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Day #257 - Celebrating Dr. Nash

It was 2001.
I was 25.
I watched A Beautiful Mind.
It was my first exposure to John Nash.

This movie affected me in profound ways. 604 more words

Battling myths on life with autism

Original post from Shropshire Star

‘…………Autism is a condition that is widely misunderstood or even dismissed as a fabrication.

But tens of thousands of families are living with it in some form or another and it impacts on every part of their life. 1,587 more words


Part 11


“Alright, lets do it,” I said, hoping he couldn’t tell the in nervousness in my voice.

As we walked up the stairs, I could feel the pressure of what was to happen mounting all around me. 460 more words


Less Mental Illness In Children. Is That Really True?

Majid Ali, M.D.

An Article of Toxic Womb Ecology Series

There are claims that the rates of mental health disorders among American children are falling. Such claims are made by people who have no interest in studying or recognizing the issues of toxic womb ecology states. 415 more words

Autism Spectrum

Day #255 - Old Soul

I’ve asked Tucker’s teachers to write about their experiences with him.  I’m waiting until I get them all to post – but I think it will paint a really good picture of what our teachers do (and don’t) know.   1,007 more words


Suffice it to say that part 2 of my husband’s loooong work absence did not go as smoothly as part 1. We survived. But barely. We are alive. 523 more words

A ball inside you, it's black with claws

That’s what it feels like.

A ball, black with claws. Stuck somewhere between your ribs. Feels uncomfortably there, most of the time. You can’t get it out, you can’t think it out, you can’t convince it out. 235 more words