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One Thing

Whispered to him

In a tragic sense of irony

He wouldn’t understand

If he had 7 generations

Of wits about him.

I wanted him to show me… 43 more words


To boldly go where no...okay, not really...

I boldly go nowhere. I spend far too much time at home.


What if things sounded like this:

I boldly go to the basement and do laundry. 36 more words


(4) The wood creaked

The wood creaked underfoot as Darren Debacle slipped through the hallways. He had a suspicion that after that evening’s disastrous news followed by an uncomfortable dinner that Montgomery would be overthinking things, and it was Darren’s self-proclaimed duty to stop that whenever possible. 390 more words


New Venture & Ideas

I have decided that I am going to write a book. Not to be published, not for sales, but for myself. To prove to myself that I can. 248 more words

Day 89

It’s the start of the weekend blues. Yes, I’m making that a thing.

My last summer free Friday before I head back to college… I don’t know what I’m complaining about. 154 more words

You Will Never Agree With Me

Leon stumbles into Knights’ Castle. Feeling dizzy, feeling pain in his face, and hand. He had his hood on, trying to disguise his bruised face. “You’re in so much trouble this time,” Ashton teased.

552 more words