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What do we do? - more than you might think!

Earlier this month members of the English Cataloguing Department attended the annual libraries@cambridge conference.  This year the theme was Are you a library superhero? and we were keen to show the ways in which we fulfil that brief. 428 more words


Outsourcing vs. Traditional Cataloging Tasks

This post will examine how outsourcing compares to cataloging tasks that are performed at libraries.

Please note that the survey did not ask if these specific tasks were outsourced.   483 more words

Cataloging Tasks

Cataloging Tasks Across the Library

Many of the cataloging tasks were reported as being completed by people both inside the cataloging unit as well as outside. The most common tasks that are completed in and out of cataloging include ILS maintenance, e-resource maintenance, MARC copy cataloging, and Dublin Core metadata creation. 26 more words

Cataloging Tasks

Cataloging Tasks Not Done

While several of the previous posts have focused on different cataloging tasks, where they are performed, and what type of librarian or staff member completes them, there were several responses saying that these tasks aren’t completed at their institution. 80 more words

Cataloging Tasks

Cataloging Tasks - Only Inside or Only Outside?

A previous post showed all of the cataloging tasks and whether they are completed inside or outside of the cataloging unit. Many of these tasks are completed both inside and outside of the cataloging unit, so the following graphs show which tasks are only completed inside or only completed outside of the cataloging unit for different institutions.

Cataloging Tasks

Cataloging tasks - Inside or Outside?

Previous posts about cataloging tasks have given lots of data showing information about where the tasks are being completed (inside or outside of the cataloging unit), the type of position completing the tasks (professional, para-professional, hourly staff), and the type of institution (doctoral, baccalaurette, etc.). 109 more words

Cataloging Tasks

Specific Cataloging Tasks Outsourced

Since nearly half of respondents reported that some cataloging tasks were outsourced, we asked them to describe the tasks that outsource to vendors. The tasks that were reported as being outsourced fell into the following categories: 52 more words

Cataloging Tasks