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~Bipolar Thoughts~Poetry~NJM~

Words pour out spinning in my mind

Gravity for these thoughts often impossible to find.

Subject to subject whirl in my head

Concentration is gone dead. 220 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Pyjama day Thursday

I woke to Ryan calling me to tell me “I have poos in my pants”. When I got out of bed and was all ready to clean him up (my hair tied up, wet wipes out, nappy bag, new pull-up) he started laughing and said “I tricked you Mum, no poos!” He thought he was soooo funny! 721 more words


Early Days

The first year after Mitchell’s birth disappeared in a blur of feeds, nappy changes and broken sleep. We found ourselves in a daily routine and comfortable with the normality of family life. 475 more words


Anakku autis, trus gimana???

Ga ada orang tua yang memimpikan memiliki anak dengan kebutuhan khusus AUTISM. It’s like a freaky diagnose ever!!! Hiks… #lap air mata dulu…

Anyway, kalau akhirnya Tuhan mempercayakan seorang anak spesial kepada kita, trus gimana??? 336 more words



X-Posted from my Tumblr:

This is what it actually looks like. I have a really hard time doing things sometimes. Growing up, everyone just assumed I was lazy or stubborn, that I just didn’t want to do things I didn’t like. 383 more words

Social Story #1: Sharing

Hello everyone!

This week, I wanted to share with you a social story I made and some tips on how to effectively use social stories with your kiddo. 576 more words


Our story

Blogs… everyone’s writing them, right? So how hard can it be? Well, will definitely find out :) I have so many thoughts I feel the need to put them down. 637 more words