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Poem of the Overloaded Mind

My skin hurts. Every sound is too loud. Every touch, every vibration in the air shakes my core. The world is too bright, each beam of light piercing my brain. 300 more words


The A-word Means 'Amazing'

He was my third baby. I gave birth to him in the large family bedroom while his brothers slept. They woke up immediately at his first cry, (yell) rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. 483 more words


I follow several blogs and facebook pages related to autism, as I’m sure most of you do, as well. Maddox from Maddox’s Autism Chronicles cracks me up on an almost daily basis. 503 more words

Special Needs Parenting

Baseball and Balance

Two of our boys are in baseball this year and, now in his second year, Rowan is really getting the swing of it. (Easy baseball pun lol) That first year was rough though. 211 more words

Tips And Tricks For Parenting

Beautiful, Peaceful Feet

I knew that it was likely to happen one day, but Noah had never mentioned it. Naively, I assumed that maybe he just stayed under the radar of kids who would bully him. 612 more words


A sampling of work training programs

The information in this post comes to you courtesy of Jackie Martin of Vocational Steps. She’s always on the lookout for ways to provide atypical young people with job training and opportunities, and had sent me a list of several programs already in place around the US. 1,765 more words

Learning Disabilities