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Neurally Divergent, accurate but?

Inept.. In the sense that the term does not lend itself easily to the situation of communication, the repeated occasions of typing 6 syllables, all of those letters? 116 more words


To be "Gifted", in "N.D. ways" we can be. {Endie!} Yay! We have a new 'Handle'! I get credit, please?

Recently had a thought… That if there were an “S.Q.” test available?

To test for a Stupidity Quotient?

I would absolutely excel!  Top 1% of humanity. 410 more words


What the hell? I'm no better at being a "good person" yet? What the fuck?

Reality is setting in again.. Neurally divergent as ever I’ve been.. My prime obsession still “shut down”.. This is like 5 days now!

I am really doing some things that I have never been able to do before.. 1,495 more words


Sat 20th Oct 2018

Today has been Good.

Work-wise I’ve harvested and cut back three of four pumpkin plants (the fourth, in the greenhouse frame, hasn’t started dying back at all yet and is clinging on to summer) and set the pumpkins out to cure in the porch, cut back some of the honeysuckle on the coldframe frame, cut down the finished sweetcorn stalk, dug up a load of ground elder roots from between the roses (and re-planted all the spring bulbs that came up with them) and set 6 cloves of garlic (of that garlic that I discovered growing back in June!) there, weeded the big vegetable bed ready for covering with cardboard to over-winter, and pulled some carrots for tea to go with the potatoes I dug up a few weeks ago and one of today’s pumpkins. 811 more words

Daily Life

"Needing Structure" -- What Does That Mean?

Re: Autistic people (especially children) and structure —

Based on my own experiences and those of other Autistic people with whom I’ve conversed about this issue, it’s not usually structure or schedules, per se (on their own), that help us the most. 488 more words


Change! Sneaks up from underneath..Light bursting out of that darkness below...

The one thing in life that I was absolutely, positively sure about… Was me, the autistic. That autistic would never change in any of its parts, really. 578 more words


Stunned and amazed! Me! Autistic and CHANGING!??! What the fuck?

Seriously… Who Knew about this?  Why didn’t I ever get informed about it, all those years ago?

That it could get better…  That I wasn’t some “irrevocable, unchangeable thing”. 872 more words