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Spring Security Basics

Episode 63

Welcome to the next installment of the series about Spring-based web applications development. So far we have covered Angular JS fronted, Spring core… 1,125 more words


Controlling Logons to Cisco Devices with Active Directory

Something I see quite often is local passwords being used to authenticate network administrators onto switches and routers. While this is fine for smaller organisations with a small IT team and few network devices, it can quickly become a headache when trying to update the password across all devices or add a new user. 401 more words


Today, according to IBM five years ago

Date of prediction: 2011-12-19

IBM dares a 5-year forecast of 5 innovations that they think will change our lives.  Their 2011 predictions:

136 more words

Invoking a web service over HTTPS with BusinessWorks 5.x

BusinessWorks 5.x happens to be quite capable when it comes to securing HTTP calls although setting up security can be somehow challenging.

BW supports several security mechanisms and protocols, among which: 880 more words


Recover Office 365 MFA( Multi-Factor Authentication) App Password

When using Multi Factor Authentication in Office 365, most user forget to keep a backup note of the App Password Generated.

App Password once created it cannot be reveled , the only way to recover it is to create a new one instead. 243 more words


ASP.NET Webforms Authorization

Hướng dẫn dưới đây giúp thiết lập cấu hình AUTHENTICATION và AUTHORIZARION trong ASP.NET WebForms 4.5

Cấu hình file web.config trong thư mục gốc của ứng dụng… 60 more words

ASP.NET Webforms