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Greta Thunberg's Speech to Parliament

I have been admiring this young woman’s work to stop climate change for several months now.  Only yesterday did I learn that she was autistic.  Here are her words of wisdom to the British Parliament: 1,768 more words


We are all individuals...

I finally got round to uploading my vlogs! This weeks video talks about how we are all individuals, autistic or not.


Be a voice while waiting for a voice


A mother with considerable language skill shares about coming to terms with her daughter’s autism:  

As a speaker of English, Italian, French and Russian, the fact that my daughter did not have speech was a constant source of despair…Yes, I still find myself hoping that one day my daughter will speak to me and tell me all about what it’s like be autistic, but for now, I can wait.

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Care Giving

Throwback Thursday: #ShiningontheSpectrum- Dr. Temple Grandin

(Writers note: This was written before Dr. Grandin thanks to my cousin Tara, got a hold of my book “Through Autistic Eyes”, so this April, I felt it only apropos to re-post my earlier post in The Superblog’s life, for Dr. 521 more words

"It's Basically A Constant Stream of Paperwork"

I never had the ambition to become a secretary or administrative assistant. I quite liked community pharmacy to be honest. But I do more paperwork now as a “stay home mum/carer” than I ever did in pharmacy – and I used to do the end of month claims back in the day! 1,006 more words


Celebrating #WorldImmunizationWeek - Reversing the damage

by Jeremy D. Bailoo, PhD

TL:DR Get vaccinated, do not spread misinformation, educate and confront your fears!

Twenty five years ago, Andrew Wakefield published a series of fabricated studies, in the end claiming that the MMR vaccine causes autism–and with a personal gain of (~674,000 USD). 641 more words


The Dentist Experience

Where to start?

Well, my son has always struggled with brushing his teeth. When he was younger, I had to brush his teeth, and he would scream the place down. 596 more words