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A Great Predictor of Success

I was chatting with an amazing individual today who had done extensive research on happiness.

In fact, he interviewed about 250 or so individuals (between the age of 60 and 106). 32 more words


Invincible essence

Things aren’t the easiest at the moment, yet something deep within keeps me moving forward. Something I can’t see or hold; defying shape and form, but strong and invincible like a range of rocky mountains. 276 more words

Adult Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

How my self-portraits of my gender journey and portraits made with others began. (Presentation delivered at Wits University, March 2014)

Collaboratively documenting selves, outsider voices from inside. 70 more words


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Visual Participation from March 28, 2017

In reading Kathleen Rodgers and Willow Scobie’s “Sealfies, seals and celebs”, I found the article to be in conversation with Michael Koliska and Jessica Roberts’s “Selfies: Witnessing and Participatory Journalism with a Point of View” as both articles note the way selfies function as a kind of journalism and a witness. 318 more words

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Don't Underestimate Your Potential

Your potential is real and viable.  Too many times we tend to tell ourselves, “but, what if”. Well, what if we told ourselves something different moving forward? 213 more words

I simply adore the new me I’m learning to be!

Law Of Attraction


Recently, I have been considering the topic of authenticity within my master’s course and it has really intrigued me. It all began with a lecture which basically asked the question what is ‘authenticity’. 1,867 more words