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LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

In an upcoming post, I plan to demonstrate how to implement LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) into a JAVA Web Application using Spring Security LDAP Authentication.  509 more words


How to deploy secure and convenient user authentication?

When choosing between different authentication methods, businesses may have a myriad of choices, but striking the right balance between security, convenience and cost remains a fine art. 514 more words


SSL Mutual Authentication with WSO2 ESB

SSL Mutual authentication is a widely used authentication mechanism in B2B communication. This blog looks at the concept of SSL mutual authentication and how WSO2 ESB can support SSL Mutual authentication. 641 more words


Granny's Security Page

Hi Granny.  This one is for you.

When I was a younger coder, building user interfaces, I had a mentor who gave me some advice. She said “Always build your user interfaces so that your grandmother can use them without any help.” It was good advice, although it promoted a stereotype that is not necessarily valid anymore.

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Authorization and Authentication (Part 1 - Authentication)

Two of the most important security features for applications are Authentication and Authorization.  Although they are basic security concepts, it is critical that every programmer, analyst and IT professional understands the purpose and basic mechanisms of accomplishing these tasks. 495 more words


Implementing Spring Security in a Spring Web Application

Implementing Spring Security is fairly simple for basic usage.  In this post, I will explain step-by-step how to implement the authentication and authorization in Spring using the Spring Security Framework, as well as a description of how Spring Security accomplishes these tasks. 753 more words


Competing or Complementing: Art Loss Databases Proliferate

By Mia Tomijima*

Stolen art seems to be ubiquitous and difficult to track. It is relatively easy to ship and sell around the world, and can remain easily hidden for decades. 2,306 more words