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Call off the search party, I'm not dead

I would love to tell you all that I accidentally fell into an alternate dimension where time works differently, and that for me it really has been only a few days since my last post. 1,394 more words


Ice, Ice, Baby!

Yes, yes, it was longer than a day, I know. I got distracted by being invited to join in the hostel Sunday dinner (it was worth it!). 1,167 more words


Wait, how long ago was Easter now? I forget... 

Welcome to another thrilling instalment of “what did Sophie get up to about 2 weeks ago? In this week’s episode – Nelson, Punakaiki and Greymouth. 1,400 more words


You're the wine that I want (ooh, ooh, ooh honey!)

I know, I know, I’ve still got a lot of catching up to do on the blog. On the bright side, I have finally caught up on my travel journal, so I have lots of notes to refer back to when typing up the next update. 2,359 more words


Coming back!... with a new hobby!

When my second child was born, I got to enjoy my babywearing stash.  The market had changed and I didn’t feel the desire to churn any more.   265 more words

Author Musings

The one where Sophie proves herself capable of looking after small children (and does a bit more walking)

When I first told people that I would be doing a HelpX for 3 weeks in essentially the middle of nowhere, and that the main thing that I would be helping with was looking after a 2 year old, reactions ranged from sceptical to outright laughter. 1,438 more words


These boots were made for walking (and walking, and walking)

Hello! This one is a little bit later than I’d planned to update, but I’ve been a busy bee. Last time we checked in, I was in Invercargill just about to head out to Stewart Island for a couple of days. 1,860 more words