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Don't Prove Yourself: Be Yourself

Stop! Stop! Stop!

I wanted to scream at the cynic talking to the young artist last week. The cynic was saying, in effect, “People creating art in South Dakota are just fooling themselves; they aren’t doing anything of worth. 1,056 more words

Life With Mary

Thankfulness For Thessalonica

Thankfulness For Thessalonica Sermon Audio Here

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

eBay has a new verification service to prevent fraudulent goods being sold: they’re shipped to experts who verify authenticity before the buyer gets them. 192 more words


Take a deeper look......

Take a deeper look at the woman you are with.

What do you see?

She will not show you every layer of who she is, because she doesn’t trust that fully. 181 more words

Wise Words for Your Birthday

Happy Birthday tomorrow …

To my Jane Austen loving, swim coaching, stationary-loving, legging-wearing, justice-seeking, change-resisting, verbal-processing, feminism-spouting, recovery house working, Naloxone-carrying, self-advocating, gluten and dairy and soy avoiding, blog writing, sibling nurturing, “dark and twistie” tackling, ever-evolving oldest daughter … 446 more words


7 Invaluable Lessons for Conquering Solo Travel.

After many journeys of travelling alone, with friends, with family or with colleagues I can categorically conclude that nothing beats travelling alone. It is the only path to genuine adventure and the only way to make a natural connection to a place. 1,007 more words



In the Unity of The Most High, there is no separation. In Unity there are no labels, no titles, and no names that cause us to be separate from one another. 278 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Do you find yourself judging?

I have been silent lately but this doesn’t men that I haven’t been observing. My soul is open and aware so I do watch and listen how the world goes before my eyes and ears. 548 more words