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No TD Fri./Service Opportunities Sat.

Hey TD!

Just a reminder that we do not have TD this Friday.  Our next TD meeting will be next Friday, May 6.

However, there are two great service opportunities on Saturday: 65 more words

What Autism Awareness Month means to Cadence.

April is known as Autism Awareness Month. April 2nd is World Autism Day. Both seem to mean different things to different people. So I asked Cadence what she thought it might mean:

199 more words

The In Betweeners (Autism and Blindness)

Professionally, I work with high school students with disabilities to help them transition out of high school. A large percentage of my caseload is Autism. I absolutely love this population and continue to learn ways to serve them appropriately. 1,027 more words

Retinitis Pigmentosa

To The True Friends Hardship Reveals...

Life is getting messy again. The present is collapsing around me and the past is creeping up from behind me. (Don’t even get me started on the future.) The delicate balance is being disturbed. 911 more words

Special Needs Parenting


&I found really interesting article on kids with autism and their choices for post-secondary school. This hits home for me as I wonder if my son will even be able to go to college one day. 85 more words


What an adult might call ‘compassionate’, a child might call a ‘clown’!
Seven year old Cadence, who has Autism and other challenges, reminds us there can be much beauty seeing the world through a different lens. 103 more words

Humanity needs no spoken words

Humanity, at its core, needs no spoken words. Compassion. Empathy. Understanding. They need no words. Kindness and caring, loss and grief traverse culture, ethnicity, gender and disability. 199 more words