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Finger in the dyke stuff! DC pricing is just too leaky Jon!

Jonathan Stapleton has written a deliberatively provocative piece in Professional Pensions which will be applauded by the operators of workplace pensions but is going to get short shrift from me. 1,450 more words


Normalising pension saving for everyone

The TUC is publishing this morning important research into inclusion. Since our new pensions minister has included “inclusion” in his title, I hope he is reading it! 878 more words


A battle won - not yet the war; FCA demands cost disclosure.

I get worried by premature announcements of victory. The battle to get proper cost disclosure is a long one , hostilities commenced properly with the OFT report on workplace pensions in 2014. 1,692 more words


Advising the 5,000; so where are the loaves and fishes?

The mass market of people retiring over the next few years  no default means to spend their money and no access to suitably priced advice. That is the conclusion of the FCA consultation on Retirement Outcomes that has just closed. 957 more words


Good from NOW - poor from HMRC

That we should still be talking about the “net-pay anomaly” shows how little the debate has move on in a year.

For most people losing out on their promised incentives for saving into a workplace pension , “anomaly” is not a normal word. 355 more words


Pension Play Pen lunch - "April 18th - a nudge too far?"

It’s one of the key questions for the next 6 months.

  • Will the cost to employers  of the ramp from 1 to 2% of bank earnings, combined with the introduction of the National Living Wage – bump up the business casualty rate?
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"Pension contributions triple in April!" - is that what you'll tell your staff?

A lot of small employers we talk to are keen to work out “what happens next” with auto-enrolment. Understandably they want to model the cash-flow implications for their businesses and evolve a communication program as part of the reward strategy… 845 more words