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How can payroll bureaux profit from auto-enrolment?

I’ve recently been asked by the leading payroll trade publication to answer some questions. I’ve enjoyed thinking about them and have set out my answers below.

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Let's put an end to pension transfer privilege.

“Sexy cash” legitimised?

A few years ago , Sir Steve Webb, then our pension minister, stood in front of the PLSA and berated Boots and its pension scheme for tempting members out of the pension scheme with cash incentives. 1,442 more words


The peril of pensions (a quiet word in payroll's ear).

Anyone who manages payroll, whether in-house or as an outsourcer, will by now have discovered the perils of auto-enrolment. This article will not rehearse the process issues (you’ll be relieved to know). 710 more words


Likely market impact of the Pension Schemes Bill

The Pension Schemes Bill  (the Bill) is expected to be enacted in 2017 and  focusses on protecting savers and maintaining confidence in pension savings.

The pensions market has responded to the introduction of auto-enrolment  and has developed a new product – the workplace Master Trust “scheme” . 1,138 more words


Never mind the quality, feel the width- AE review to nudge coverage not contributions!


The Government has set out it’s stall for next year’s AE review. To the disappointment of providers, an increase in contributions is not on the agenda. 772 more words


Why can't we talk about investment returns?

Investment performance has become a taboo – a “no go zone”. This suits the auto-enrolment agenda which is “comply or die”, but NEST has broken ranks and asked defaqto to publish comparative investment performance and it was right to do so. 1,006 more words


Beyond payroll - where AE gets tricky

Legitimising off-payroll workers

Off-payroll workers (AKA personal service workers) are not moon-lighting benefit scroungers, they are part of the outsourcing process that ensures Government Departments and private employers can manage services effeciently. 956 more words