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Why every firm must pay attention to their pension

The poet  Yeats , concludes a short poem

But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

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The future of NEST

NEST has called for people and organisations to comment on what it should do when the initial surge of auto-enrolment is over. We have already seen rivals to Sage suggesting it remain circumscribed to its current limited function. 1,307 more words


Brexit not AExit

Disruption of auto-enrolment happened way before the recent referendum and is set to continue as one of the many unintended consequences of a leave vote. 688 more words


If your boss doesn't care about your pension , he doesn't care about you.

Popcorn pensions

We’re used to bosses telling us that we’re the company’s greatest resource.Britain is a service led economy and even in an increasingly digital market, the human resource is expensive to acquire and to replace. 960 more words


Who's afraid of auto-enrolment?

Despite the dire warnings – not that many UK employers

New research from workplace pensions provider NOW: Pensions reveals that UK small firms are relatively relaxed about auto enrolment and the introduction of the National Living Wage with concerns focussed on sales and access to finance. 944 more words


Show me the money!

My magic money machine

Last week I (twice) had the satisfying experience of lugging my piggy bank down to Metro Bank and entering the contents into the Magic Money Machine… 493 more words


Is automatic-enrolment about to become a pension issue?!

Business software is not glamorous; writing about the goings on of the annual BASDA conference was going to be a challenge, especially with a sexy pension dashboard conference happening concurrently. 617 more words