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My answer to a vile person

I get quite a few messages to say all sorts of encouragement and people sharing their stories. All are just comments that let you know there are still decent human beings in the world. 603 more words

Sidney Bijou Papers Open for Research

Contributed by Jillian Phipps, Pennie Fordham, and Katherine Gray.

Have you ever wondered where the idea that positive actions should be rewarded came from? Have you ever wondered where the concept of bad behavior being its own punishment came from? 329 more words


Hope and Resilience, Two Vignettes


Every Sunday, Adrian goes to pick up doughnuts — two apiece — for us to eat on our veranda, Reko and Ladu perched next to us like plump little birds, their keen eyes watching for falling crumbs to peck*. 1,011 more words

ID cards

When I read this article by Kerry Magro I must admit I wasn’t thrilled by the idea but I think it’s starting to grow me. In the sense that it’s the first step in a process that needs to happen. 74 more words


Why the phrase 'high functioning' is incredibly offensive

In the autism community and the science and research that surrounds us (and unfortunately the ever pervasive insidious influence of Autism Speaks), there is much debate over the language used. 443 more words


Disruptive Behaviors: The "Movement Behaviors"

“ was a nightmare full of loud sounds, bright colors, and noisy children.  The adoration I received for being ‘so smart’ faded with each grade.  I could not understand what was happening.  1,324 more words


A Happy Day for Autism Advocates Like Me!

A positive note for today! More awareness for autism is being spread, and now the statistic is 1 in 40 people are diagnosed with autism (which replaces the 1 in 68 statistic). 35 more words