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Voice Biometrics..The future of security.

In a world where we have a plethora of passwords to a multitude of websites and apps, it is hardly surprising that people either re-use the same password for different sites or write them down in a book or digital form. 371 more words


OSPFv3: Authentication and Encryption

OSPFv3 may be simpler than OSPFv2 with respect to how Authentication is handled.  OSPF itslef does not have any Authentication functionality built in, instead it uses the native AH and ESP functionality built into IPv6. 126 more words


The inevitable rise of the Biometric Citizen

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Biometrics is becoming more familiar in the commercial marketplace, but it has a relatively long history of use by governments worldwide — not only to lower security risks and mitigate fraud but also to improve the delivery of goods and services to citizens. 932 more words


New National Guidelines Could Halt Use of SMS for Two-Factor Authentication

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Two-factor authentication via SMS (left) and an alternative trusted iOS device (right)

Setting up two-factor authentication through text messages is one of the most popular ways users add another layer of security onto an account, on top of a basic password, including those for Apple’s own software, like Apple ID and… 355 more words


SMS-based two-factor authentication will soon be banned

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In the latest draft of the Digital Authentication Guideline, the rules by which authentication software must abide, the US National Institute for Standards and Technology is preparing to get rid of SMS-based two-factor authentication. 133 more words


OSPF: Extended Cryptographic Authentication

Beginning with IOS release 15.4(1)T OSPF supports Secure Hash Algorithm Hash Message Authentication Code (SHA-HMAC) as described in RFC 5709.

To utilize SHA-HMAC authentication OSPF uses key chains similar to EIGRP or RIPv2.   201 more words


OSPF: Authentication

OSPF supports authentication using non, clear text, and MD5.  SHA-1 was recently added to the list of supported authentication methods but is configured differently than the other authentication types. 186 more words