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Jay Leno drives one of my favorite Ferraris

Jay isn’t too much of a Ferrari guy. He always says he likes them, but always feels like he can get something he’ll like better for less money. 14 more words

Classic Cars

Jay Leno Drives a Blue Beetle with a Wankel

There are some unassuming cars that will stop the crowds at a car show, and leave you wondering why until you take a closer look. 9 more words

Classic Cars

Motor Trend: Cadillac CTS-V vs. Lexus GS F

This video really made me want a Lexus GS F for some reason. The Caddy is cool, but they also neglected to mention that the Lexus will be reliable for 200,000 miles of relatively trouble-free fun. 12 more words

American Cars

Wheelies? From an old Ford? Some say no, Roadkill says "Let's do it!"

Roadkill is pretty much my favorite automotive online show at this point, because Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger do whatever they can to push the envelope with cars that really should be in a scrapyard. 86 more words

Auto Idolatry

Jay Leno checks out the gorgeous new Aston Martin DB11

This new Aston is incredible, with its twin-turbo V12 and its next-level detail work. I got to see it up close in Greenwich a few weeks ago, and I was blown away. 10 more words

Exotic Supercars

Another half-decade, another new engine for the Crusher Camaro. Or something?

The LS-7 that was in the Crusher Camaro since the infamous 2014 blizzard had to go back to Mast Motorsports. While Roadkill no longer features the Crusher, it’s still owned by Hot Rod Magazine, and as a result still lives in their shop. 56 more words


Matt Farah takes us out in his new Ford Focus RS

Matt is one of our favorite journalists, and he’s just bought himself a new toy, a very blue Ford Focus RS. Let’s see what he thinks!


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