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I Didn't Choose The Gluten Free Life

For this week’s article on The Odyssey, I shared some of my experience dealing with not being able to eat gluten.

Before I went gluten free, I had been very ill my entire life. 165 more words


Hello There...!!!

I have never done this kind of post before and I think it’s high time I do one. (Or I’ll keep on procrastinating this.)

Hi, I am Kumar Harsh. 617 more words


Theme Tuesday - Gaming

I’m unsure how to do Theme Tuesday’s be completely blatant or subtle. For the first one though I will be a little straight forward.

One of the theme’s for my Debut Novel is close to home,┬ásomething I will do daily given the time and then continue in to the late night if left unchecked. 254 more words



‘You know how I know man?’ Andy smirked to his friends over his third glass of beer.

‘Know what?’Asked Ron, rolling his eyes. He’d heard this story before. 348 more words


Author Tracy Seiden: Flowers Bloom

She looks so calm to most, smiling at folks as they walk by absorbed in their own agendas, staring through her as they mutter a greeting. 183 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed