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[FANFIC FRIDAYS] Do You Hear What I Hear?

Kibum shakes his head and he begins to walk away because he at least expected a simple ‘you’re welcome’ but all he got was a stare; a stare that makes him shiver.

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Mushy Goodbyes

The YES!+ DCE tradition continues, it was farewell yesterday. The only thing different this time was, it was us at the receiving end. Here is the poem I read out. 207 more words

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You know I cried.

Mostly when I cry, I cry without a sound
‘Cause I never want anyone to hear
To pity, to sympathize
Or to tell me It’s gonna be okay, ’cause I know that. 542 more words

Author's Favorite

I didn't see her off!

Those of you know who I am writing this for, please don’t convey it to others. Just adorn this post with beauty by letting the anonymity, of the person I am writing this for, be. 352 more words

My Mind Goop

Turning Twenty!

Yay! I turned twenty! The twist: Technically, not yet! :D

You see, I was born on the night of 6th April 1993, at 1:32 AM. And when I say the night of 6th April 1993, what I actually mean is (in accordance with the English Calendar where a new day starts at 12AM) I was born on 7th April 1993! 852 more words

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Again With That Book?

The Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn (1987)

Ash and his girlfriend Linda find a remote cabin in which to spend the weekend/ get their freak on.  619 more words

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Don't Read That Book!

The Evil Dead (1981)

Listen, we all know by now that if a group of people go into the woods to stay at a secluded cabin, things aren’t going to end well for them, right? 478 more words

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