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Configuring Forms Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010

Hopefully folks are starting to get some use out of the multitude of SharePoint 2010 postings I’ve been tossing up here. This is a new one that I was a little hesitant to put together…given my history in SharePoint 2007 I don’t want to become typecast but…in this post I’ll give a quick walk through on creating a forms based authentication site in SharePoint 2010. 2,627 more words

SSH Too Many Authentication Failures For Username Octopress Error Fix

This is how I fix too many authentication failures for “Username” while using SSH. I actually wanted to deploy my Octopress files via RSync, but couldn’t get through because of this error. 42 more words

An Updated ClaimsTokenHelper for SharePoint 2013 High Trust Apps and SAML

When Visual Studio 2013 came out, it introduced a new class and simplified methods for obtaining a ClientContext to use with the Client Side Object Model (CSOM) to access SharePoint 2013 sites. 519 more words

Developing Low Trust Provider Hosted Apps with SAML Authentication in SharePoint 2013

Low trust provider hosted apps in a SAML secured SharePoint web application is a scenario that did not work when SharePoint 2013 was released. Things have changed fortunately, so here’s a quick run down on what you need to do in order to build these apps on premises. 606 more words

Desktop SharePoint Apps for SAML Secured SharePoint Sites

Continuing on with the theme of SAML secured SharePoint sites and SharePoint Apps, this next posting looks at another common application model, which is using what I call a desktop app to connect to SharePoint. 1,500 more words

IBM & aPersona partner to Secure Public Cloud

IBM has partnered with aPersona to create an incredibly secure, Bluemix-hosted authentication solution. aPersona’s frictionless Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication platform (aP-aMFA) provides developers using Bluemix instant login and transaction protection for their applications. 323 more words


IIS - Authentication Settings - Powershell

Doing my work I had to setup some Kerberos authentication for an IIS site. The customer and the developer wanted it done using Powershell. I’m not all too impressed by the IIS powershell, it reminds me of WMI and I did not like that either. 72 more words

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