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The Abuse of Self


There’s surely no doubt that the human being has a long, sad history of violence. Whether we are discussing nature vs. nurture, or the psychology of the psychopath, or the foregone consequences of greed, or the dangers of ego, or the attraction of revenge, the result is always the same: the historical record exposes this one species, … 1,490 more words

A Beautiful Game; A Shady City

The beautiful game in the Shady City. Whilst tensions rise you can visit Coldford City Park, home of Coldford City FC, where battles are kept purely on the pitch. 102 more words

Vivika Widow

Identity Crisis

It may surprise you to know, but I haven’t always known who I was and what I want. In fact, I lived for many years trying to make other people happy while not paying much attention to who I was. 957 more words


Author Interview: Charles Austin Muir

I had the great opportunity to pick the brain of Portland-based writer Charles Austin Muir, author of the short story collections Bodybuilding Spider Rangers and… 633 more words

Table of Contents: When Should You Include One? - Article - Interior - Design - Author Learning Center

Do all books require a table of contents? This article describes when they are required and when they are a bad idea.
— Read on… 9 more words