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To thine own self...

I’ve been pondering things as I am approaching the big half century mark. (Yeah, I know. A lady never tells, but I’ve never been accused of being ladylike before, so why start now?) I guess I’m trying to figure out who I want to be for the second half of my life. 411 more words

Author Musings

AVOC Publishing's Book Events!

Since we started AVOC Services LLC/AVOC Publishing, we have dedicated ourselves to getting out and showing the readers what AVOC Publishing has to offer. With numerous of fairs to attend, we carefully choose what cities we believe we can find the most new readers. 78 more words

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Grief, Grieving, Mourning

For a wonderful list of quotes regarding grief, click here.

¬† ¬†Sharley’s Lessons, 2016

Repost: Sharley's Lessons p.12

Our car and pickup duo from the 60’s. Looks like the tires were up! I am not certain what project is in the right foreground. Do you see the driveway winding behind the vehicles? 168 more words

Repost: Sharley's Lessons Visuals pp.14, 20

There were two seemingly long chicken houses side by side on the farm. You can see a part of one of them to the left of the forward building: 338 more words

Resend: Sharley's Lessons Visuals p.54

Our Little Gray Fergie !

Notice the free-range chickens behind him? While you are looking back there, do you see a road bed behind the trees and some crops across the way? 139 more words

What's new at AVOC Publishing!

Well, we have a load of releases next month. I am proud to say that we have a busy spring season! We will be at the One More Romance Event in Cincinnati, Ohio April 16th! 67 more words

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