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Interlude: Honestly, Debunking Christianity

So I just received an email the other day from Debunking Christianity. Neat little blog, and I approve of the fact that they question. Keep on. 309 more words

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Author's Note - If anyone has any suggestions

Since I will be posting stories on here more often I’m willing to take suggestions on what color and type of fonts works best and how to format them. 18 more words

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This blog will be on a break until further notice.

Maaf for the inconvenience.


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Did Jesus ever apologize? I mean, he never wronged anyone.

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Author's Notes: The World of Edge Watcher

  • The World – The world of Reginis is much like our own even with a similar race of living beings. The main difference is that they are much more technologically and mentally advanced then us.
  • 400 more words

She Begins

Here it is: the product of confusion.

See, I’ve been asking myself one question over and over for the past several weeks:

Is Jesus even a thing? 316 more words

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A Preview And In Case You Missed It

Ready for a preview of “Furia and the Guardians” #3?

As you can see, the fight between Furia Powers and Destitution is just getting started, and it is one that will push both of them to their limits. 166 more words

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