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Welcome, Betsy "The Boss" Devos

January 19, 2017

Betsy Devos’ nomination and (likely) confirmation as Secretary of Education ushers in a new era of autism advocacy. Many autism advocates malign Ms. 479 more words

Autism Spectrum Disorders

In reflection.

My girl is not coping at school.
I can see it as plain as day.
She is always “fine when she gets here”.

Isn’t it strange? 639 more words

Why the Special Needs Community Should Be Worried in a Trump Administration

One Election Day, America changed. We elected a man who had made unprecedented statements regarding people from all walks of life. I will hold off on my opinions on building the wall and grabbing women by the pussy as much as I can. 1,821 more words

the mother hood.

yesterday was one of those days that kicks my emotional arse. my three year old son has autism spectrum disorder, and there are moments, every once in a while, that knock me down and leave me sort of paralyzed with fear. 829 more words


Doing our best to help science further their understanding of Kif1A....

This morning I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with a research assistant to a geneticist out of Columbia University who is trying to gather information about presentations of Kif1A mutations, what families found to be beneficial with the intent of sharing all the information (without identyfing info) collected among the participants. 121 more words


The Causes of Autism and the Many People Who "Think" They Have The Answer

This meme makes me smile.

Every parent with a child who has Autism (and likely many parents of children who have other diagnosis’ as well), are inundated with people asking if they have heard that new research has found that “X” causes Autism, or that “Y” is a foolproof way to cure your child with Autism. 330 more words


20 January 2017

In just over a week I have 4 year old starting school. A time that could have been filled with anxiety, IEP meetings, funding applications and trepidation is instead filled with excitement, joy and relief. 978 more words