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First Book Signing

Today was my very first book signing. I thought I was going to be nervous, but I was filled with a strange calm-as if this is where I was always meant to be. 305 more words

Pancakes, etc. -how to fuel the process(A-Z blog)

Being a writer when the inspiration is there is the best that it gets. You are living in a Disney movie, the gods are shining down on you, life had never been more beautiful as the words dance across the page. 219 more words


AH, Words, Words, Words . . . And Books!


Ah, words!  I love words!  They make it possible to understand each other … sometimes. 

Before words, we imagine that folks communicated in much more primitive ways: grunts, flailing arms, slaps on the back, happy dances.  224 more words

Know Thyself

I hadn’t planned to do another post about marketing, but I read an interesting article and I got to thinking about why sometimes marketing doesn’t work. 193 more words

Whimsical Words

Writing goals

Well, I believe my goal to get 60,000 words written by Monday will be hit. I’m at 57,976 now and will hopefully end the night with somewhere around 58,000-58,500 words. 51 more words


I buried you, I hope you don't mind...

What do you mean?

You don’t get it?

I’ve talked the hind leg

off a donkey

telling you why it is

what it is

and no…

91 more words
Kait King

Day 108: Jeopardy Online Test

Last week I wrote a blog about Jeopardy and about how they were looking for a new host, there has not been much news on the host search, but I did throw my name into the hat for the contestant search. 270 more words