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Come Fly With Me - Frank Sinatra and Luis Miguel


I’m old enough to have lived the last years of the glamour of flying. People my age, and older, will be familiar with how different flying was more than 40 years ago. 519 more words


More Hippy Wisdom, Science and Upside Down Thinking

On the commune, “The Farm,” I heard (and again I do not know if it originated there with Stephen Gaskin):

“Don’t limit the universe.”

That is something like when Einstein said ‘God doesn’t play dice” referring to randomness in quantum mechanics. 815 more words


She's warm.

Spring is a good time for new things, right? Spring is a thematically appropriate time to introduce changes into one’s life, and then write about them. 1,175 more words


Memento Mori

When I was taking courses for my DEC in Special Ed (Adult Ed night classes downtown), we learned about suicide.  Which methods each gender tried, each age group tried. 338 more words

Do The Right Thing

SE Vol 101 - Remedy

Some will say that when you think long, you think wrong. Well, it’s all relative so go on and do you as only I can rock my way and know that no one can do me better than me. 75 more words