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My Case for Inclusive Parenting

“You are so amazing ! I can’t believe how patient you are with your son. I couldn’t do what you do.” 1,084 more words


What's Up Dog?

I think my dog has autism.

You may be asking yourself why I would dare to make such an insane assessment.

He has his own trampoline. 216 more words


More discussion of the problem of Autism

Recently I was introduced to a pediatrician who has a different and reportedly helpful approach to autism. He thinks there is an autoimmune aspect and shows spec images of the brain that indicate a structural problem that is a pattern. 53 more words


‘My identity: not autism’

“I am a scientist and college professor first and a person with autism second. Autism is an important part of me, and I do not want to change, but my career is my identity, not autism.” 184 more words

Terre Haute

Asperwhat 10?! - Feeling Blue And A Bit Yellow

I don’t know, I just feel Blue…and a tad Yellow today…no idea why, I just do…do I need a reason to feel like a certain colour or two? 597 more words


Ready September... Bring It On!

My family inspires me! Sometimes, when I feel like life is too much, Emily joins me for coffee talking about the birthday party of her staff animal “cotton puff” or the evolution of her favorite Pokemon, and by the last sip of my coffee; I can smile and feel a little bit lighter. 633 more words

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