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Cumbernauld's Coolest Son

I wonder who came up with that heading?

It’s Book Week Scotland next week, and there are events at some venue near you. There’s bound to be. 204 more words


Author José H. Bográn

(1) Why did you become an author?

Because I wanted to be rich and famous. Yeah, right.

During my teens I watched several movies and TV shows where the main character was a writer. 416 more words


Clear and Present Dangers……P.J. O'Rourke

“One of the problems with being a writer is that all of your idiocies are still in print somewhere. I strongly support paper recycling.”

― P.J. O’Rourke

Clear And Present Dangers

Bridge to Nowhere

Have you heard about Markus Zuzak’s new book Bridge of Clay?  You probably have because the whole world loved The Book Thief and have waited  520 more words

4 Illegal Border Crossings in One Day

Unless otherwise indicated, all names have NOT been changed in order to protect the guilty or the innocent. However, should Interpol come calling, then all stated names and places were a made up story just for the purpose of spreading goodwill throughout the Kingdom of Medium. 2,029 more words

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Emerald eyes alive
capturing light from
a sun which gladly greets
your goddess form.
Curled up like a cat
next to a window where
you take in the world… 68 more words

WEDNESDAY: Shy Best Friend

Aubrey was shy. She looked down, looking away from Victor’s eyes.

“You are the best friend I’ve every had,” he said.

Aubrey smiled. “I’m glad you think that.” 34 more words