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Confessions of a Jane Smiley groupie

I’m a great fan of Jane Smiley. I came across her in the late 90s when I read Moo and was impressed by her ability to write about issues confronting contemporary humanity – in this case how agribusiness was impacting on academia – with a quick wit and a writer’s eye that can spot hypocrisy at a hundred paces. 244 more words


The Winchester Writers' Festival - An Introduction By Judith Heneghan

This is my third year as Director of the Winchester Writers’ Festival. I’m still finding my way, of course, but I am beginning to recognise certain patterns in the yearly cycle: that first bubble of excitement mixed with nerves when the programme goes ‘live’; the anticipation that builds as the third weekend in June approaches; the occasional nightmare about ‘leaves on the line’ that prevent everyone from arriving… 361 more words

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The Fleur Adcock Symposium

The Symposium will run on Saturday 21st of May: 10.30am – 5.30pm, with more details to be found here.

This event is co-hosted by the University of Winchester and the University of Northampton. 280 more words

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Harry Gallon - Winchester Reading Series

On the 22nd of March, author and University of Winchester alumnus Harry Gallon read some excerpts from his debut novel, The Shapes of Dogs’ Eyes… 233 more words

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V: Virginia Woolf Replies: A Letter To A Young Poet


for my part I do not believe in poets dying; Keats, Shelley, Byron are alive here in this room in you and you and you — I can take comfort from the thought that my hoping will not disturb their snoring. 2,143 more words


V:A Letter To Virginia Woolf #atozchallenge

“I see you everywhere,

in the stars,

 in the river,

to me you’re everything that exists;

the reality of everything.”

-Virginia Woolf Night And Day… 2,160 more words