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I was not really into politics, actually. But the more frequent I heard remarks about the left or the right wing the more curious it made me. 294 more words


Which Authoritarian Regime Just Sentenced 7 People To Years of Solitary Confinement for Shooting a Music Video?

Which authoritarian regime just sentenced seven incarcerated inmates to a combined total of twenty years in solitary confinement simply for shooting a music video for YouTube and having it featured on the World Star Hip Hop web site? 311 more words


Thought Crimes

The excellent TED-ED lesson below was written and narrated by Noah Tavlin. It offers a clear and succinct explanation of what the term “Orwellian” actually means. 11 more words


Britain's Humanity Is At Stake!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Look at this article HERE.

These “People” threaten to undermine the very essence of what, until recently, was lacking in British society: Humanity. 94 more words

Authoritarian spaces, (un)just spaces?

Justice Spatiale/Spatial Justice, No. 8 – This issue offers a discussion on the authoritarian exercise of power, not on authoritarianism defined as a political regime that seeks to restrict political pluralism (Brooker, 2009).It therefore considers the authoritarian exercise of power in all political regimes, whether they be described as authoritarian or democratic.This authoritarian phenomenon is characterised by a plasticity of practices that range from “cultural hegemony” to the use of force, from the “insidious blandishments of the State” to coercion.The approach the collection takes is highly pragmatic and material, tackling power in its spatial embeddedness and seeking to contribute to the analysis of authoritarian practice by focusing on its spatialisation.This provides a way to re-examine the link between justice and authoritarianism and is an invitation to discuss the obvious presumption of injustice often associated with these political situations 10 more words

Urban Issues

Conservatives Going Too Far

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Have a look at this article HERE.

Utterly despicable what the Conservative Government want to do to the UK. Not content with destroying those less fortunate, they also seek to emulate an Oriental-style educational system, where the work-rest balance is GREATLY distorted in favour of constant studying with little to no time for respite. 129 more words

Syria: Why is Assad still in power?

Syria: Why is Assad still in power?
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Tuesday 31 March 2015 13:06 UTC
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