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Democracy versus dictatorship? The political determinants of growth episodes

In contrast to previous literature, which looks at the effect of democracy on long-run growth or short-run volatility of growth, we examine the effect of political institutions on medium-term growth episodes. 97 more words

Politics And Rights

2-57-2 [Japanese intelligence politicization]: Authoritarians left in the power

There is a crucial reality that these left radicalized police bureaucrats have employed left extremists for their operation. They can deploy their subordinated officers for whatever operations, but they might have trusted extremist spies more. 548 more words


2-56 [Authoritaritative oppression]: You should follow any orders including illegal to become an intelligence director

The police intelligence has required an enemy to fight with, which is the only way to show they are necessary. If not, the budget is cut and spent more on others. 485 more words


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Compares Donald Trump to Castro

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is a well-known detractor of Donald Trump. After promising to make Mexico pay for the border wall, Fox was very outspoken that Trump “was not welcome in Mexico” and adamant that Mexico will “never pay for that fucking wall.” 64 more words

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Authoritarian Democracy: A Playbook

Authoritarian or a bold leader? The question is up for debate. Today’s needull raises some interesting dissenting views. I don’t necessarily agree with all of them but the needull does provoke some thoughts. 242 more words


2-55 [Enemy wanted]: Intelligence needs their enemies to fight against, even if self-created

It is a common practice to create a criminal by the electromagnetic wave. I have somehow managed to escape from their trap, still away from being a killer or felon, but not all the target has been so lucky. 440 more words