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The Yahoo Hack: Protect Yourself, PLEASE


If you have a Yahoo account (you probably do, by these numbers), first go change the identical password on other sites (you probably re-used the password between Yahoo and some other sites)… 322 more words

Salt Mines

How to Authenticate Mulberry

Mulberry was founded in 1971 by a young entrepreneur named Roger Saul and his mother Joan. They began their career’s making poacher bags and binocular cases in their factory in Somerset but soon moved into women’s fashion. 1,030 more words


Occupied Neurons, late September edition

Modern Agile (Agile 2016 keynote)


This call out for advancement of Agile beyond 2001 and beyond the fossilization of process and “scale” is refreshing. It resonates with me in ways few other discussions of “is there Agile beyond SCRUM?” have inspired – because it provides an answer upon which we can stand up actual debate, refinement and objective experiments. 502 more words

Salt Mines

ASP.Net Extending Authentication

Recently I have been working on a project at work, and it has required me to really go beyond the basics of the APS.Net Web Forms Authentication system. 447 more words


Upgrading to DotNetNuke 8 - External App Authentication Failures

Upgrading to a new version of DotNetNuke is always exciting and sometimes daunting. With DotNetNuke 8, some changes have been made to authentication.

I have a module that exposes a few WebAPI endpoints that external app can communicate with. 209 more words


Token based Authentication In Cordova App

Any web based service that provides a mobile client requires some form of authentication before the user can access their permitted resources. The simplest approach is to require the user to enter their username and password for every session (or after the session expires). 976 more words

IP address based SSO


My intention with this post is not to grade or evaluate the solution described here. My only point is to be sure you are aware of the potential side effects of using this particular configuration. 606 more words