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Dear Health Care, the Internet Is Here to Stay

While most other industries have enjoyed a decades-long marriage with the Internet, in health care, we’re still in the “getting to know you” phase, working to establish a level of trust. 747 more words


Security Pros & Cons of Windows 10: Expert reaction

Windows 10 has finally arrived to much fanfare, with many heralding Microsoft’s decision to shift Windows from software to more of a service for customers. Much talked about is the security enhancements of Windows 10, with biometrics and hardware-based multi-factor credentials making an appearance. 565 more words


Paris Web : de la sécu et de la qualité

L’été bat son plein. Cigales et soleil (enfin, pour moi). Je me penche sur le programme Paris-Web, la conf du web programmée en Octobre (oui, déjà, je sais, certains disent que je suis très prévoyante), et joie, bonheur, extase : de la sécu, il y en aura à gogo chez Paris Web cette année. 251 more words


Digital Images OK: Cell Photos and Instagram Posts Sufficiently Authenticated via Testimony from Law Officer Tech Specialists

The Takeaway:

Photographs depicting illegal gun possession were sufficiently authenticated via testimony by police officers assigned to surf social media for criminal activity.  Appellant argued that the trial court erred in admitting digital photos showing Appellant with the guns.   531 more words


OpenSSH jump-host and file-transfer

This article was inspired by a previous post on my personal blog: https://www.freeture.ch/?p=815


OpenSSH is a great tool, everybody knows that (even Microsoft… 998 more words


Weekly output: online comments, Chrome and site security

We’re thisclose to the slow days of summer, but we’re not there yet.That’s probably why I’m still taking care of work chores on a Sunday night. 84 more words

Weekly Output

Making Mongodb less insecure on Mac OSX

For the longest time, I railed against Mac products and their terrible, fascist business model. After taking my most recent job, I was given a free Macbook Pro and forced to eat my words. 546 more words