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Hi All,

It certainly was a long stretch not being online and posting happily away as I would have liked. However, there were good reasons for not being present. 155 more words


Author/Publisher – How to develop a fight in space

I’m a multi-genre author with a passion for science fiction. Sooner or later this kind of interest drives to space, to what a spaceship can do and to what I want to tell to my audience when it comes to describe what’s going on. 611 more words


Transfixed by his Touch – Love at First Touch

 Mindi stood and thanked Mitch for the meal, and as she reached for her coat, their hands touched once more. Her heart skipped a beat, and her eyes darted back and forth between his dreamy dark-chocolate brown eyes, as his locked steadily onto hers. 161 more words

Author/Publisher – Time to choose

A year or so ago I wrote a short science fiction story named “L’Orgoglio di Smirne” , I was thinking about translating it into english after a massive editing process. 586 more words


Author/Publisher – profiling your works

Once you have crafted your brand new novel you have to think about how to profile it for the market. That means you have to connect one or more (hopefully more) than a genre or category to your work in order to make it available for “spider” programs of search engines. 385 more words


Author/publisher – the language barrier

As an independent author/publisher based in Italy I have to consider the existence of a linguistic barrier between me and the biggest market available today. In order to reach as much readers as I can writing in Italian is not a viable option, … 291 more words

Real Life

Author/Publisher – You Need A Good Cover

There’s an old say: “You can’t judge a book by the cover”, it’s a good thing to remember as a metaphore and for sure it’s a good advice when it comes to read a book. 533 more words