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Muse Magazine Interview Article

When Muse Magazine & SANE Australia approached me for an interview for “The Happiness Issue” I was thrilled at being asked whilst concurrently laughing quietly to myself at the irony of the timing. 287 more words


I see poetry as a mouthpiece

A mouthpiece of the soul,

To send and spread a message

That needs to be told,

I bare myself and open my heart… 119 more words


Share my path

Walk with me along my path

Share my hopes and dreams

Share the greatest unconditional love

That there has ever been

Just hold my hand and connect with me… 18 more words


Writing From The Heart

Too often we let fear rule our lives. Fear of not being enough, fear of not being liked or worse; the fear of not being authentic.  455 more words

Regreting sucky high school mistakes - "I didn't know how much it was costing me."

Do you have issues with procrastination or fear, maybe not enough confidence? Yeah, I see you girl/bro… 408 more words


the long con

If you’ve ever seen any heist movie ever, you’re likely familiar with the long con. Designed, as the name implies, for long term implementation, the “long con” is some form of deceit that sets up over month or years, truly earning the victim’s trust. 780 more words


Where do I begin? This is a rough subject to talk about. I know where! The Facebook “On This Day” app, where I get to see my status updates from the entire past decade! 1,008 more words

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