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Security Features in Apache Kafka 0.9

Apache Kafka is widely used as a central platform for streaming data.  Yet, previous to 0.9, Kafka had no built-in security features. The 0.9 release of Apache Kafka adds new security features to Kafka: 72 more words


The Authentification of D'Arcy-Jayne

I believe (Certainty Level: Wikipedia ;) that Einstein defined insanity as the process of “doing the same thing over and over again an expecting a different result.” 756 more words

Becoming Paranoid Enough

My biggest struggle as I moved from the Application Development / Enterprise Architecture space was becoming as paranoid as my colleagues. I understood how Authentication/Authorization worked, the theories behind Multi-Factors, and the need to Encrypt. 111 more words


Using Azure App Service Authentication with a Web Application

My pet project is an ExpressJS application with a React/Flux front-end running on top of Azure App Service. Since I will want to use Azure Mobile Apps to provide a common UI between a mobile edition of the app and the web edition of the app, I want to use the built-in Authentication feature to handle the authentication. 978 more words

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BlackBerry, the White House and the National Cyber Security Alliance: What Multi-Factor Authentication Means for You

BlackBerry has a long and rich history of partnering with industry and government organizations to help improve cybersecurity. As part of the Board of Directors of the… 886 more words

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Seeing a security prompt when opening Microsoft Office files

When opening Microsoft Office documents from within TRIRIGA, Windows prompts for credentials. This does not happen for other documents such as PDFs. Windows credentials are being asked for as soon as you click to open a Microsoft Office document. 101 more words


Cybersecurity Act Analysis: Can Politicians Really Improve Healthcare Security?

Sometimes, working in IT security is like being a parent. You set rules to keep the people you’re responsible for safe, but still they decide to ignore you when your rules conflict with what they want to do. 851 more words