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Behind the Casefiles - Ella Tundra

This is another entry into my series of a behind-the-scenes look at the episodes I write for the podcast Casefile. These posts will explain how and why I choose each case and the research that goes into writing the stories. 688 more words


#Cockygate Resolved

It seems the Cockygate trademark drama, where author Faleena Hopkins obtained a trademark for the word “cocky” and took legal action against other authors who’d used it, has been resolved in court. 29 more words


So, what word or phrase is someone trying to trademark this week?

“Secret Garden”. That’s right: someone wants to trademark the term Secret Garden.

I wonder if they’ve ever heard of Frances Hodgson Burnett! Shall they send cease and desist letters to her grave? 13 more words


How much more ridiculous can it get?

The #cockygate saga has brought trademark trolls to the attention of the publishing world. The selfish practice of trademarking common words and phrases to shut out competition is not new, but it does seem to be getting more ridiculous every day. 112 more words


Book Stuffing and Author Ethics

If you keep up with dramas in the publishing world, you’ll probably have already heard about the scammers infiltrating the Kindle Unlimited program.

You can go to  404 more words


Why “outing” someone makes you an utter arse - #2

Following on from yesterday’s post about why Faleena Hopkins attempting to “out” the identities of authors she’s taking to court over her ridiculous trademark dispute… 177 more words


Why “outing” someone makes you an utter arse - #1

In the ongoing trademark wars, it seems there’s a new drama every day.

In court last week, the lawyer for trademark troll Faleena Hopkins attempted to have the real names of authors under attack made public. 229 more words