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I'm Not Here for Your "Alternative Facts"

No, Sean Spicer. You can’t, “sometimes, disagree with the facts.”

No, Kellyanne Conway. He didn’t present “alternative facts,” because there is no such thing.

And HELL to the no, Donald Trump. 1,101 more words

Scorn and the Whole World Scorns With You

This is an official whitehouse.gov photograph of our “president.”

I know, right.

That’s one scary looking dude.

This isn’t presidential…

Far from it.

This is a picture you would show to your kids when they’re misbehaving. 510 more words


Donald Trump Needs an Appropriate Moniker

AMERICA, MEET DONALD (CAPTAIN QUEEG) TRUMP,” a real-life version of the fictional Captain Philip Francis Queeg of the minesweeper USS Caine. The Caine Mutiny… 407 more words


Plus/Delta: In response to a Christian's sad post 

I saw in my reader today a post titled

Evangelism tracked liked Giving?

Giving and Personal Evangelism as a ‘Deliverable’?

I found it was an odd sentiment. 232 more words

Political Party Analysis: Party for Freedom (Netherlands)

Overview and History

The Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) is one of the newest and most controversial parties in the country, holding Euroskeptic, nationalist, and anti-Islam positions.   1,251 more words


Authoritarianism & Personality: Background

background information: One of the main theorist to develop and evolve authoritarianism within a psychological perspective was a Theodore Adorno; his particular mindset to drive him to create the F-scale was culture versus the mindset of individuals. 206 more words