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The Accidental Historian by Veera Hiranandani

People say children are sponges. It is true that some kids just absorb things. They learn facts like names and dates without too much trouble and soak up the information they’re asked to learn. 1,110 more words

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How Korean Dramas Shaped REBEL SEOUL

Hi, Fictasian readers, thanks for having me! Today I’d like to talk influences: How Korean dramas (K-dramas) played a big part in shaping REBEL SEOUL, complete with gifs! 854 more words

Axie Oh

On Not Being a Reader by Kevin Crossley-Holland

Long ago and not so long, I drove over to have a look at the little village of Whiteleaf in the Chiltern Hills where I was born and lived until I was sixteen.  1,069 more words

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Collecting Stories, Creating Voices by Carole Boston Weatherford

I am a nerd. At age ten, with hopes of becoming a librarian, I organized my personal library—complete with homemade book pockets and circulation cards. 838 more words

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Writing From a Place of Hope by Samira Ahmed

Lately, it feels like hope is in short supply.

I need only open Twitter to find Islamophobia and fear-mongering being tweeted out from the highest office in the land, from a house whose temporary occupant rents it from we, the people. 1,255 more words

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Strategic pauses in female elephant seals

A recent paper published in the Journal of Animal Ecology has found that poor-quality female southern elephant seals use breeding pauses as a tactic to produce more offspring over their lifetime.  665 more words


A Christmas Story

Yesterday, I had to jet to the bakery to grab some bread for Christmas dinner. I had just arrived at the counter where a woman was inquiring about her custom order. 250 more words

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