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The Boy, The Teacher

One of The Boy’s areas of intense interests is (and I believe always has been) cars and trucks. He knows an incredible amount about makes and models, when they were produced, and various other trivia. 159 more words

Special Needs Parenting

Words can hurt me

I said in my last post that I know what it’s like to be hurt by comments made about you online and boy do I ever. 1,517 more words

The Hidden Meaning Behind “I’m Tired”

What comes to mind when a person tells you they are tired? Do you ask them if they didn’t sleep well the night before?  Do you start talking about changing diets or increasing their amount of exercise?  621 more words


Ode To Special Interests

A spark bursts to life

A fire burning deep within

Passion wells to the surface

All encompassing and ravenous

Desperate to consume all there is… 73 more words


Find Myself

The world, a mess of color

A blur of movement and lights

A cacophony of noise

Too much, too much

Feel too much

Absorb too much… 63 more words


Those socially awkward autism spectrum moments

When you’re on the autism spectrum it’s inevitable that you’re going to have a lot of socially awkward moments. Learning social skills and trying to figure out how to behave in a socially appropriate manner can be very frustrating for people on the autism spectrum. 1,429 more words

Life on the Spectrum

Life on the spectrum is a constant lesson. Our daughter is on the Autism Spectrum but at the very high end. Most folks that meet her don’t pick up on her differences for months. 430 more words