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Meet Saffron


I recently came across this video of Saffron, an energetic 9-year old from the U.K. with a brilliant imagination, a strong sense of self, and who just happens to be autistic. 37 more words

Mental Health

Autism A-Z: P is for Person First

This post is part of a series for Autism Acceptance Month in which I will be exploring various ideas and subjects relating to autism and being autistic. 704 more words


A Poem of Acceptance

As snowflakes fall and grace the earth

Within the swirling, twinkling white

Exist millions of variations

Each flake a pattern unlike any other

We marvel at the beauty of these flakes… 480 more words


Positively Autistic: A List of (Positive) Autistic Traits

Sometimes it’s hard to feel positive about being autistic when so much of the presentation of autism focuses on our deficits. In a world that tells us all the ways we are “wrong”, I think it’s important to look at the many ways we are awesome. 702 more words


Autism and Activism

To be autistic is to live as an outsider. The social standards that come naturally to others seem foreign and strange. These social skills that are innate for some take learning and practice for us to assimilate. 625 more words


A Year of Autistic Discovery

As the cool autumn days come rolling in and the leaves turn and change, I reflect back upon the year. For, you see, it was about one year ago that I learned I was autistic. 687 more words