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A burst of light,

Creating eerie vibes.

Half are scared,

Half are curious.

Silence was replaced,

A shriek came.

Balls of fire collided,

Destruction Starts.

And then we know

It’s going to happen.

By - Diana Green
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Darren Hayes - Dublin Sky

For the second day (and first weekend of its launch) of our Music Video Weekends I’m posting the first music video script I ever wrote, Dublin Sky, song by Darren Hayes. 909 more words

Recognize Thy Foe

Yesterday, I read.

I read fiction.

Unholy gobs of it.

When I wasn’t eating or drinking or laying waste to a rogue village of ants in my backyard, I was reading fiction. 57 more words


John Roberts, London

John Roberts, art critic and author of ‘Art of Interruption: Realism, Photography and the Everyday’

Natural Light

Proust: 'Vapor Blues' | Remembrance of Things Pass #142


“When I saw any external object, my consciousness that I was seeing it would remain between me and it, enclosing it in a slender, incorporeal outline which prevented me from ever coming directly in contact with the material form; for it would volatilise itself in some way before I could touch it, just as an incandescent body which is moved towards something wet never actually touches moisture, since it is always preceded, itself, by a zone of evaporation.” ― Marcel Proust


11. Post Novel Noodle Break

Writing is hard. Anyone who has ever attempted to write for any length of time can tell you that. With every bit of love you put into a project, there’s an equal amount of work needed to complete the first draft. 610 more words


When Financial Burden Makes the Recovery Difficult for Someone Who has Cancer

Raising awareness campaign for cancer is fantastic yet hard to work reaching out people who need to be addressing their needs. The community should basically get to know everything from cancer prevention to nutrition to environmental health issues. 701 more words