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An Attack on Truth

It was reported this morning that the Trump administration has banned the CDC from using 7 specific words in their 2018 budget report. These seven words are diversity, fetus, transgender, vulnerable, entitlement, science-based and evidence based. 659 more words


Looking at life from both sides...

I remember, years ago in Sociology, the teacher talked about three different kinds of parenting; authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive. Authoritarian were the strict parents, expecting respect and obedience and deciding what was best for the child. 650 more words


America’s Correlation to Nazi Germany

You can’t win by comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

President Obama took some serious heat from the morning news commentators last Sunday. On CNN’s… 2,020 more words


The Rule of Law, or "I gotta do what to use my property?"

The Rule of Law

The rule of law has fallen on hard times, principally because the concept itself is misunderstood. Consequently the application of the principle is misapplied. 737 more words

Free Market