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Helping kids cope with GCSE's & other exams

I have a “so far so good” strategy for helping the teen cope with impending (tomorrow and through the next week, eeeek) exams being sat a year early. 22 more words


Autistic Playlist

I am an intolerant person.

Don’t think it brings me any joy to admit it.

But by the age of 40, if you can’t admit these things to yourself, you will never have any real self-knowledge. 1,163 more words


Jealous Buddhists and a Notepad - managing A.D.D.

Like most people I’ve always had a little Attention Deficit problem and found myself staring off in to space and half a conversation has gone by without me paying any attention at all. 520 more words


Ethical challenges in science

You hardly ever see or hear it anymore, but many Norwegian radio stations and newspapers used to have an ênquete, often called “five on the street”. 1,014 more words


Part Five - Negative Ownership (Explicit Content)

I wrapped up my last post by saying that I need to take ownership for where I am at, and how I feel about things.  So, that’s what I am going to do.  1,489 more words


Yes Fezzes are still cool

My final Halloween 2015 re-run for the season (Re-run, I said. There will be a 2016 wrap-up after Halloween).

“Fezzes are cool”

(The last Halloween post for 2015 – I promise. 1,124 more words



Case written and delivered by Stine Endresen

AsIAm.ie is a non-pro t charity organization working to improve the situation for people with Autism and they families in Ireland. 569 more words

Best Practices