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The country is potentially in a very dangerous situation

The story of Jared Kushner’s attempt to open a back channel of communication with the Kremlin is the first glimpse the public has into the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin (which… 810 more words

The eternal cry of a Punk and his Punk town staring at their spit in the wind.

The eternal cry of a Punk and his Punk town staring at their spit in the wind.

So a Punk in chief can cry like a baby seal and complain that the useless poor bastards and suckers who he goes after may have the temerity or bad taste to return the favor. 152 more words


(S)He'd Send In The Army

Given the current situation, this seemed appropriate. Just change the pronoun’s gender.


3 Key Takeaways from Trump’s Speech on Islam

Boaz Guttman/Flikr

On the campaign trail, Trump told CNN “Islam hates us” and called for the “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the U.S. Last week, just months after two failed attempts at enacting the Muslim ban, Trump delivered a different kind of speech on Islam—one media outlets have described as… 757 more words

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The Political Compass Explained

Probably the best Political test to show where your beliefs align, is the political compass test.  https://www.politicalcompass.org/test

The political compass breaks politics down on two areas, economics and social beliefs. 970 more words


On Venezuela creeping authoritarianism and how to deal with it

“ By cancelling the recall referendum, suspending elections, and inhibiting opposition politicians from standing for office the Venezuelan government is systematically blocking the ability of the Venezuelan people to express themselves through electoral means. 203 more words


Dictators, Autocrats, Oh My

Have you noticed that the US gives the greatest support to dictators, autocrats and military regimes?  Look at the latest trip by the president…..the room where he made his speech was overflowing with dictators and autocrats…… 309 more words

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