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Man Walks 100 Miles In Wind And Rain To Help Families With Autism

MALDEN (CBS) – When Rick Dauphinais heard about the financial struggles his friends were facing trying to provide the best care for their daughter, he offered to help. 220 more words


Autism as entertainment

Drama series on TV usually don’t say that a character has an autism spectrum disorder. I guess that’s because the creators want as many people as possible to identify with the characters. 349 more words


Stone wall [autistic poetry]

This piece of autistic poetry was inspired by a combination of how I feel in crowded spaces and the song “Teller” by Throwing Muses (link to album cover-only video) (Throwing Muses and their lead singer Kristin Hersh rock my world!   179 more words



So if you couldn’t guess from the title, this is me writing about something that I’m feeling today. Most of the stuff I put up here is written over the course of a few days, then edited before posting. 525 more words


Cleared to be ACTIVE

Yesterday I had my three-month follow-up appointment with my neurosurgeon. After looking at the x-rays that I’d gotten taken before my office appointment; he basically informed me that the fusion is healing on-schedule and the ” hardware” is still in its place. 261 more words

Fictional autism

I have learned a lot about people from fiction, both books and drama on TV. I grew up with science fiction and fantasy, as well as authors like Jack London, Charles Dickens, Henrik Ibsen, and Jane Austen. 505 more words


5 Celebrities Who Have Shaped Our Understanding of Health (for Better and for Worse)

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has become the surprising face of the health care debate after he tearfully shared the details of his… 835 more words