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Stop Picking

Self-pity can flare up like a bad bout of acne.

My son has regressed.  Since Christmas, I’m told, his behaviors have become more disturbing — long bathroom breaks, some fecal smearing, avoiding work, meltdowns over unavailable library books, lots of delayed echolalia — movie talk.   1,090 more words

Open Letter to People Who Want to Pray that I be Healed

Dear Religious Person

I am writing this in response to your unsolicited offer to pray that God will heal me of my disability.

Thank you so much for your unsolicited concern for my health while I was just going about my day. 412 more words


Day #177 - You are driving me NUTS!!!

It’s true.  There are moments that I seriously think I may lose it.  Totally and completely.  That is real living on the spectrum (or let’s be honest…parenting). 1,080 more words


This story comes from Sequim, WA. An autistic boy age four had been in foster care for three years, at his grandmother’s. He was making great progress with her. 107 more words

Foster Care

Yay, chores!

Normally I don’t complain about chores. Well, yes I do, but I do them. Namely, the dishwasher. Generally acceptable. Only today I was supposed to rinse out the now-emptied red plastic bowl used for compost and put it in the dishwasher. 315 more words

Did I drank whiskey before in my life?

No I don’t remember drinking whiskey. I don’t like drinking those drink. I think they all taste like medicine. I like to drink root beer sometimes but that’s not one of my favorite drinks. 56 more words


Monsters You Can't Slay

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they decide what kind of person they are going to be…

I think the vast majority of people walk through life really needing to make mistakes to learn who and what is good for them. 293 more words