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How Autism Awareness Goes Wrong

The month of April was Autism Acceptance Month, a counter-movement against the cure-focused Light It Up Blue campaigns.

As such, Sarah wrote an explainer for The Establishment about how autism awareness goes wrong. 7 more words

Shameless Promotion

One Faith, Many Paths: Sue Abramowski

For this edition of “One Faith, Many Paths”, I am interviewing my Facebook friend Sue Abramowski. When I started joining autism groups, she was the first person to friend me. 1,013 more words


The right to not understand

As I’m finishing this post, it’s nearing the end of Autism Acceptance Month, and almost Blogging Against Disablism Day (which is officially May 1), and the more I thought about getting around to writing it, the more I thought that it kind of stands at the intersection of those two things… acceptance of autism and disability, and opposition to prejudice based on disability. 1,210 more words

More Autistic Websites

Last year, I gave you a list of autism-themed websites and blogs. I’ve decided to make a sequel of sorts. Not only will this be blogs, but also a couple web-based magazines and another YouTube vlogger. 251 more words


Autism Acceptance: Allies

I’ve been “out” to my friends for about a year. Those same friends who have been with me for longer than that knew my son was autistic, or likely autistic. 388 more words

Autism Acceptance

Labels - Some People Want Them, Others Do Not, And That Is Okay

Trigger Warning: Reference to the R-Word

It is April. That means social media is awash with articles, blogs, and fundraising events about Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month. This period of time can be very triggering for some.  1,660 more words


A love letter to the autistic community

If you can fight your way past the ableism of a Google search, the massive online presence of Autism Speaks and a sea of neurotypical narratives, you can find the #ActuallyAutistic community. 700 more words