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Disabled Leadership in practice

In a previous post, I mused about Disabled Leadership, the great divide between theory and practice that many disabled persons face, and suggested one fundamental element that is crucial to recognition of disabled participants in the conversation on disability: payment as a basic mark of respect. 1,132 more words


Who else plays The Division?

I'm getting sick of joining lobbies, being friendly and giving people items to try and help level them up, getting to the end then being kicked. 67 more words


Saw dust your shoes off

Taking time picking the right wood setting it aside. Measure twice and cut once as the saying goes but I seem to need a bit more then that, so I measure more. 143 more words


15: Diagnosis & Coming Out

If you haven’t already, please read my blog post “13: Women and Girls” to better understand this post!

Welp, here it is!

Today is the day that I share my news with friends and family via Facebook. 1,450 more words

Autistic Pride

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This week's diagnosis story comes from Sara. Sara is a 27-year-old Autistic woman with a degree in Intercultural Communication who taught English in Japan from 2014-2017. She writes, “Seeking Sara,” where she explores life on the Spectrum. Sara lives in the United States where she enjoys some of her special interests like reading, writing, studying Japanese, and taking pictures of flowers. [caption id="attachment_613" align="aligncenter" width="1147"]Sara-Interview picture.jpg I wasn’t “less Autistic,” just coping with things better and going through a time when my traits weren’t as noticeable–even to myself. [/caption]

Autism: Isaiah 54 and Rocks

I am an only child. I am a girl. Rocks were not a big part of my upbringing – a sure irony in giving me three boys, one of whom is an avid rock collector. 795 more words


New Website Icon!

I’ve been working hard trying to come up with an idea for Starianautistic’s website icon. It’s simple, but it’s cool. It’s a capital “A” with a red (instead) background. 11 more words