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Donald Trump Is Wrecking the Conservative Movement: How the Billionaire Is Exposing Its Most Toxic Secret

Source: Alternet

Author:Heather Digby Parton/Salon

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If there’s one thing that Donald Trump has done for the leaders of the conservative movement, the Christian Right and the Republican party it’s that he’s teaching them a necessary lesson in reality: It turns out that a large number of their supporters don’t really care… 1,537 more words

GOP Establishment in Freak-Out Mode: They Can't Stop Trump or Cruz From Grabbing Nomination

Source: Alternet

Author: Steven Rosenfeld

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The Republican Party has added a new twist to its renowned blame games. Its Washington-centric establishment is saying the race for the 2016 presidential nominee is all but over before the voting starts. 1,247 more words

In what ways authoritarianism has been an obstacle for development in the Middle East?

Writing this essay from the commodity of living in a free country where one can surf the internet in search of any type of information without any restrictions or even more significant, being able to write about anything, no matter it’s political, religious or ideological content is a luxury. 1,920 more words

International Relations

Political matrix is actually 3D

Right/Left: who the power serves (private or govt. enterprise)
Libertarian/Authoritarian: how much power wielded
Populist/Corporatist: who holds the power (“the people” or institutions)

In my recounting of the history of the race issue, based on Alexander’s… 1,478 more words


Special Measures

Special Measures is an expression that we have come to associate with a crisis situation in an organisation – a school, hospital or whatever – where things have got so out of hand or gone so badly wrong that intervention is required. 1,993 more words

This is possibly a controversial opinion

I know the Libertarian viewpoint and that our opponents are Authoritarian. I know too that the popular opinion is not to be “as bad” as them. 498 more words

My Political Compass

I was not really into politics, actually. But the more frequent I heard remarks about the left or the right wing the more curious it made me. 294 more words