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Your Car's Transmission and Differential Fluids

Both your transmission and drive axle have their own lubricant supply. Check your owner’s manual for their change intervals, as they are quite a bit longer than engine oil. 39 more words

Happy Thanksgiving

Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building? 67 more words

Question Of The Day

So, Do I Need A New Truck?

For the past couple of months, I’ve parked my truck on the driveway outside the garage. I moved it out of the garage initially when we needed storage space to put furniture in while we were having flooring installed on the sun porch. 823 more words

Tire Pressure and Tread

Tires are your contact with the road, and since losing contact generally results in the remains of your vehicle being vacuumed up, check ’em out. Most people believe the appropriate tire pressure is listed on the tire itself. 217 more words

Car Detailing - What Services Are Provided

Car Valeting and Detailing– Franchising or Owning
The mother company will provide you with almost everything you need, except for the location of course. You need to work doubly hard. 23 more words


Blame the Body Shop #1

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

This is the first post in a series focused on common issues that body shops get blamed for, and more often than not, these matters are completely outside of our jurisdiction. 443 more words


Shiny bug

This Beetle has been in the shop for a couple of months to get a new lease on life. Today we made sure it looks good strolling the streets. 52 more words