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Sesame Street Introduces Its First Autistic Character, Julia

Sesame Street welcomes its first-ever autistic character Julia to the block as part of its “See Amazing” initiative. Partnering with organizations like Autism Speaks and the Autism Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) to make sure everything presented were not only educational but respectful, and positive as well.  97 more words


New Post at College Composition Weekly: Karen Kopelson in College English on Career Guides for ASD Adults

Kopelson analyzes workplace guides for “high-functioning” ASD individuals, arguing that the books construct such employees as examples of “capitalist wish-fulfillment” (560), both lauding the supposed deficits that make them ideal workers and advising them to “norm” themselves in order to “adapt” and “fit in” (563-64). 32 more words

College Composition Weekly

New Post on College Composition Weekly: Shannon Walters from RTE on working with Autism Spectrum students.

Walters encourages writing teachers to value insights from the students themselves as they encounter college writing. Share your experiences! http://collegecompositionweekly.com/summaries/

Teaching Writing

Walters, Shannon. Valuing ASD Students. RTE, May 2015. Posted 06/23/15.

Walters, Shannon. “Toward a Critical ASD Pedagogy of Insight: Teaching, Researching, and Valuing the Social Literacies of Neurodiverse Students.” Research in the Teaching of English… 1,041 more words

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Why can't we all just get along?

April 2nd is WAAD – which stands for either World Autism Awareness day or World Autism Acceptance Day depending on who you ask.  My Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds were full of posts saying either “Light it up Blue” or “Don’t Light it up Blue, Walk in Red instead” or “wear rainbows for acceptance”. 1,083 more words


You are in DEMAND!


Hello VIPers!

Last summer I wrote about the uneasiness of summer transitions. I echoed the fears many of you might have had. After all, the school year was ending and for some of you, school was ending altogether. 393 more words

Won't somebody PLEASE think of the psychopathic children? (Of course. Just choose your analogies carefully.)

All too many discussions about developmental disabilities focus on parents and children, as if developmentally disabled adults didn’t exist, hence: Helen Lovejoy, Alpha Concern Troll. 867 more words

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