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The More You Know

The more you know, the more you hesitate(?)

Knowing things, is it a step closer to be wise?

Or to be a man with even more doubts and questions?

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Today’s afternoon is quiet and nice, despite the storm and all.
Yesterday’s afternoon was quiet and nice, despite the emptiness and all.
Last week’s afternoon was quiet and nice, despite the uneasiness and all. 219 more words


Twenty Things About rineema


Kembali dengan post ber-tag yang sering terjadi di banyak media sosial. Sesungguhnya baru kali ini aku kena tag di blog dan ini semua karena… 1,002 more words

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Greetings~~ (○^_^○) Nice to meet you all. For notes, this site is created just on the spur of the moments cause I got nothing to do..haha..Well, I still haven’t decide on what to post on this site yet or what to do.   10 more words

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