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Cuppa Monday, Week 11

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope this blog finds you having had a wonderful week!

For those of you that are new to my blog, Cuppa Monday is the blog I do every Monday where I chat with you about the various things going on in my life and invite you to tell me all about yours! 587 more words

10 Ways to Be Supportive of Someone with Autism

Say someone you know has come to you and informed you that they or someone they love has been diagnosed with autism. Or say a friend or someone you love lets you know this fact about themselves. 1,400 more words

A seven year old breaks it all down for us....

At our house we walk a fine line between normalcy and insanity.

I don’t play the ‘my life is crazy because my kid is on the autism spectrum’ card. 588 more words


Don't Be the A-S-S

A Wonder Soul asked this last week about my kiddo and whether he had been diagnosed as severe early on. It’s a question that’s been trailing me all week. 903 more words


First Trimester Ischemia as a Risk for Autism?

In the 1950s, the company, Chemie Gruenenthal, marketed a drug intended for the treatment of respiratory infections. Soon, however, they realized it worked as an effective sedative and, more importantly for our story here, as an anti-nausea drug for expectant mothers. 408 more words

An Indestructible Building 

Imagine standing in a glorious, solid building that you had created. A place that is securely safe – unbreakable – and meets every single self-requirement you conjured. 378 more words