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Autism and the Placebo Effect

This is a great read into the Placebo Effect and how it affects autistic individuals, their families, and even scientists and doctors when it comes to research. 17 more words

thursday thinking after therapy

*please note that this piece is a personal experience and evaluation of my own circumstances. it is based on theories i have created, not fact.* 600 more words


Good work, Boynton Beach!

This city is about 15-20 minutes from my hometown. I applaud their efforts to get their city employees more aware (and accepting!) of autism. I hope they continue their work, and that other cities follow their lead. 42 more words

Best Buddies International Recognizes LABBB Chenery Best Buddies Chapter

15 years ago, a LABBB Inclusion Specialist and a Chenery Middle School Art Teacher formed the first Best Buddies middle school chapter in Massachusetts at Chenery Middle School in Belmont MA. 14 more words


My Inside Reflections on Friendships (geared toward Non-Autistic People)

Friendships for me have always been complicated. I find it difficult to distinguish between the various levels of friendship such as “acquaintance,” “friend,” “close friend,” or even “BFF” (Best Friend Forever). 378 more words


Navigating the Minefield of Relationships with a Cognitive Disorder

Asperger’s our Autism-Spectrum Explained: Click Here

Recent events and stresses have got me thinking again about my Asperger’s  symptoms. Indeed, I do not think about myself like this everyday. 419 more words

Sex Differences in Autism May Be Linked to Secondary Sex Traits

Why is autism diagnosed more often in boys than girls? True, there is some evidence to suggest that the diagnostic criteria themselves were based primarily on males and therefore better reflect autism as it occurs in the male sex. 350 more words