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Here is what an average Umbran soldier from House Baal looks like. I drew inspiration for their appearance from the Normans and Anglo-Saxons from the 11th century. 27 more words

Jam Tops, The Fonz and The Pursuit of Cool (14)

Chapter Four

Something very odd had happened to Daisy Flynn’s pyjamas. It was the week before she and the rest of the school were due to break up for the Summer holidays when all in the world should be right – six whole weeks off from Poplar Park and just one week to go until the bell rang for the last time in her Third Year at the school. 627 more words


最好别爱我 (Zui Hao Bei Ai Wo) – Better Not To Love Me

No of Episodes: 21

Author: 席绢 (Xi Juan)

Female Voice: 十二月的乐飞 (Shí Er Yue De Le Fei)

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Chinese Audio Book

Peru: Losing bowel control in an earthquake

I’d flown into Huaraz, in central Peru, to hike the famous Santa Cruz trek. Things did not go precisely as planned, to say the least, but that is another matter and need not concern us at present. 732 more words


Incoming Dream

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash
If you have a special dream that God has been developing in you, and it’s been on your heart horizon for years or even decades – and it still has not sailed in and dropped its anchor – well, I am here to tell you to keep on talking to God about it. 323 more words

Celebrate your joys!

Bring your attention to what you love and not on what you dislike. Celebrate you joys, wins, victories, loves and let them take up more of your attention space. 163 more words

Spiritual Writing