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In his own image ... Punktown Strutters and rancid symbols of the soul of a ...... Punk.

In his own image … Punktown Strutters and rancid symbols of the soul of a  …… Punk.

You can’t be chief Punk and bottle washer if you can’t raise an army of sub punks and bottle throwers, flamers, sycophants, back stabbing neoliths, brazen haters, baters, facilitators, and mind numbing dangerous bores. 157 more words


White Supremacy and the Liberal Arts

There’s no question that the liberal arts college, the prestige model of American higher education, has been inherently reactionary and even White Supremacist.  For it has rooted itself in a meta-narrative in which the most prized knowledge in the U.S., filtered through Europe, is a bleached package from Greece and Rome.   1,331 more words

Message One Home

I learned today of the “Enigma Doorway”.
I know our people cannot understand it.
Twelve thousand “teams” will assemble for this,

under the many dimensions and… 123 more words


Book Report: On Tyranny

“The European history of the twentieth century shows us that societies can break, democracies can fall, ethics can collapse, and ordinary men can find themselves standing over death pits with guns in their hands.

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The De-Putin-Nazification of America

Sometime circa late July, as the hundreds of thousands of de facto vassals that cater to the needs of New York City’s simulated aristocracy were navigating the sweltering hell that the subway system has recently become, approximately one hundred miles to the east, deep in the heart of Resistance territory, … 1,838 more words

Consensus Reality

Where We Are

At the time of this writing, Donald J. Trump has been President of the United States for half a year. Though I normally prefer to leave commenting on day to day political matters to others (of whom there are a great many, and who do what they do with great skill), it occurs to me that this is a worthwhile time to reflect on where we stand in the historical cycle, the role that Trump plays, and where we are likely going in the foreseeable future. 2,040 more words