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Divided America

If you ever took a journalism class, one of the things you learned is, just the facts. The public needs and unbiased media. If you control the narrative, you are in fact disseminating propaganda and are not a journalist.

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Pimp my Bio: #Pitchwars 2017

That’s right, my friends. The time has come again for Pitch Wars, and I am here to tell you a little bit about my project, my writing, and I guess about me. 635 more words


Solo by Kwame Alexander - Book Review

This book wrapped me in its arms, tore my heart to shreds, and attempted to tape it back together. It was a wonderful piece by Kwame. 302 more words


Outline and World Building!

142 words tonight.

Doesn’t seem like a lot to some, but being as it’s an outline to help me set up/flesh out the world of Vaedrathan as I know it right now, it is a lot. 63 more words


Q&A with Fleur Ferris - author of 'WRECK'

In anticipation for the upcoming release of ‘Wreck’ (July 3rd) Fleur Ferris is going on a blog tour to promote this wonderful and thrilling novel. Today, she has stopped off at my blog to answer a few questions. 1,293 more words

The many faces of Paul

My lovely assistant/wife, Kimberly, took these photos during my presentation of “Wicked Columbus, Indiana” ¬†at the Harlequin Theatre in Columbus on June 27. After watching the slideshow, I’m really curious as to that I was talking about or thinking during each shot.

Buddy Schumacher Book


Good Evening ya’ll! We made it through hump day and that I tell you is a beautiful thing. I’m super excited tonight because I’m getting my second author meet and greet together. 72 more words