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Right now everything is okay. I am laying in my bed, in the dark, just enjoying the quiet. My only thoughts are on the school year ahead and what I can do to make it amazing. 108 more words


I’m fine. He’s good. It’s just another autism story.

I’m fine.

That’s usually my answer to anyone who ventures to ask how I’m doing.

He’s good.

Is how I’ll answer when asked how Jax is doing or how school is going for him. 541 more words


A child’s best friend? It really is a Life Dog!

In a cloudy day in London, Danielle Brook opens up about Autism Life Dogs, awards and her inspiring story.

When I arrive at the station of Crystal Palace, in the south-east London area, a fresh breeze is in the air, mixed with my excitement to meet one of the winners of “Women of Excellence Awards 2017”, Danielle Brook. 782 more words


Trying To Explain Autism To Family

Not everybody in my family understands what autism is and does.

sometimes I mention something and then go on to tell them well that is because of… 334 more words

Depression & Anxiety

As a professional, who works with adolescent teenagers, struggling with mental ill health, I come across many children on the spectrum. The pendulum swings between the Savant and the Psychopath.

1,121 more words
Be A Voice

Autism, Sex, and Gender

Over the last couple of days, I watched all of the available recordings from a conference titled “Intimate Lives? Autism, Sex/uality, Gender and Identity… 1,510 more words


I'm autistic and I(t) don't feel great

Diagnosed at 48 I am one of those whom people find it hard to accept as autistic. I find it hard to accept the pressure to feel somehow happy about it. 1,219 more words