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Savants – Extraordinary Intellect in Unexpected Circumstances

People with mental disabilities often find it difficult to function in the same way as those without one. Simple activities can require a significant effort, and conditions such as autism limit their communication and interaction abilities. 467 more words

Daily Waffle

Swimming week 2013

Another situation: Stephen was at the pool as a part of school swimming week. He wanted me to be there, he fell over and stubbed his toe. 171 more words

How lack of sleep influences concentration at work and increases stress levels

I have written about sleep before and how it affects our mood and everything inbetween. There are numerous articles and studies that I can quote about this as I have done the research about this issue because I have struggled with sleep for many years. 199 more words

"Finger wagging bad." An autistic perspective on neurotypical behaviour

(Detail from Sonia Bouè WIP of 2012)

Notes from a newbie.

Okay, so I’m still peeling that onion. Three months on from diagnosis and the layers of autistic reality keep on coming at me… 512 more words


Waiting to Exhale

Life, Its been a whirlwind. I started dating a life long family friend he turned out to be the man of my dreams, got pregnant with our son and  married 2 years later. 191 more words


Patience of a Saint....yeah ok.

Children on the spectrum are a handful. From screaming all day, to tantrums, to sensory overloads, to not listening to a damn thing I’ve said all day. 311 more words


Autistic Meltdown, 2014

Another mother thinks Stephen needs help while we are on our walk at Morialta Falls and intensive support at school. “Thanks for sharing your opinion! Grrr!) I’m annoyed and upset, I want to tell her to “Go F..ck herself!” but I can’t be rude!!! 673 more words