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Meme: The Authoritarian Party

The Repubes are no longer even trying to hide their anti-democratic desires. They are openly and cravenly authoritarian. They do not want to do the difficult tasks that make democracies work and function like educate our citizens, allow for a free flow of government information, collect and analyze data on our most troubling and threatening issues, suppress the vote and deny the franchise to likely non-Repube supporting populations, Gerrymander a permanent majority, steal Supreme Court appointments, collude with foreign powers to steal elections, deny basic rights and services to citizens, deny human rights to minorities and aliens,. 127 more words


The Strong Man Cometh

(*: Man refers in this article to the species homo sapiens and has no gender connotations)

Après nous le déluge(Madame de Pompadour) 1,600 more words

Public Affairs

There are four styles of parenting discussed in the world of psychology.

Which style do you utilize? 829 more words


Are you a Humanist ?

One of the misunderstandings we develop is around being Humanist, we start taking it for granted and assume that just by supporting women rights, opposing religions and supporting rights for homosexuals, we have done enough to take ownership of Humanism. 234 more words


The Repressive, Authoritarian Soul of “Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends”

(Source: www.newyorker.com)

When I was a child, I could spend all day at Shining Time Station, thefictive train depot with its own eponymous TV show, where Thomas theTank Engine and all his plate-faced locomotive friends worked and lived.To my undeveloped brain, each episode seemed like abeautiful daydream, in which an orderly, magical, trance-inducinguniverse ticked on under bluebird skies. 1,281 more words


How do you encourage innovation in an authoritarian culture?

Introduction: Part of the culture in a post-authoritarian regime is the acceptance that things are just the way they are, no change will occur. People can feel powerless. 963 more words

Platform for Insane Rhetoric

Hey Jeff Sessions, don’t you think this charade has gone on long enough?

New World Order