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Spanos West Park – Stockton, CA. 2014.


Last one for today... I promise.

Oh wait.  It’s now Thursday!  Muhuhahahahahaaaaaa!

No.  I must really do something else. 

That said, I have put together a nice section on the origin of Akiniwazi and how this whole project that is the reason for this blog came into existence. 77 more words


Rebecca York shares a recipe from ‘Cooking With the Authors of Summer Heat’ — Happy Ever After

Rebecca York joins us for a yummy post about the Cooking With the Authors of Summer Heat cookbook, edited by Rebecca and including recipes linked to the 16 stories in the Summer Heat: Love on Fire boxed set that’s out now.

31 more words

Memories and Betrayal

As betrayal breaks your heart, remember that each tear you shed cleanses your soul. Eventually your tears will turn from bitter betrayal to tracks of gold as you shine ever brighter from your darkest, sulfur filled hell. 40 more words


You (Writer) Need an Editor

It took me a while and some boneheaded publishing errors to realize that authors need editors like the shore needs the sea. Bottom line: it’s impossible to spot every mistake in your manuscript by yourself. 805 more words


Day 34- Grateful for creativity.

Today I decided that I should get back into fiction writing.

I know I’m not the worlds best, but I love writing. I really love writing. 174 more words

100 Day Challenge.

Thursday Paints 26.5.16

The Thursday posts are at their regular spots, read them, make me happy.

Have a great day.

Sharmishtha Basu