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The Causes of Donald Trump's Authoritarianism

Politics is not like business. Large companies are essentially autocracies, and governments cannot externalise costs, as Trump has done throughout his career.

It is arguably difficult to find the logic behind Donald Trump’s actions as president. 1,446 more words

Joe Scarborough Takes Trump's Policy Adviser Out Of Context

Fake conservative Joe Scarborough took some time on his program to attack White House Senior Policy Adviser, Stephen Miller. Apparently, Joe didn’t agree with some of the language that Miller used on the Sunday Morning talk shows when defending the travel ban and the Administration in general. 190 more words


Day 25: Mr. Miller, the President's authority absolutely WILL be questioned.

The one Sunday I elect not to watch all the Sunday news programs and something really chilling happens. If you haven’t seen it or read about it yet, Trump’s senior advisor Stephen Miller was all over the place yesterday running his mouth like the misinformed authoritarian zealot he is. 238 more words


Journalists who publish Tory secrets could be sent to prison under new authoritarian laws

Campaigners have expressed outrage at new proposals that could lead to journalists being jailed for up to 14 years for obtaining leaked official documents.

It seems Tories are happy for fake news to continue being published if it shows them in a positive light.

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Are We Drifting Towards Authoritarianism?

There are millions of people the world over who are living in dread of what they perceive to be the direction of America’s drift.  For centuries America has been the beacon of freedom and hope for the  oppressed and persecuted.   836 more words

Not My Leader

Since World War II, the president of the United States has also been viewed as the leader of the free world. The mantle of that title carries with it great power, but as Uncle Ben warned Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. 1,075 more words