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Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Parent's Guide

I’ve come across a terrific book for parents of children on the autism spectrum, or kids with Aspergers.  I wish my parents had it when I was growing up!   282 more words


Day #353 - Watch This!


Sometimes I see something online and I am moved.  It actually doesn’t happen that often.  I get sent (and watch) plenty of poignant articles, blogs, and videos…so it actually take a lot to move me. 153 more words

Gastrointestinal dan Perilaku Anak ASD

Hubungan Gastrointestinal (GI) Dengan Perilaku Anak Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


Sejumlah studi klinis dan epidemiologi telah menunjukkan bahwa anak-anak dengan gangguan autisme spektrum disorder(ASD) semakin beresiko dalam masalah pencernaan atau gastrointestinal (GI). 881 more words

Autism Spectrum Disorder

What It's Like

I looked over at Little Man on the way to school this morning with tired, worried eyes.  He stared out the car window, headphones on, head bopping to whatever video game music was playing on his phone. 424 more words


When Do We Give Up?

I gave up yesterday. The details really don’t matter I guess. All that matters is I was pushed to that place where I didn’t recognize myself. 541 more words


Day #351 - Self-Advocating and Veto Power

It was a great night last night.
It was a rough night last night.
It was an awesome night last night.
It was a horrible night. 901 more words

Preparing for 'The talk'

It’s always when you are busy that children suddenly choose a moment to spring something on you, and tonight was no different. I was right in the middle of preparing tea for the kids when my six year old walks into the kitchen, her voice tired and slightly emotional: 525 more words