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Why me?

It might come as a surprise that what I want to talk about here isn’t the slightly emotional, teen angst poetry “Oh poor me” thing, although the title might have suggested that. 447 more words


A Me Problem: My First Real Hate Mail, Part 1

It’s been several months since I’ve started this blog and I have just received my first real hate mail.

In fact it’s a comment I received on… 467 more words



OK, so the month of May sort of slipped out the door underneath my nose.  Most of June did pretty much the same thing, to the point where even my partner was asking me “when was the last time you even… 811 more words


“Which parts of myself are an act and which parts of me have been hidden? What do I have that’s valuable inside myself that can’t be expressed because I’m constantly and automatically camouflaging my autistic traits?” —Igelström

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I don’t see what you did there

One of the big problems with being autistic and able to generally function quite well is that unless you wear a sticker saying “I’m autistic” other people are typically not going to know. 483 more words