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Documenting why you chose your workplace pension

The best thing about the Pensions Regulator’s Duties Checker is the process. Follow the five steps and you will be able to sign your declaration of compliance and that’s it- auto-enrolment sorted. 862 more words


Whatever happened to the reform of pension tax relief?

The Government’s plans to resolve the injustices of the Pension Tax Relief system appear to have been ditched. Announced in the budget of 2015, expected in that year’s autumn statement and postponed in the months running up to this year’s budge, they now appear a casualty of BREXIT. 474 more words


Where does all the money go?

Ok guy – have a look at this picture.

It’s a very odd way of looking at money (especially the cash benefits – which for most will be the various family, disability and general living allowances). 1,248 more words


A little bit of anarchy does you good

I’m grateful to my Swedish friend Per Andelius for finding this. Provenance has kindly been provided by readers (see comments).

In game theory, the “price of anarchy” describes how individuals acting in their own self-interest within a larger system tend to reduce that larger system’s efficiency. 688 more words


Data should drive AE reform in 2017

We live at a time dominated by data. Never before has data been so readily available to policy makers. But with so much about, it’s the job of those at DWP and tPR to sort out what’s relevant and what’s not – to look at the real time information they have on auto-enrolment and make decisions on what people are – or aren’t doing. 606 more words


"Workie Vicit" - tPR on the state of AE


The Pension Regulator has published its snappily entitled Automatic enrolment commentary and analysis report 2015/16

The first question I asked as I opened its 45 pages was “ 999 more words


Why every firm must pay attention to their pension

The poet  Yeats , concludes a short poem

But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

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