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Thoughts on book reviews

Recently I’ve seen several discussions about the value or harm of book reviews. Authors need them to help with sales and even negative reviews aren’t necessarily going to hurt sales. 374 more words

The Silkworm, by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling) / ****

It’s somewhat surprising that publishers have allowed The Silkworm to continue to be listed under the name Robert Galbraith instead of J.K. Rowling – after all, this is an industry where female writers are often asked to abbreviate their names so that sales don’t get affected, so I can’t imagine that leaving Rowling’s name off is appealing to them. 501 more words

Book Reviews

NPR News: Autonomous Weapons Would Take Warfare To A New Domain, Without Humans

Autonomous Weapons Would Take Warfare To A New Domain, Without Humans
Former special operations agent Paul Scharre helped create U.S. military guidelines on autonomous weapons. His new book Army of None, looks at the advances in technology, and the questions they raise.

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Slovak writer Peter Krištufek has died in a bus crash

The celebrated author and film maker died when the bus he was in crashed into a truck, today the 23th of April. He was 44 years old. 62 more words


Cricetinae Fictionem - or Something Like That: 9

Long before those nauseatingly fabulous earplugs appeared on the scene, my comedic desires were assuaged by stories about sentient hamsters that lived in a parallel universe to our own. 1,076 more words




She felt cold. She felt cold and maybe a little damp.

Most definitely damp.

She began to open her eyes.

Do you know that awkwardly comforting feeling when you first wake up, when your eyelids are the heaviest not simply because of sleep, but also because of that fine layer of goop keeping your eyes pried together? 608 more words

D.R. Breshears

Villains Villains and More Villains!

Heroes are only as good as their villains. But the black hats don’t always get their due. So, it’s exciting for me and my writing partner, Camilla, to showcase one of our Werewolf Whisperer baddies in the Golden Box Books Publishing’s “meet the bad guys” issue. 80 more words