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That kind of autism 

I don’t like when people say but my child don’t have that kind of autism. I see that on Facebook a lot with some of the autism things I follow (mostly I follow cartoons like curious George and paw patrol and scooby doo but it’s nice to not feel alone being different so I have a few autism and cerebral palsy things). 352 more words

Autistic Adult

Interpreting signals

One of the things I’ve observed about myself and other autistic people I know is that we’re not good at listening to our own needs. This is generally recognised as an autistic trait, but whether it’s completely inherent or partially learned is an interesting question. 967 more words



Some times a single image is not enough. During the past few days I have been focused on distilling an image into its visual essence. My goal was to convey the significance of the image with just the right amount of detail, no more, no less. 352 more words

Personal Stories

Paul's September Update

September vanished. October is here. I’m behind, but Paul is not! Read the September update to catch up to speed on what he is doing now! 19 more words


I can hear a pin drop.

And crickets chirping outside.  And the tick-tick-tick of the second hand on the analog clock in my bathroom.  It’s that quiet. 1,817 more words

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