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René Redzepi

The young Danish chef  has played a profoundly important role in reshaping perceptions of Nordic cuisine, both within Scandinavia and abroad, through his restaurant Noma. It was several times judged by one influential ranking to be the world’s best restaurant. 360 more words


I Want To Live Life Simply As Myself

I have been taking notes. I’m not a writer. I have been humming. I’m not a rock star.

In this cosmic empire we are all different. 448 more words

Day 155 | Odes by Ricardo Reis (Fernando Pessoa) trans. Edouard Roditi

Ricardo Reis (Fernando Pessoa), trans. Edouard Roditi


Of the gardens of Adonis, Lydia, I love

Most of all those fugitive roses

         That on the day they are born, 106 more words


388. Comfort Zone

Deny your lies with eagerness
imposed by self-esteem,
for banal is plain wisdom
dispelling guarantees,
but in between two answers
will there often be a third — 27 more words


Stopping By A Perfect, Gardening Getaway

We were on our way from the temple and saw this farm between Rte 179 and 202 North. Jersey Fresh was the best and amazing flower, fruit, and vegetable market I have ever seen. 194 more words


The deepest shade of confidence- What is your story?

The real confidence is when you don’t lie to yourself anymore.

via The deepest shade of confidence — 5minoasis

I wanted to repost this one from 5minoasis because it is really such a deep and thought provoking post.

497 more words
Free Your Soul