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What is autism positivity?

There are way too many examples of what is NOT autism positivity. Every time you read a newspaper story you read “suffers from autism” or yet another bloody story about what increases the “risk of autism”. 358 more words

Actually Autistic

Day 3, which is Day 2!

I’m skipping Day 3 (diagnosis journey) and doing Day 2, which I missed yesterday due to diving down a special interest rabbit hole. “What I love about being autistic.” 553 more words


Positively Autistic: A List of (Positive) Autistic Traits

Sometimes it’s hard to feel positive about being autistic when so much of the presentation of autism focuses on our deficits. In a world that tells us all the ways we are “wrong”, I think it’s important to look at the many ways we are awesome. 702 more words


Laina Eartharcher reblogged this on Laina's Collection - sharing Aspergian/autistic writing and commented:

Googling "Asperger's/autism positive traits" was one of the first things I did when I first suspected I might be on the spectrum, and I'm really glad I did!  This post didn't exist yet, unfortunately, but it's even more extensive than the ones I first came across!  I can't not share this 😄👍🖐🏼💗☮️

The Buddy Song

So about a month ago, I had a very bad day. All of the things that I usually manage pretty well were just off the charts. 693 more words

Dollars and Sense About Educating a Student with Autism

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, it costs over $8,600 more each year to educate a student with autism when compared to a neurotypical student. 183 more words


To the parent whose child was just diagnosed with autism 

Hi moms and dads :)

A little muse tapped me on the shoulder today to let me know that somebody out there needed to read this today.   1,736 more words

Autistic Adult

Meet Saffron


I recently came across this video of Saffron, an energetic 9-year old from the U.K. with a brilliant imagination, a strong sense of self, and who just happens to be autistic. 37 more words

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