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Charles Taylor: Defending Tolerance

I wrote a post a while back on an introduction to Charles Taylor, and immediately after finishing that post I put the book down for, uh, a month or so. 1,404 more words


A Guide in Self-Discovery + Self-Compassion

The journey of self love depends on growth and healing. To grow into our best self, we must learn to let go of what no longer serves us. 552 more words

Self Care

What’s wrong with my generation?

Technology. The root cause of what’s wrong with my generation. We have this sense of “I deserve” attitude. We think posting on social media makes us somebody. 372 more words


#Pennies For Dollars

#Pennies For Dollars
by Michael Romani

There is something off
Hollow and desperate 
In the context collapse
That keeps the music separate

From the artistic soul
And given to the corporate behemoths
Who steal the control
While trading pennies for dollars

It is a brutal series of humiliations
That keeps the takers taking
From those who do the creating 
While there's money to be making

All the close costs paid
In becoming a cultural product
Doesn't cost half as much 
As the costs to the soul they deduct

In write offs to cultural clash
Played off as a shout out for reparations
As the disrespect moves into a verbal dash
Leading our society to its circumvention

All the sad sinners are crying
While our children are busily dying
In this urban ecosystem of exploitation
There isn't much room for interpretation

The real artist only sells who he is
But that's not the way of the music biz
It's a competitive world lived ruthlessly
While faking the way of authenticity

(c) March 24, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved
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Responding to the Creative "Ding!"

by Maggie Brito, PhD

When I attend to the Ding! at the time it Dings! I become absorbed in the layered, complex type of creative idea it tends to be.

925 more words
L'Ouverture Arts Facilitator

Saviour of humanity

Love and light comes from within

Fortify those qualities and begin

To send it out across the world like waves of empathy

And resonate flows of frequencies… 47 more words


Life of bitterness and regret

I am not part of the hypocritical moral majority

That buys the lies of the media and oligarchies

I am part of society that is fully awakened… 139 more words