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Acidic words

Why do you advocate

A life of hate,

Why do you speak

Such acidic words

That divide,

Why is there cruelty

In all that you do… 87 more words


Does Jesus need to be more Christlike?

I sometimes see posts from a satirical website called The Babylon Bee. They put out funny stories about faith, Christianity, the church and our culture. They’re not real stories. 328 more words

The Up Devo

Read goddammit

Read and set yourself free

Enter realms of mythology

And undeniable fantasy

Where you embrace

Irredeemable properties

And discover philosophies

As well as many unique prophecies… 71 more words



Nonresistance means to fully surrender to the situation you are in at the present moment. It also means not to fight or attempt to change it. 277 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Searching for love to escape yourself

Does your dating life – or just your life in general – feel like groundhog day (read: repetitive if you didn’t watch the tedious 1993 movie)? 230 more words

Personal Mastery

What is an Empath?

In previous blog posts, I have mentioned that I am an empath. I wanted to give a brief overview since many people do not know what that means. 668 more words

Conscious realms

In a realm of consciousness

We float, we fly, we spiritually exist

And dream of love in everything

And everyone we come across,

We are now found when once we were lost. 58 more words