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Wine, Whales and Wheelly Steep Hills (or, the Antill Mob road trip part 3)

I said I would update from Christchurch, and here I am actually updating from Christchurch. 368 days after leaving the UK, in less than 24 hours, I will be boarding the plane to head back home for a bit. 1,647 more words


A Long-expected Blog Post

In a great surprise to exactly no one, I’ve gone from being 3 days behind in my real-life-to-blog-update delay to… 14 days behind. This post is going to cover the remaining time we spent in the North Island, then I plan to do 2 posts about the South Island… at least one of which WILL be posted before I leave the country. 1,873 more words


The Antill Mob (or part of it) goes on a tiki tour of New Zealand (Part 1)

I really want to tell you that we’ve nicknamed our rental car “The Bulletproof Bomb” but we’re not the type to name our cars. If you don’t understand that reference (or indeed the “Ant(h)ill Mob” reference), please go and discover Wacky Races and then come back. 1,023 more words


Performance of Sharley's Lessons, Chapter 4

If you would like to hear Chapter 4 of Sharley’s Lessons performed by a reader, go here.

Cat, who “cameowed” in Chapter 4!

The real ruler of the chicken house!  One of my sweet grannies:        

I think I'm quite ready for another adventure

So, here it is! My last evening in Wellington. Well, my last evening living in Wellington – we’ll be spending 2 nights here on our Epic Road Trip. 701 more words


The One Where Sophie Saw Dolphins (aka, Bay of Islands, part 2)

As it’s now a whole week into January, I thought I should think of a title that wasn’t based on a Christmas song. I hope you all had a very good break (if you had time off work), and that you haven’t made any totally ridiculous New Year’s resolutions that are impossible to keep (totally ridiculous resolutions that are possible are acceptable, the sillier the better). 1,420 more words