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Teaching Ally, Ally Teaching

This is Ally (right). Ally is beautiful and Ally has Autism. Next to her is me.  I am one of her therapists and caregivers. I have been working with her at least three times a week this summer and she (along with her family) has changed my life. 875 more words


What Do You Do?

What do you do? I get asked this question at least three times a week and every time I am asked this question I say that I am a therapist and caregiver to two teenagers on the Autism Spectrum. 721 more words


Autism in my house...Monday

Let’s take all of the drawers out of the desk and use them to build a tower. Why is Mom upset? Oh, man, she’s making me put all of the drawers back in the desk. 37 more words


The Public Story of my Life – Honestly and Truthfully, part four

This is the last of many parts of not self serving blog to talk about myself, but to discuss what occurred in 2005 would shape me into a completely different self.  2,521 more words


Fake Service Dogs

27th July

Today, when we were doing some shopping, my Person and I had our first run in with the dreaded Fake Service Dog.

While sitting outside, waiting for my Person’s blood sugar levels to come back up and for her head to stop spinning, we saw a lady carrying a fluffy little Chihuahua like dog. 715 more words

Dogs With A Job

A work of Art

Recently there has been talk about coloring or doing

another childlike activity to relieve stress.

I want to add this.

If you are a special needs parent you… 200 more words

Regression and Excuses

Middle Child hit Oldest Child today. When asked why, he told me “I just can’t control my anger!”

Not gonna fly, I told him. He lost some privileges, made his apologies and I let him know in no uncertain terms that nothing is going to slide around here. 330 more words