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Knowable, Necessary, and Enough

I’ve heard it many times and from the most unexpected sources:

“I try to read the Bible, but . . . it doesn’t seem to say anything to me. 

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Book Review

Definitions of Doctrine-Volume 3-Chapter 6-The Doctrine of Baptism


1. The Subject: Only a believer (born again).

2. The Mode: Only by immersion.

3. The Design: Only to symbolize the burial and resurrection of Christ. 2,240 more words

Systematic Theology

You Keep Using That Word; I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

A few days ago I scrolled through one of those “I’m right, you’re wrong” conversations on Facebook, and I was saddened to see one participant reject another viewpoint out of hand with the dismissive, derisive, “Obviously, you don’t accept the authority of scripture.” 583 more words

The Church

Is the Existence of the NT Canon Incompatible with Claims of New Revelation?

By Michael Kruger

“God has spoken to me.”

There are few statements that will shut down debate more quickly than this one. If Christians disagree over a doctrine, a practice, or an idea, then the trump card is always “God has spoken to me” about that. 197 more words

Authority Of Scripture

Calvin and Van Til on the Authority of Scripture

“If we truly want to help men’s consciences so that they are not gripped by perpetual doubt, we must derive the authority of Scripture from a higher source than human reasoning, evidence or conjecture. 997 more words

Cornelius Van Til

Continuing on from ‘The Necessity of God’s Condescending Grace

It is in consonance with this approach that the Reformed Confessions assert that our final acceptance of the Scriptures as the Word of God rests upon the internal testimony of the Holy Spirit.

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Cornelius Van Til

Rejecting the Bible - an interesting way to view scripture and doctrine

I recently interacted with someone on a Facebook forum dedicated to looking at the role of women and men from a biblical basis – that is, the point is to consider what the Bible has to say about women and men in the body of Christ. 642 more words