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A lot has happened...

So we have been dealing with a lot with Munchkin in the last year. We got a new psychiatrist that has made leaps and bounds in the last year. 130 more words


Lady Ambrosia and the Damaged Ones

About my last post…I am still mad at Benedict Cumberbatch’s statements. Now, however, my rage is something very specific. Now that I have named my exact rage, I am at peace with it. 532 more words

February Snapshot

Part of my purpose for this blog is to offer communication to the people I love. It is difficult for me to reach out individually and tell my stories to all of the people I adore. 817 more words


They make me feel like dancing

Back in high school I was involved in a club called Junior Civitan of Naples High School. I really was only a part of the club because my mom was the advisor for it. 504 more words


BOOK REVIEW #3: Hind's Hands: a story about Autism

BOOK REVIEW #3: Hind’s Hands: a Story about Autism


Author: Umm Juwayriyah and Juwayriyah Ayed

Illustrator: Emma Apple

Publisher: As Sabr Publications

We are thrilled to share another book we recently discovered, which will be of interest to families which have been impacted by Autism. 749 more words

Children's Books

Forever a Black Sheep

I’ve always felt a bit like a black sheep in my family. My theories as to why have evolved a lot over the years, but it’s only recently that I’ve begun to understand the complex nature of why I feel very “other” than lots of folks, including my family. 995 more words