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Autism: Indications in a Child

I was going to write another post for this week – I have so much to say!  But this question came up on the site “Quora,” and I thought it fit well with my blog. 1,479 more words

Experiences Of An Autistic

This May Be The Start Of Something Wonderful.

While having bible study with my daughter, MJ came in the room and said, “Mommy, what are you doing?” I told him we were learning about Jesus and asked him to stay for a few minutes. 52 more words


Autism: Learning to Hygge

One thing goes in, and several more go out. It has always been the same for me. While other people seem to get used to their routine, and can slowly add other things to it, I just can’t. 528 more words

Experiences Of An Autistic

Autism financial help

Autism can lead to errors in providing services to people who generally require special and complex attention.  The results of a momentary observation cannot be concluded as the absolute result of a child’s abilities and behavior. 86 more words

Autism doctors

Making a diagnosis of autism is not easy because it requires accuracy, experience and may take a moment not for a moment. So far no clinical tests have been found that can directly diagnose autism. 112 more words

Autism information

Most people who have autism are usually diagnosed with the disorder when they are very young and most cases are diagnosed by the time the child is four years old. 97 more words

Autism learning

There are many professionals ready and able to help the parent who wants to keep for their autistic child. It is the parent who typically makes sure the plan to reach different goals in their child’s and family’s lives are followed. 97 more words