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#GamerGate is not "Left Vs Right"

(I’m doing this again, yay, I’ve been away, University work, you understand. Yes, you. Yes, I know you read this.)

So, lately I’ve been seeing a strange trend, maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention, maybe I’m just more aware after the horrifyingly shocking UK elections, I couldn’t tell you, but it’s bugging me. 344 more words


Politics is Broken

Politics is often discussed in terms of a left-right scale:

The political compass https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_compass adds a second axis that ranges from libertarian to authoritarian. Recent developments have also made Nationalism, coupled with concerns about immigration and environmentalism, adding important third and fourth axes of political identity but making the graph very hard to draw. 660 more words


The new authoritarianism

At the weekend, the mood seemed first and foremost shock, mixed with dismay: a collective disbelief that a party supported by little over one third of the electorate should, on Friday morning, be preparing for five years of unrestrained government. 652 more words

Stanley Hauerwas: "if you preach with such humility you will more than likely be accused of being arrogant and authoritarian"

“Ironically, in the world in which we live if you preach with such humility you will more than likely be accused of being arrogant and authoritarian. 90 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections

Please Sign Here

If I asked you about what happens when you sign a petition, you might say that you provide a signature to show your support for a particular cause. 2,137 more words


Perverting our lives and our institutions, including youth work - neo-liberal culture

We use neo-liberalism as a shorthand phrase to describe the nature of the period we’re living through. Understandably from time to time people ask quite what we mean by neo-liberalism. 539 more words

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