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Critical Linking: Famous Author Homes and Watering Holes

I try not to soapbox or take other writers to task on my blog because flame wars are rude and counterproductive. However, (cue the ominous music) the HuffPost and the U.S. 495 more words

Armchair Traveling

The Homes of Famous British Authors (Shortlist)

This Shortlist article on famous British authors’ homes is pretty fascinating, and it certainly calls the “poor, starving writer” stereotype into question. More like posh, thriving writer. 67 more words


friday feast: good times at the frost place

So here’s the view from the upstairs bedroom window at The Frost Place in Franconia. When I first read “The Road Not Taken” as a student eons ago, I hadn’t the faintest inkling where the poet might have lived when he wrote it — indeed, I knew nothing about New Hampshire, period. 877 more words

Poetry Friday

a visit to walton's mountain

"Without courage, honor, compassion, pity, love and sacrifice, as William Faulkner pointed out, we know not of love, but lust. We debase our audience. But we can enable and enrich our viewers and ourselves in our journey through this good time, this precious time, this great and wonderful experience we call life." ~ … 1,077 more words

tea with miss potter

“I do not remember a time when I did not try to invent pictures and make for myself a fairyland amongst the wild flowers, the animals, fungi, mosses, woods and streams, all the thousand objects of the countryside.” ~ 1,127 more words

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