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Coffee and Veggie Sticks: Learning to Live With My Son’s Verbal Stimming

It is now Autism Awareness month and so I thought I’d share a little tidbit each day about my son, Jesse, in the hope that we all can become a bit more familiar with how autism can look for one family. 363 more words


Autism and Wandering: Helpful Resources for Parents

In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, I thought I would post about a topic that brings fear to many parents: wandering. If your child has Autism and is in danger of wandering, please check out these resources. 93 more words


This Mother's Life

Skills Program Day 45 – Another good day at school. I don’t want to tempt the fates, but he is doing so well. Had a good day at Center too. 393 more words


Cold Metal Cage, a poem

Cold Metal Cage

As i sit here bound in chains,
i try to remember life before i was locked away
memories so far back are hard to find… 82 more words


April Autism Blues

April is autism awareness month and unless you are living in the wilderness Unabomber style, you’ve likely noticed blue lights, lots of news stories or articles about autism, and funky looking puzzle pieces – sometimes blue, sometimes multi-colored all over the place.  1,357 more words