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Honesty's Role in ED Recovery

Lying about my eating disorder was a regular practice of mine for over a decade. I even lied about the diets I was participating in to sound like a better person, as if my adequacy as a person depended on how well I counted calories. 630 more words

Mental Health

Quantum dream reality

Deep within our mental state

Deep within that quantum place

That manifests in energy

Particulate piece by piece

In quarks we dream

In neutrinos we speed… 67 more words


The whole world is burning

Fire, fire, the sky is on fire

Maybe it’s a sign the whole world is burning down

Fire, fire, the the sky is on fire… 101 more words


Black hole

I dream I am being drawn into a black hole

Everything around me is folding

I feel the pressures of the vacuum

I see the endless infinity… 66 more words


Through the Looking Glass…..

There is a social psychological concept called the “looking glass self”, coined in 1902 by Charles Cooley. It goes like this – We are who we think others think we are. 1,155 more words

Unchurched // A Different Look At Christianity


Have the courage to shine your light

Have the courage to share your love

Have the courage to live your dreams

Have the courage to live bravely… 33 more words