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Statement On Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

Statement On Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

TW: shooting, death, murder, ableism, anti-Semitism, suicide mention, abuse mention 

LAST is not a news site, and while we sometimes post news stories we think are relevant to our community to our news page, we don’t normally comment on the news of the day. 1,588 more words

Actually Autistic

Musings from a mediocre library

We went to the library yesterday.

Life has been hard in this country this week, and I think I was hoping to disconnect from the world for a little while. 818 more words

Can you see me?

Hezzy was anxious on this walk there was a lot of people it was bright and really noisy he put his “scarf” on his head to hide him a bit and wanted my arm over his head while we walked.   110 more words


Why people with Asperger's don't commit school shootings

So it’s happened again like we knew it would. Another “lone wolf” kid shot up a school and killed a number of people. Also like we know already, thoughts and prayers will be offered, but oversight of the weapons industry is utterly off the table. 1,527 more words


Stop saying that about Autism.

Two things annoy me.
Well not annoy me, hurt me.

1) When people describe Autism as a label to cover up a childs’ bad behaviour. 496 more words

Autism Awareness

Jimmer's First Date


Most of my blogs are saturated with my personal opinion, hopefully seasoned with salt and told as graciously and compassionately as possible without diluting that which I believe to be true. 1,647 more words

Knockdown moments

When you’re at that I’m ok place, we’re doing ok, I have this autism parenting thing as good as I’m getting it right now.

Lately you’ve thrown nits at us, you’ve thrown no sleep at us ( again!) you’ve thrown meltdowns, lost teeth,you’ve also thrown new words, high fives and plenty of progress. 540 more words