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Hello! I finally get to do my write-up of yesterday. WOWZER. I’m absolutely thrilled at my virgin experience of being interviewed for the telly. It went like an absolute dream and I’m still feeling super shiny and luminescent this morning….basking in ‘dreams coming true-ness’.  2,188 more words

Mental Health

Leave it 

The past has gone,

Stop fighting to keep it present,

Let it go,

Focus on new fresh things in the present

Stop looking backwards,

When forward is the only direction to go. 47 more words


No tea!

Woke up to only coffee this morning

All the tea had gone,

I always like a cup of tea

Before my life moves on,

Have to cope without it… 34 more words


In this together

We are in in this life together

and it goes by in the blink of an eye,

So why waste it hating and fighting

This is not worthwhile, 158 more words


Get Your Bentley off my Gingham

I began my kink journey showing only the polished, well behaved “me”: the one with the perfect mascara whose hems are always sewn up who writes thinky essays. 358 more words



Chemical and biological weapons break laws

But chemical pollution for the profit cause,

It is fine by those who make the rules

Treating us all as if we’re fools, 33 more words


A Recovery Story

A Recovery Story

We are reading The Velveteen Rabbit (by Margery Williams, originally published in 1922) in my women’s eating disorder recovery group this week. I find this book to be even more relevant for adults – especially women who struggle with people pleasing, body image distress, or “looking good” on the outside while feeling shame on the inside. 1,056 more words