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The Scent of Her Soul: Part 9 - The Hero's Journey Continues

Content warning. This story is designed for adults and mature teens. It involves sex trafficking and mentions rape, drugs, and nudity. There is no “on-screen” sex, but the aftermath of rape is on-screen, including the presence of nude, partially nude, and/or drugged girls as they are rescued by the hero. 1,431 more words


Stockpile People

Stockpile People

By Rory C. Keel


A writer needs to have a stockpile of people. No, not like in the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but a file full of descriptions, characteristics and quirks of real people. 137 more words



Per Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia:

Faction is a literary genre, which utilizes fictional characters, and plot lines that must remain within the constraints of current reality. 531 more words


A Shooting

He hitched his pants. They were too big and baggy on his lean frame. Then he rubbed his hands on his knees. I couldn’t tell if he was trying to clean his hands or wipe off the flakes of dried blood from his pants. 325 more words


Linguistically Kinky

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen. Today, we revisit issues of dialogue!

(Admittedly that exclamation point is a bit of a stretch even for the most linguisitically kinky of souls, but effort of excitement must be made by one of us. 242 more words


Finding an Editor...And Finishing A Novel!

 Now, Now!! Don’t get excited readers!! Well, not too much anyway! I’m not quite done yet! There’s tweaking and editing of my own to do first before I take the plunge into my purse and dig out the funds required for a professional edit and proof read! 381 more words


Creating our own luck

Balance—that elusive entity that twists and turns and topples more than it should with a name like balance. It seems to always be out of my grasp; however, I recently learned you cannot… 139 more words