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Noah Ritter Gets Songify'd [Terminal Memeness]

Remember back when the Gregory Brothers made Auto-Tune the News popular? What was that, like…2009?

Well, sometime between Auto-Tune the News and the era of six-second Vines, the Gregory Brothers discovered that splicing several newscasts together and transforming them into club hits is simply way too much work. 129 more words


Hero Charles Ramsey Gets Songified

After Charles Ramsey helped save three women who had been missing for around ten years he gave some very colorful interviews. It was no doubt that Schmoyoho (the Gregory Brothers who did songs like “Double Rainbow” and “Antoine Dobson- Bad intruder Song”) would take the interviews and make them into a very catchy song. Enjoy.


YouTube is the new Idiot Box

Whenever you find yourself idly scrolling up and down a list of YouTube vids and  going from a video clip to a documentary to something vaguely relevant to the original search you should probably stop what you’re doing and go back to whatever it is you’re avoiding. 170 more words


Presidential Tecmo Bowl

In case you are still undecided, give the Presidential Tecmo Bowl Game a Try! (just kidding, this is just great material from the Auto-Tune the News guys).


Second Presidential Debate Auto-Tuned

So you think politics are boring huh? OK. They Kind of are. That’s why I wait to watch the debates after the The Gregory Brothers have Auto-Tuned the hell out of it.  27 more words


Presidential Debate Auto-Tuned

The first round of the presidential debates for the 2012 election is now over.  If you missed it…don’t trip. The Gregory Brothers of the “Auto-Tune The News series” are back. 20 more words


AIGA Jax Interview

A few months back I was interviewed by AIGA Jax about the Always Summer Poster Show that I did last year. It was an amazing experience and even cooler to see that they posted my interview on their blog!  46 more words