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Fight the rich

Fight the rich don’t fight their wars, with greed and power the only cause, where young men lay down their lives, because governments and media lies controlled their minds, the only arms we truly need, are ones to hug and not ones that cause others to bleed.


Bright is the light

Bright the light that shines at night to show the path to take us right to the heart of love and bliss and to the divine and heavenly kiss that transcends humanities ego and hate that leaves our world in such a dark place.


Self, Social Media, and What's Real

Dear Friends,

This week, I suddenly became terribly sick of myself.  Let me explain—I’m not sick of the self who hikes, writes stories, reads with my kids.   719 more words


Counting fIsh

By Mark E. Snith

When I first met Chris at the medical center, I wasn’t sure what was up with him.

Chris sat next to me awaiting blood work. 596 more words



In our never ending pursuit to be the best versions of ourselves, we find ourselves focused more and more on the importance of authenticity. In a day and age where people can take on the persona of just about anything they want, we find it even more valuable when we find ourselves surrounded by genuine people. 984 more words

Living for the weekend

It’s dark outside as I wend my weary way home,

From another week of work and toil,

It’s Friday now and that’s enough for me… 100 more words