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Consolidation - Darren Jefferson says it's only just begun.

It’s all around us, auto motive manufacturers, lawyers, employee benefit consultants, you name it.

The same reasons for the deal are usually given whether you believe them or not, ‘We complement each other really well’ ‘it will allow us to enter new markets”. 334 more words


Self-employment; opt-out or cop-out?


These are numbers produced by our Office of National Statistics. Detailed notes are at the bottom of this article.

We can safely assume that (without Government intervention) the trends have continued and that the 2017 and 2018 numbers will see more of the employed in workplace pensions and less of the self-employed contributing to any formal pension saving vehicle. 541 more words


Other people's money- other people's lives.

I received this blog/testimony from Darren Jefferson, who many will know for his work in setting up auto-enrolment schemes over the past five years. The title’s my own, the words are his. 455 more words


Aussie's are "Super Pension Savvy" - why aren't we?

As most people (in pensions) know, Australia has a thriving retirement savings industry that works because there is a social contract between Government, Unions and Employers to fund workers pensions at ever-increasing amounts. 1,065 more words


Opting back into a pension scheme?!?

One of the uses of a CDC scheme could be to allow people who have opted out of a DB plan – to opt back into a scheme which pays them a wage for life – albeit one that isn’t guaranteed by an employer or by other schemes. 1,116 more words


Auto-enrolment for all?

The Government has leaked details of the findings of their auto-enrolment review and what its wanting to do about them.

Each of the four proposals outlined below has merit, though they won’t be achieved without protest from those who will  pay more into deferred rather than immediate pay. 1,344 more words


Finger in the dyke stuff! DC pricing is just too leaky Jon!

Jonathan Stapleton has written a deliberatively provocative piece in Professional Pensions which will be applauded by the operators of workplace pensions but is going to get short shrift from me. 1,450 more words