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Gaps diet : year 3

(Français sous la photo)
3 years ago I was in NZ, sick like a dog, in so much pain in the guts that I couldn’t imagine eating another bite ever again. 239 more words


What Not to Say to a Parent of a Child With Autism.

I was always the girl who didn’t care what people thought of me. I liked being different. I liked not following the crowd. Then I became a mother. 1,400 more words

Children with autism become adults with autism

There is a deductive argument so straightforward and sound that all intelligent, educated, free-thinking people should be able to grasp it with ease. It’s so patently obvious that I shouldn’t even need to write it down because we all just know it to be true. 549 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

The good side of Asperger's

A lot of people these days try to put a positive spin on being a bit different. I realise that I covered this a couple of posts ago… 429 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

10 Things New CAMHS Parents Should Know

Hello there!

Before I tell you about the things I think new CAMHS parents should be told, I will give you some background about me and my parent’s experience with CAMHS, as well as what’s prompted me to write this. 566 more words

Long Time No Write!

So this month is turning into a nightmare – writing wise – and in other ways. This has largely been down to the fact that I have felt ill for most of it. 512 more words


Explaining Autism to my Child

The words I’ve hoped to hear for eight long years, “Your child has autism” have finally been said.  All my suspicions confirmed. For many parents, I’m sure they couldn’t fathom wanting to find out their child is autistic.   224 more words

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