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Consent, Boundaries, Self Violaton & Self Love

With all of the conversations being had now I believe we’ve become very aware that as a society we are massively lacking in clear boundaries. One of the most epic and missing conversations is just how much we violate ourselves and put ourselves in positions where we are consistently violating our own boudnaries and willing to tell ourselves that’s OK to do. 1,038 more words

Authentically You

The moon is in a brand new phase, the sun is shining, and the day has begun.

It’s the perfect day to live authentically you. 417 more words


The inspiration in you

An inspiration in everyway

Light up the path and shine what may

Show the way to better days

I speak the truth not just clever word play… 35 more words


Dazzle the world

Dazzle the world with your sparkling eyes

Light the world up with your compassionate smile

Show the world your a free wild child

Leave the world in awe with your grace and style… 44 more words


Putting the Soul Back. Part III

A notorious historical phrase claimed that ‘Arbeit macht Frei’. It was wrong then and it is just as wrong now.

As I suggested in the previous post, the narrowing of educational objectives has been a cultural disaster. 1,520 more words

Our Work

Most of our work has to be poured on getting ourselves in our own state of alignment. This is where our center is, our zone, our element. 424 more words

The Self

Courage is not to never be afraid

I am working very hard towards getting my book ready for publishing (WattPad) these days. Part of me wants to make sure that both the book and me are bulletproof and perfect before I do. 412 more words