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Advice: Open Letter to Parents of Autistic Children

This letter is for any parent of a child on the autism spectrum. As an adult on the spectrum I have a unique perspective on autism and I’d like to share some advice and encouragement. 784 more words


A Plea to Stop the Special Needs Pout

As many of you know, April is Autism Acceptance month. My— how this year has flown by. Our family officially began our Autism adventure about a year ago and everyday is a new journey of learning. 463 more words

Autism & Neurodiversity

One Faith, Many Paths: Elinor Broadbent

For my final installment of Autism Acceptance Month 2015, I have decided to interview a FaceBook friend. This is Elinor Broadbent, who is a moderator of many FaceBook groups for autistic people, such as Âû (Autistic Union) and  Autism: We Are a Race Not a Disease. 1,786 more words

One Faith

Me, myself & Aspergers

Yup. You guessed correctly. My months of speculation and gnawing doubt accumulated in a stark epiphany, unlike any I’ve had before. It’s been a little over two weeks since this happened, but I feel that the discovery that compounded my innate traits and quirks and put a label on it – Aspergers- acted like a chasm that split my life into two parts; before the discovery and after. 655 more words

Personal Blues

autism's siblings: what a 7-year-old has to say about autism and her brother

After reading an article on Huffington Post titled, “My Sons Love Their Sister but Not Autism,” I decided to ask my non-autistic daughter a question. 372 more words



I made a presentation about ASD! The whole thing didn’t fit in the image portion so I had to put the other slides in the text; I hope that works.

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Andrew Jackson Elementary unifies for Autism Acceptance in an amazing photograph

by Becky Brewster, member of the Metro Schools Autism Team

Have you ever heard the term, “school culture”?

School culture generally refers to the beliefs, perceptions, relationships, attitudes and the written and unwritten rules that influence every aspect of how a school functions. 305 more words