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Discovering your Purpose - News that makes you weep

In my journey to discover what I really care about and want to pour my talent, passion and life energy into, I came across some of the best guidance: Find a news story that makes you weep. 420 more words


Imperfect Leadership - a #LeadWithGiants Twitterchat

If there was such a thing as a perfect business, we’d see it. In fact, we’d see plenty of them, because the perfection would show up in formulas and spreadsheets that would be copied over and over. 720 more words

Best Practices

Be good to yourself. Learn.

“Be good to yourself when you are learning new things.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

The longer I study and research, the more I am convinced that developing an inner voice that is kind makes learning less painful and more satisfying. 185 more words


Get Real!

You should have completed your degree by now.  Afterall, you’re 40 years of age.

You should not have lost two homes; one to foreclosure and one you were forced to sell. 2,204 more words

In search of authenticity

Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I value realness.

I love people and moments that are genuine, to the extent that I react to them like a dog turned loose at the beach with their favorite gaggle of kids and a mountain of sticks. 264 more words


Minions, toilets, teeth, and water... (and how commonality is found in the strangest of places)

“(Love) doesn’t fly off the handle.” 1 Corinthians 13:5 MSG

Patience, peace, calm…  It’s something I work hard at.  Because I have to.  It doesn’t come naturally to me.  2,922 more words


Life Hack: use your intuition to make more authentic decisions

Does intuition play a part in your life? It definitely does in mine.

For instance, decision-making becomes difficult at times and I wrestle with what to do… I get into that rut of over-thinking, analysis-paralysis. 162 more words