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Finding your voice : Singing your song

Last night I watched an interview on our national indigenous channel here in Australia NITV between aboriginal journalist, Stan Grant and former lead singer of the Australian band Midnight Oil, Peter Garrett.  1,087 more words

Self Empowerment

On the contrary: personal "branding"

I was reading one of those articles. You know, the job hunting and/or career advice ones where they tell you to “cultivate your personal brand.” You interact in a world of brands, they say, so you should have one too if you want to stand out. 605 more words

Off Topic

Sun-Trap Blues

West Virginia has enjoyed rain and mild temperatures in place of ice and single digits on the thermometer lately — and I am in danger of becoming too comfortable. 673 more words

1/1/16-Is life real?

Life often feels like its not real, like I am in Truman show or Ed TV. I spent New Years Eve 2015 with some friend at the house where one of my friends was house sitting. 359 more words



I have to admit, this one’s mainly for my Mom who I know will be reading my comics and this blog.

One of the lessons from my favorite public spiritual teachers is the importance of… 684 more words



I believe that setting goals is very important. It gives you a sense of direction and the feeling of achieving them is amazing! Setting goals also helps you evaluate your life and it gives you something to look forward to. 572 more words


It's hard to practice compassion when we're struggling with our authenticity or when our own worthiness is off-balance. —Brene Brown

Zero hour has officially begun.

It is day one of this journey, and – of course – I’m off to a slow start. Normally when it comes to my writing, I just hit the ground running and the delays come later. 694 more words