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What to Say

I won’t make your bargain
Nor will I kiss your ass
Whatever you have got for me
I’m giving it a pass

This life is not a ladder… 16 more words


Have too pay for your art

Worst thing about being poor to day

Is if you want your book edited

Then you have to pay

If you want it reviewed

Then the story is the same… 123 more words


He partakes in a little tipple

Excuse me while I partake in a little tipple

I love alcohol he said like I used to love the nipple

As a baby my he said could not wean me off… 101 more words


Breaking down division

We live in a world of so many ethnic divides

The future is in trying to unite

Healing the damage trying to make things right, 167 more words


Children Drowning In The Noice

I rarely write in anger, hence this piece from some weeks ago is quite self-exposing and I feel slightly uncomfortable as I hit the Publish button. 597 more words


No honour in your tribal wars

People pledge fealty

To nations in tribal belief,

Waging wars of power and greed

Plant the xenophobic seeds,

Right wing, left wing same old thing… 105 more words


Reckless Educationalists

Insight sometimes comes from unexpected places. After working through John Bargh’s book on the unconscious (full review still to follow) I thought I’d have a break and read about something else, related to an entirely different project I’m working on. 1,423 more words