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Dollars and Sense About Educating a Student with Autism

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, it costs over $8,600 more each year to educate a student with autism when compared to a neurotypical student. 183 more words


To the parent whose child was just diagnosed with autism 

Hi moms and dads :)

A little muse tapped me on the shoulder today to let me know that somebody out there needed to read this today. 1,812 more words

Autistic Adult

Meet Saffron


I recently came across this video of Saffron, an energetic 9-year old from the U.K. with a brilliant imagination, a strong sense of self, and who just happens to be autistic. 37 more words

Mental Health

Autism A-Z: P is for Person First

This post is part of a series for Autism Acceptance Month in which I will be exploring various ideas and subjects relating to autism and being autistic. 704 more words


An evening with a mother of a child suspected to be autistic

I’m still in Winter Wonderland, 1035 aeronautical miles from my home.  Despite my previous misgivings, it has actually been a surprisingly lighthearted, benign, and enjoyable trip so far.  1,499 more words


A Poem of Acceptance

As snowflakes fall and grace the earth

Within the swirling, twinkling white

Exist millions of variations

Each flake a pattern unlike any other

We marvel at the beauty of these flakes… 480 more words