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How it feels to be diagnosed with Autism as an adult woman

‘Asperger’, they also said at the consultancy office specialised in adult Autism right in the North of England. Yes, I went that far, as I just couldn’t find a trusted address in Brussels. 1,369 more words


It Isnae That

– Well you’ve done the hardest bit.

– Eh? What’s that then?

– You know, realising you’ve got a problem.

– How’d you mean?

– You know… 761 more words


Autism and its problems

I just thought I would explain in these sections some of the comorbidities(conditions that exist alongside) Autism.

Autism creates the need to collect everything. … 988 more words


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Autism and Self-Care

In the same way that we show kindness and compassion towards others, it is important that we show ourselves kindness and compassion too.

During times of stress, or when we are feeling fragile, struggling, or overwhelmed, it can be easy to give ourselves a hard time, or tell ourselves to toughen up. 3,458 more words


House Call

I think all of us with Asperger’s have an in-built talent in some field like putting paint to paper, jiffy-on-the-spot answers to math equations, solving jigsaw puzzles in a flash, etc.  637 more words

A scout is honest

Okay, so honest isn’t one of the key words in scout law, but if it were, our kid would definitely live up to that part of the law every single day. 616 more words