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Back To School - The 4th Grade Edition

OK.  So.  We may need to ask our tutor if she can increase her hours and spend more time with our Jay Boogie.

If you ask him, he will say that school is going “ 906 more words

Life On The Jay Train

When it all becomes too much.

I guess we can all have our good days and bad days with in life, but a mum of special needs can be tougher than most, the constant choosing which battles you fight and which you admit defeat, whether that be with health care, school or even your child. 279 more words

That time you had me over for a coffee chat


Today, I am not your autism guru or even a very helpful friend. Today, I am your friend who came knocking on your door with fuzzy hair and tears in her eyes, who sits on your couch and sips her coffee with her knees pulled up to her chest. 409 more words


"And don't settle for 145! You can do better! You're a genius!"

I had an interesting conversation with my Prodigy, this morning.  I should have anticipated this.  My twelve-year-old Prodigy has been reading my blog.  When I asked for how long, she said, “Does it matter?   803 more words


Post Of The Week - Saturday 16th September, 2017

1) Researching E-Cigarettes

This article explores some of the issues with researching the effects of e-cigarettes. To understand the long-term harm, researchers need to find people who use e-cigarettes who have never smoked. 259 more words

Treating Mental Disorders

I Got Distracted on Star Trek Day....

(off topic)

I have been re-watching the Star Trek series over the last year and a half/two years now. Because some of my perspectives have changed, I was ready to write about it on September 8th; Star Trek Day, but I got distracted and almost completely missed Star Trek Day altogether. 1,897 more words


Susie didn't commit suicide! She was murdered by Jerry Seinfeld!

I put myself on Twitter time-out, today.  I was going to write a long post about how angry I was, but someone made me laugh before I got to it.   675 more words