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Award and After Party for Mystery Thriller Week

Last night I was up with so many of the authors, bloggers, fans, readers, experts and organizers of the Mystery Thriller Week.  After 4 months of planning, 11 days of reviews, guest posts, interview posting, and hosting live events, the week came to a close. 367 more words


The Key to writing Young Adult is understanding them

Understanding young adults and their culture is the key part of writing young adult fiction.

The Alan Review, a Virginia Tech journal, reported that Young Adult books are the key to literacy. 418 more words

Take a Snapshot of Writing Analogies

Imagine the most beautiful photo ever taken. It was flush with vibrant colors, frantic energy, and visible emotion. It probably took the photographer weeks to finally capture it. 558 more words

The Garden of Souls

The noise echoed and rolled within the tight confines of the severely overcrowded Inn of Loca. Every resident shouted louder and louder to be sure Ol’ Stumpy heard their call on the desired number. 1,475 more words


'The Devil's Bible' brings Carpenter's historical hero into the present

By G. Robert Frazier

When readers last saw Mouse, the hero of Nashville author Dana Chamblee Carpenter‘s debut novel Bohemian Gospel, she was locked up in a cell writing what would become known in some circles as the eighth wonder of the world, the Codex Gigas. 2,944 more words


The Inexhaustible Power of Humility!

Well, that may seem like an oxymoron! How can humility be powerful? 

What is power? Is power in position? Is it in wealth? Is it in status? 371 more words

Christaan Keaton

Write Me A Poem

Love poems worn out by my cynicism,

Four biographies and an Oscar Wilde.

Éluard and a few dead gods —

All my books

Beaten, thrown to the ground. 82 more words

Poetry & Lyricism