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Black & White Marriage

We are all morons. I don’t mean the “watch me do this thing with fire” kind of moron. I mean the “I know they’ll change if I just believe hard enough” kind. 1,768 more words

A Simple Thank You

With this weekend being Memorial Day weekend, everyone is out and about. Cookouts, picnics, pool time, lake fun…making memories with friends and family.

My son and I were invited to the lake for burgers and fun in the water this weekend. 356 more words

Single Mom

It's not a bug. It's a feature.

Everything has a purpose. Supposedly. According to some philosophies. But I don’t quite buy it.

What good are mosquitos? Whose idea were they? Why do they even exist? 986 more words


Such a long travel day...

D was so excited we were all getting on a plane and hitting the beach, he decided to start the day at 3:30am. We made it in time for sunset.



Goodbye Meds, Hello Warm and Fuzzies

I skipped one too many psychiatric appointment and now I’m running out of meds. My next appointment is on Memorial Day, so I don’t know whether my pdoc will be in the office. 119 more words

Mental Illness

Nicky's Autism Parenting Tip #4

Over the years I have been guilty of not having patience with MJ. Most of the time this was due to being stressed out, tired and not having any “me time!” In the early years I didn’t sleep as much and I know this only added to the problem. 45 more words


Talking.  Like Anne of Green Gables, I have been told too many times, too roughly, that I talk too much.  And I know I do.  I am a verbal processor to the extreme.   822 more words