facebook and crunched by its powerful facial recognition technology can be used to… 817 more words