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WEEK 52 / 19 JUNE - 25 JUNE 2015

358 FRIDAY 19 JUNE 2015 (-8)

Seasons of Love ā€“ Rent Original Broadway Cast


Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes; well, more like five hundred fifteen thousand five hundred and twenty minutes. 2,736 more words


Rain and Fog

Driving through the rain and fog, going home after Thanksgiving, another gray November day. Windshield wipers wipe the rain away but the fog still swirls making it difficult to see. 400 more words



Iā€™m lowering the lid down,
watching the flame die.

1.99 for a candle and
I wrap my hand around it easily

I wrap my eyes around it easily… 205 more words


Seeing or Not Seeing Authors' Lives in Their Books

When we read fiction, how much do we see of an author’s life situation, personality, emotions, and neuroses? Her or his happiness or unhappiness?

In a way, all fiction is somewhat autobiographical, because the content is emerging from and filtered through the author’s brain. 759 more words

Finding Strength

Some days I couldn’t fathom how lost I was…

I stared at the empty eyes reflected back at me in the grimy mirror hanging on my bathroom wall. 795 more words


More Than Enough

For all those of you who believe your life is over when you turn 30 or 40 or 50, I have a secret for you: I have passed those milestones and have never been happier, looked better, enjoyed life more, or felt more hard-won joy. 718 more words


Dream come true

We sit around on sofas, and yes, we even smoke hash. Sometimes we manage to make it through a whole movie before someone calls us, or knocks on the door ā€“ usually a West African refugee, or a crazed Moroccan landlord. 1,844 more words

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