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Republican Psychology

What the heck is going on with the Republican candidates? The Republican presidential nominee still has fanatically loyal followers in spite of many people predicting he would fail long ago. 587 more words


Wheels Magically Come Off Seattle "Smart" Meter Rollout; City Utility Exposed as Corrupt

From Activist Post, by Rebecca Campbell

Below is the official video of the Seattle City Council’s Select Committee on Seattle City Light’s Strategic Plan 2017-2022 held on July 14, 2016 chaired by Seattle’s Celebrity Socialist, Kshama Sawant. 488 more words


This is the End

I have been following what has been happening at the GOP national convention in Cleveland. If you have not, understand that this is the end. 456 more words

FAiTh or No FAiTH ?

What does the word faith mean to you? Mark Mittleberg in his book “Confident Faith” describes the different paths that people take to faith. Some take the relativistic road to  faith–that is all things are relative, what works for you and for me is not the same. 692 more words

13 Trump Tweets That Made Us Cringe

By, Katrina Ronneburg

Many times in our nation’s history we’ve had some cringe-worthy political moments from those seeking the Oval Office. Whether it was Howard Deans strange shouting that doomed his 2004 campaign, or when Rick Perry forgot which government agency he would do away with during his 2012 run for President. 941 more words

Liberty Cove

The Boss

I used to work for a real asshole.  Pardon my profanity, but he’s the kind there is just no other word for except asshole.  He had such a negative attitude about everything that it was difficult to function around him.  929 more words



By Joel Kotkin

In a state ruled by a former Jesuit, perhaps we should not be shocked to find ourselves in the grip of an incipient state religion. 1,426 more words