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Independence Day?

The walls are steep, damp, dark.  When I took a moment to look down, the sun was shining, the bright heat beat a warmth across my back that I could feel into my fingertips and toes.  627 more words


Yesterday, I met with a friend who was in treatment with me. He’s had a couple of major surgeries and his health is improving but has a hard time walking around. 373 more words


Snapshot: Waking Up

I had a hard time getting up this morning, and not because I’d been up late watching Star Wars: A New Hope with my daughter. In my dreams I got to spend time with someone I don’t see in person very often. 50 more words

Spirituality and the Writer

Spiritual belief is a curious thing to consider as an author. The fact appears to be that many people have a spiritual belief. Once you start thinking about this you are inevitably drawn into also considering how strongly people seem to hold their beliefs and how ardent some are at showing, and vice versa as well. 990 more words

(185) For Everyone Who Ever Sat in a Boring Workshop

I found these notes from November 1997 when I was at a Common Boundary conference.  I had always loved the conferences and the conference presenters. But this particular year was harder for me and, in fact, I believe this was the last workshop I attended.  443 more words

Q4 -- Next?

Being a Healer - Why So Many Auto-immune Conditions Today?

We seem to be plagued by auto-immune and endocrine conditions today. Could it be that we are attacking ourselves because we don’t feel good enough and shutting out the world because we are frightened to let it in?