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Disability Hate Crime A Teachable Moment

Like many on 1\5\2017 I was surprised and very bothered by what I saw on mainstream media outlets like CNN. A hate crime targeting a developmental disabled youth. 426 more words


School left teen with autism outside on a beanbag for a whole term to control difficult behaviour!

A Melbourne school for children with intellectual disabilities is under investigation after being accused of making one of its students sit outside on a beanbag for more than an entire term as a way of dealing with his challenging behaviour.

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Regression marks one in five autism cases, large study finds

In some children with autism, normal development stalls, often around age 2, and they start to lose many of the communication and social skills they had already mastered.

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A driving game can help young people with autism learn the real thing

There isn’t much in the way of public transportation in Sam McCarty’s Nashville-area neighborhood, so like most teenagers, he wants to drive when he turns 16 within the next year.

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Autism In The News

Grandin to Host Special Showing of Autism Documentary

The Grandin Theatre will host a special screening of the documentary “Life, Animated” for families who have children with autism.

The documentary tells the story of Owen Suskind, a child who, due to regressive autism, suddenly stopped speaking at age 3.

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Woman Jailed in Britain for Claiming her Child has Autism and other Health Problems!

London – A woman in Britain was jailed on Monday for subjecting her children to unnecessary medical procedures so that she could claim hundreds of thousands of pounds in state benefits.

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Autism In The News

JC Penney Hosts Back-to-School Shopping Event for Shoppers With Autism

Bright lights, loud music, and dozens of families combing through the aisles to try and find the best deals can make back-to-school shopping a miserable experience for families whose children have special needs.

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