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Signs and Stigma

J and I have begun telling our immediate family and close friends about Monkey’s suspected diagnosis and how we are moving forward. The reactions have been a bit of a mixed bag to be honest, but the one constant out of all of them has been “She is still so young, she will catch up”. 520 more words

What Parenting a Special Needs Child Taught Me About Management: by Ed Hodges

Dear LABBB Community:

Below is a great blog article that I read which was written by one of our LABBB parents, Ed Hodges. After reading it I asked Mr. 30 more words


The Mommy Show - It's Back in Production!

A few days ago I was standing outside my kids’ school, chatting with a grandma about the logistics of she and I getting our respective teenage boys to youth group. 890 more words

The Adventurer King (A Kit March Prequel)

Seven years ago, alliterative magician Darius Liviu met a talking sword belt in the Great Souk of Rajad. Since then, he trained as a swordsman and now works as a mercenary guard. 11,017 more words



PSA!!!I am doing a little zine (imagine a mini magazine made of collage) about autism! I’m an ally so I don’t want it to be all my spiel, I want to hear from you guys. 88 more words

How We Got Here, and What's Next?

So, a few weeks ago we got confirmation from both our pediatrician and speech pathologist that Monkey showed signs of being on the spectrum. In order to get a conclusive diagnosis though, you either need to see a developmental pediatrician or a psychologist. 416 more words

Mornings with Mitchell...

In his own little way, Mitchell has always loved me…but for the majority of his life, he loved me when his mom was gone. He has always had a strong connection with his mommy, and her love for him is like no other! 360 more words

Autism Spectrum