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ASP.NET MVC Facebook authentication not working.

Are you in a situation that you keep pressing the “log in with Facebook” button but the result is a /login#_=_ address at your browser? 43 more words


Question 2

El cliente pregunta como se hacen los churros otra vez


Expired access token in Google OAuth

I sought in Internet how to determine from Google response whether an access token is expired. I found no definitive answer.

So, finally I created an access token and waited for a hour to see the Google response when I try to use this token. 66 more words

ADFS 4.0 Step by Step Guide: Federating with ServiceNow


Step By Step


If I loved you more, would I love others less?

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This too shall pass

My mother always says ‘this too shall pass’. When you have lived a life that has been been littered with devastating losses you know this fully well and you are grateful for it. 8 more words