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Trump and Authoritarianism

I’ve written before about Trump as a candidate,  arguing that he represents a frightening trend in American politics toward an interest in “doers,” those who want to exert their will on the political stage to “get things done” despite the constitutional and republican (little-R) barriers designed to prevent such singular action. 229 more words

5 Authoritarian Regimes That Shape Facebook's Censorship Policies

In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledged to protect free speech.. But his platform, the largest and most influential social network in the world, regularly clamps down on free speech on behalf of authoritarian regimes. 90 more words

10 Signs Trump Is An Authoritarian Globalist Stooge


Renegade Editor’s Note: It has been pretty obvious Trump is a (((globalist))) for quite some time now. Unlike this author, I suggest Trump has been the cabal’s choice from day one, though perhaps this was only as a stepping stone to President Pence. 857 more words

The Jewish Problem

4-47 [Japanese society under attack 1]: Two sets of rogue groups in the police: Authoritarian and Left sympathizer

There was a line of the intelligence careers who have been demolishing the Japanese society and system inside the police which eventually controlled the covert operational organization called as zero. 496 more words


Power and Domination

I had a mini “Ah-Ha” moment the other day when I was thinking about a parent child relationship. I think most people go through life without realizing this little fact, most just take it for granted. 348 more words

Blog Post

May 12, 2017 Resources: Mangled Words; Broken Wolves; Relevance

David DeBruyn explains proper authority in contrast to authoritarianism. However, his essay goes further and gives an excellent summary of how those in authority must sometimes act in ways that appear to be self-serving. 64 more words