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Question - Do You Even Like Yourself?

I was watching a short interview video on Casey Neistate the other day (my favourite YouTuber) and there was one question that the interviewer asked, 212 more words


Come to me in love

Come to me in radiance

Come to me in dark

Let us share a moment

That creates a spark

Let’s us manifest in dreams

A visage of true love… 55 more words



I’m struggling to find an on-ramp to my internal dialogue. But I have so much I want to get out.

I feel humbled. And I feel lifted up. 1,159 more words


I pay homage to creation and the omniscient one.

I bow to creation

And the benevolence of the one

True being of love and light

And bask in the omniscient divine

Who looks over me… 128 more words


We are miracles

We are miracles

Placed here on earth,

If we shine our light bright

It can show our worth

We can sparkle show our potential

We can be the change humanity needs… 49 more words


Tough times are hurting

Life’s so tough

At times it’s like a kick in the crutch

Too many bills to little coming in

Trying so hard too keep balancing… 103 more words


Positive Thinking & Spiritual Bypassing

There’s been this emphasis in the spiritual and self-help community for a very long time on being positive, on thinking positive thoughts, and always having a positive attitude. 2,576 more words

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