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To an autistic girl

My dear, wonderful girl

You had a feeling you were different. And now you know for sure. Your brain works a little differently from those of many people around you. 1,246 more words


Applied Behavior Analysis: Making a Difference One Heart at a Time

Until a few days ago, I thought I knew what my daughter Rachael does for a living. Then she shared an article on Facebook. Since anything about my daughter is important to me, I read it. 2,404 more words

Godly Living

Visual schedules: why and how to use?

If you have someone in your life who needs help following a routine or learning a complex new skill, it’s worth thinking about a visual schedule (also known as an activity schedule). 850 more words

For Parents

How I have changed


A blog about how I have ‘changed’ throughout the years since my diagnosis of autism.

  • I have made friends when I went to college and after college.
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Girls on the spectrum

Girls with autism are often seen as something of a rarity. A lot of writing on the subject, unless specifically about girls and women, focuses on traits more common in men on the spectrum. 483 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

Brain Scans May Be Able To Help Diagnose Babies At Risk Of Developing Autism

The signs that a child has autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, normally start to appear when they are around two years of age. But if doctors could diagnose ASD at a much earlier age, then steps could be taken before it has fully manifested that may allow both child and family manage the condition better. 415 more words

Getting the Portrayal Wrong 

I’m remembering a really bad movie I saw last year: Zoolander 2. More importantly, I’m remembering the Razzie award-nominated portrayal of All, the supposedly gender fluid model in an earlier portion of the movie. 527 more words