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I’m sorry; it’s time for another infodump. When autism and avoidant attachment really get in the way is when it comes to future children.

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you know I have no capacity for romantic attraction, so I don’t want to married (obviously). 126 more words

Autism Spectrum Disorder

The things that just are

January 2017

Because I’m right handed and it’s easier to multi-task, I cradle my daughter in my left arm much of the time as I carry her about or snuggle with her in our rocking chair. 521 more words


Race and Autism Diagnosis: Study

We need to talk about this.

Being African-American and working in the autism field, I have certainly noticed that there are very few of my race that I have treated and worked with in my decade in the field. 319 more words

Autistickish Is Not A Trademark

I just want to mention that I have no desire or intention to turn the word autistickish into some sort of trademark or even to be remembered as “that guy who started it all”. 104 more words

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Let The Rainbow Dance!

 Let The Rainbow Dance!

“We all live in a rainbow of chaos” Paul Cezanne

When l was between the ages of twenty to thirty l used to dance – l don’t mean professionally and l certainly don’t mean flouncy dresses and top hat and tie ballroom stuff. 1,724 more words