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Turtle Diary

Possibly the biggest tragedy in children’s literature is that people won’t stop writing it. People write books for children but I don’t think it’s for children at all. 114 more words

Children's Literature


Hey lovelies! Below you will find the beginning of a new book I have been working on. It is by no means close to being finished, or even halfway completed. 1,212 more words


The Participation Trophy Generation

When did it become the standard to do just enough mediocre work to get through the day?

A recent outing, away from the protective bubble I call home, reinforced a belief I’ve held for a while. 488 more words

James L'Etoile

In a Dark, Dark Wood

Right now could not be a more perfect time to write the review as there is a massive thunderstorm about to be right on top of us (purple on the radar and everything). 275 more words


Classes on Writing a Novel

The Portsmouth, Virginia library system is sponsoring a series of classes on writing a novel.

So many people think that writing a novel is easy. It’s not. 315 more words

E. Ayers

The story behind my blog

When I first started blogging, I chose the title “Grace” and Ephesians2v8 because I believe strongly that it was God’s grace that allowed me to survive a childhood of physical and emotional abuse from my parents. 91 more words