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Beyond payroll - where AE gets tricky

Legitimising off-payroll workers

Off-payroll workers (AKA personal service workers) are not moon-lighting benefit scroungers, they are part of the outsourcing process that ensures Government Departments and private employers can manage services effeciently. 956 more words


Taking possession; how's Workie performing ?


There’s an urban (pension) myth that it’s not until your pension is worth as much as your car that you take any notice of it. 1,364 more words


Why there is no "opt-out" for the self-employed.

I get annoyed when I hear pension experts opine on including the self-employed in auto-enrolment (1). I don’t see much self-employment on their CVs, I certainly don’t see many of them being self-employed out of necessity. 928 more words


Power to the people (now we're taking the risk).

If the People’s Pension , is really the people’s pension, why aren’t the people who are members being told what they are paying for membership? 801 more words


"Not so fast!" - the @Aviva #AE conference needs to listen to those not in the room

I spent yesterday morning with Aviva at their future of Auto-Enrolment event in the City.

Here’s Aviva’s 10 point wish-list for Auto-Enrolment.


1. Phase towards 12.5% contributions by 2028… 1,023 more words


Remembrance day - let's stop fighting.



Today is the anniversary of the day we stopped the war on November 11th 1918. Two sides stopped the war and though the peace was a poor one, the relief of ending hostilities is remembered. 498 more words


The Pension Dashboard - all dressed up with nowhere to go.

The number of pension providers who’ve paid to join the Government’s pension dashboard initiative has risen to 17. The initial pilot will be more complete because legacy pension providers like Phoenix have joined the hard core who offer new pensions either as SIPPs or workplace pensions. 900 more words