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Volvo Talks Up Its Self-Driving

lvo last week revealed the latest developments in its Drive Me project, showing off a complete system that could make it possible to integrate self-driving cars into regular traffic with drivers behind the wheel. 27 more words

Traffic jam - By KEVIN ROBILLARD 2/15/15 5:11 PM EST

Record recalls and critical mistakes by the auto industry’s federal watchdog haven’t driven Congress to act.

After a year of record-breaking recalls and despite a series of congressional hearings revealing critical mistakes by the industry’s federal watchdog and what some senators alleged was a criminal cover-up by the nation’s largest automaker, reforming the nation’s auto safety laws is toward the bottom of this year’s congressional to-do list. 351 more words


Apple Making a Car Isn’t as Ridiculous as You Think BY DAVEY ALBA 02.13.15 | 8:44 PM

It’s primetime for Apple to get into cars. Nowadays, automobiles aren’t, at their core, vehicles that simply move you around. They are devices in and of themselves. 307 more words


The Most Innovative Cars of the Year - BY ALEX DAVIES 12.29.14 | 6:45 AM

The auto industry is going through a moment of change. We’re seeing more and more compelling reasons to walk away from the internal combustion engine, along with increasing evidence we won’t be doing the driving for much longer. 164 more words


Americans keep driving less and less. Will cheap gasoline change that? - Updated by Brad Plumer on December 27, 2014, 10:29 a.m. ET

With oil prices plummeting, gasoline is cheaper than it’s been in five years. At more than 20,000 gas stations around the United States, you can now fill up your car’s tank for less than $2 per gallon. 359 more words


The Rustbelt Roars Back From the Dead - Joel Kotkin Richey Piiparinen 12.07.14

The butt of jokes for decades, the industrial heartland is booming in surprising ways as new businesses and industries thrive while young professionals seek its affordable charms. 396 more words


Lexus, Audi, Infiniti concept cars wow L.A. Auto Show - Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY 1:34 p.m. EST November 22, 2014

LOS ANGELES — At auto shows, there are the cars that people will actually end up driving and the cars meant to give a keyhole-view into the future. 294 more words