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Complaint, Our Autism Mum.

What do you do when you need to complain about something……but you feel bad doing it?
Bad because you like the place.
Bad because you like the people. 338 more words

Autism Awareness

How Long Do Autistic People Live?

There are some misconceptions about autism in society. One of these is how long do autistic people live. Autistic people are thought to live shorter. However, contrary to what is believed, the life span of autistic people is not less than that of other people. 258 more words


In His Company, He Will Not See Their Resume!

Here we are doing a project for his school. He has to create a company, create jobs, and contracts, the whole thing. So we keep talking about what would be good ideas. 238 more words


I have a secret. The truth about how autism affected me. 

It may seem that I share a lot of personal stuff on here but psssst, come close….I’ll tell you a secret – I don’t share everything. 983 more words


Anxiety and Autism.

Anxiety and Autism seem to go hand in hand.
The world is a difficult, and unpredicatable, place to understand.
It is a place where there are many rules and regualtions. 418 more words

Autism Needs Solutions Not Just Awareness


Since it’s April and National Autism Awareness Month, I wanted to point out a few things to those of you who do not know what it’s like to be mom to a severely autistic child. 576 more words

Autism Parenting

"These children"

“These children.”
“School get more money for taking these children.”
….The things you over hear.

“These children”….
My girl is one of those children.

Two families sat chatting in a drs waiting room, loudly I might add, about a disruptive child in school. 364 more words