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Conversations With My Demented Spawn

Kids are never ending source of frustration, rage, strange insight and hilarity . These are just some of the best conversations that took place today. 223 more words

I'm Not Crazy But...

The Link Between Glyphosate and Autism Exposed

Whether from vaccines laced with mercury or from diet or pesticide use, autism today is vastly on the rise in children. Disturbing figures attributed one in 68 children… 745 more words


Small Victories

Zach, 9.5, is my puzzle. He has ADHD, ODD, SPD and HFA. What that all means is that he is high functioning Autistic (Asperger’s) and has ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder and sensory processing disorder. 301 more words


Autism & driving

Besides guardianship, special needs trust, ABLE accounts, and a million other issues, driving is something that I’m really hoping one day that my son will be able to do. 72 more words


And the cow jumped over the moon

Jackson has a very special pillow.
We don’t go on any trip without it.
He doesn’t sit in his chair without it.
Well– truth be told it’s not really the PILLOW it’s a pillow CASE… 824 more words


Serafina's First Day Of School

Serafina started her first day of Kindergarten on February 15th. It was something completely new for all of us. The night before, I made sure to pack her lunch and have everything ready for the morning. 705 more words

I Want To Remember