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Why Nummerplaat?

This word I found in Kompasiana a book written by PK Ojong, cofounder of Kompas, a major daily newspaper in Indonesia. Nummerplaat is a Dutch word which means license plate. 180 more words


Chronic Fatigue and Children - Let them Lead the Way!

When we are really in our power we are at our strongest and most resilient.

What is our power? Just being true to ourselves.

Luca (7) who has chronic fatigue had such a good few days I really thought we could see the end of the tunnel. 144 more words


comparison is the thief of joy / being authentically confident + happy


“you can be the ripest, juiciest peach in all the world and someone will still hate peaches.” -dita von teese

this quote is not about peaches, people.  585 more words


Temptation Island

I face temptation. Temptation not be be alone. Temptation to love someone, and temptation to be loved.

The temptation to be “normal”, even though I do not “fit in”. 151 more words

Missed opportunities

Had a very rough weekend. Just felt trapped in this domestic existence and reading Abe’s The Woman in the Dunes seemed to have made it worse. 813 more words


Chapter 15: On the Eve of a Half Marathon

(Written on the afternoon before the Branson Diva Half Marathon-5/17/15)

I am running a half marathon tomorrow, and I am so nervous.  Which is RIDICULOUS because I have run many half marathons and even one full marathon.   818 more words


An attempt to recreate Vietnamese dishes

I’m a Vietnamese-American who doesn’t know how to cook Vietnamese food. I grew up eating it in restaurants, mainly. Both my parents were extremely busy, so as a kid, my meals consisted of McDonalds, stouffer’s frozen diners, and take-out Vietnamese. 351 more words