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Keep it Simple...Steve Jobs

"That’s been one of my mantras—focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. 20 more words


Authors Answer 109 - Seasonal Writing

Winter is coming. I’m not talking about A Game of Thrones. The seasons are changing. Weather and seasons can affect what people do and how they do them. 1,055 more words


Don't Worry, Hugless Douglas

Hugless Douglas and I are both feeling the chill. The difference is he’s got a new knitted hat to wear, while I haven’t. (Too vain.) 139 more words


LOST...and now found (The conclusion)

I raised my eyes to the heavens as I held onto Orein’s head on my lap. The clouds that covered the sun slowly drifted, allowing the sunlight to creep towards us. 1,749 more words

Writing on the Edge - A World of Dark Fantasy - Guest Post...

I never set out to write Dark Fantasy. As a lifelong Fantasy genre reader, all I had in mind when I started my goblin series was to create my own Fantasy world. 713 more words

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As a guest on The Story Reading Ape, Jaq D Hawkins discusses the inherent challenges of writing dark fantasy. The characters don't normally eat, drink, dress, or toilet like normal folk; so fleshing out a story demands considerable imagination . . .

Learning as You Write - Guest Post...

Writers are advised by editors, agents, academic and self-appointed experts to write about what they know. Some people have pointed out that would be boring. As writers we live in a world of imagination. 356 more words

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Mary Clark is a guest on The Story Reading Ape, discussing Learning as You Write: "it’s okay to write what you don’t know, as long as you make every effort to come to know it." When I began writing my latest novel, I thought no research would be involved. Was I taken by surprise? You bet. And I thoroughly researched everything for the sake of authenticity. Hop over to Chris' blog to read about Mary's personal experience . . .

5 Basic Tips on Staying Focused When Writing a Book - Guest Post...

To be able to work with sheer dedication, a writer needs the ability to fully concentrate and stay focused at all times. Maintaining your focus for sustained periods can be a difficult task to do. 927 more words

Writing Tips

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The Story Reading Ape features guest Audrey Throne discussing ways authors can remain focused while writing. And much to my disappointment, her list doesn't include eating chocolate :) Hop over to Chris' blog for these common-sense tips . . .