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Nutrition Chocolate???

Obviously the only reason I ate these was for the nutritional chocolate! I don’t even have a clue what nutritional chocolate is but I do know I like it, I like it a lot. 43 more words


It’s Just A Number And A Letter

The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide by Debra Sanders-Steele

26,28,30,32,34,36,38,40,42,44,46,48,50,52……….One of theses numbers is your band size.

AA,A,B,C,D,E(DD),F(DDD),FF,G(DDDD),GG,H,HH,I,J,JJ.K.KK,L,M,N,O………One of these letters is your cup size.

Your bra size will consist of a number and a letter…….44G, 40DDD,  38D,  36C, 34H, 32DD, 30C, 28B. 100 more words


The importance of a good editor

I decided to finally start the interview pages I had intended to do for months now. All my time went into learning how to self-publish… 641 more words


Are you living a 'more than' life?

It catches me off guard at times: I mention in passing I’m a writer and the listener asks, Oh! What do you write? That’s when a marmalade-striped kitty catches my tongue and a brief pauses touches my lips. 141 more words


Don't call before noon.

What is so difficult to understand about that sentence?

We tell everyone the same thing. Very few people take it to heart or understand that we really do mean it. 69 more words


Pre-order The Point of Love

At the end of a week filled with the day job, meetings, appointments, family dramas and a rejection (more on that another time), it’s nice to end the week on an upwards note. 225 more words



Hello all,

This blog is dedicated to all the stories that grow and come to fruit in my mind. I hope you enjoy reading the things that I create and I hope they show you emotions that you never knew you could feel. 185 more words

Short Stories