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Collab with Youtuber ; Details soon!

I will be doing a bestfriend tag with Youtuber @——-!

Link will be in soon!
Check back for updates!


Introducing Qualina... and an audio secret.

Issue #2 of “Furia and the Guardians” will do more than introduce you to our mysterious new “threat” moving into Paragon City.   It will also introduce you to another new hero. 410 more words

Battlerock Comics


Assalaamu alaykum to all…

I would like to sincerely apologise but unfortunately this blog will have to take a little unplanned break due to unforeseen circumstances. 14 more words

Authors Notes

Jockeying for Characters

Sometimes, archetypes and stereotypes are easier parameters for drawing up characters with ready-made flaws. There is no questioning the wall-flower falling head over heels for the callous bad ass, the super impulsive, emotionally driven heroine who fights to have her way, or the seemingly uncaring and devilishly handsome rogue who of course finds his heart 5x bigger than what he initially thought it was, but what about the every day average person? 270 more words


Quotes from 'Somewhere Only We Know'

Semua quote bukan milik saya, tetapi milik seluruh penulis naskah (yang sangat hebat!) dari film Cina ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ yang disutradarai Xu Jinglei. … 462 more words

Wu Yi Fan

Author's Note- Sick Leave

Sorry guys. But I’m only human.  This week is out for posts. Next week, I’ll be back.

Author's Notes

Thy sin’s not accidental, but a trade.

Anyone expecting some raunch, or a discussion about that movie, can move along. Not even a pantone in grey. The only conjunctions here are grammatical. … 571 more words

Author's Notes