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The Pensions Regulator gives IGCs a new row of teeth.

It’s not enough- not nearly enough – but at last the Pensions Regulator’s beginning to take workplace pensions seriously enough to offer something close to a decent choice for employers staging auto-enrolment. 1,102 more words


A "tax on a tax" - VAT on auto-enrolment bills

The Government is encouraging us to think of auto-enrolment for micros as an extension of the success story it has been for larger employers. But things are very different for smaller employers – especially when it comes to tax. 894 more words


(Workplace) Isa ain't gonna wash for a week!

A radical idea

Michael Johnson has published his proposal for a workplace ISA, Michael has explained this to me before and has explained his proposals publicly to the DWP Select Committee. 651 more words


Upstairs Downstairs RIP -today's domestic employment market has moved on.

As we grow more affluent – British families are outsourcing many of their domestic duties

Many of the employers who will be staging auto-enrolment by the end of decade have no idea they have any duties to provide pensions. 1,033 more words


Those red red robins go rob-rob-robbing along

Swindon Town (STFC) – the Robins – are now to be called the Robings after attempting  to rob their own staff of pension contributions.

Swindon Town Football Club made good £13,600 in pension contributions it owed staff nearly 15 months after it was first fined for its AE breach. 899 more words


Auto Enrolment For Farmers

Farmers face fines if they don’t adopt the new workplace pension rules. The Government has brought in to place a new scheme called Auto Enrolment in which all employees must be enrolled in a workplace pension scheme. 141 more words


Sorting the sheep from the goats

On Wednesday March 9th, the Work and Pensions Committee met to discuss auto-enrolment. This blog  looks at this conversation in some detail. It concludes that there is an urgent need for Government to clarify what liability there is on an employer to choose a pension in an informed way . 1,335 more words