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20% Of Employers 'Going It Alone' For Auto Enrolment

The Pensions Regulator has published guidance to assist the 20 per cent of employers who are looking to ‘go it alone’ for Auto Enrolment.

Recent research suggests that up to 290,000 employers will not be seeking advice when choosing or setting up a pension scheme to comply with auto enrolment. 95 more words


Re-engaging employers with their staff pensions

Once it was so simple. Good employers offered good pensions and lousy employers didn’t. The good employers congregated at NAPF conferences and congratulated themselves and an industry fed on the easy money growing within these plans. 1,120 more words


How much does auto-enrolment cost?

The new living wage will make auto-enrolment more expensive

If you are a small company, one of the unexpected items you’re going to have to add into your financial plan for the next three years is the additional cost of pensions. 485 more words


The Regulator makes it easier for micro-employers to auto-enrol

Charles Counsell spoke at the Regulator’s provider conference on Tuesday (30th June).  These are my notes of what he said and there may be some minor inconsistencies. 901 more words


Getting it right on choice - a pragmatic view.

People like choice but are afraid of taking decisions.

This paradox has puzzled pension people for a long time. People think that having 170 fund choices on their personal pension is good news, but 90% of us make no choice at all. 692 more words


Helping carers to a proper pension..

How hard is it for us to get those who care for others , the same pension rights as those of us cared for by our employers? 934 more words


Probably the worst flagship tax ever?

George Osborne says his proposed tax break for high value homes is about “values”, it is no such thing. This policy is about votes.

What is going on with the conservatives on tax? 1,010 more words