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Concerning Hobbits

Today is Hobbit Day, so says Twitter. In honour of this special day, I thought that I would share my favourite LOTR quote from my favourite Hobbit: Samwise Gamgee. 174 more words


Ready for the Earth Gravity Assist!

It is hard to believe that OSIRIS-REx has been in space for over one year. We celebrated the first anniversary of our launch on September 8, 2017. 960 more words



The voices say

that few people

will ever see my writing

because few people

can speak my language

in the future,

that language

has degenerated… 10 more words


A Songwriter's Wage

When I was a teen I studied many, many songwriters
I wanted to know why I was drawn to that art like they were
Why I felt the need to craft stories with paper & a pen… 395 more words

Verse Poetry

OWLS Treasure Blog Tour: Loving Yourself Is A Process Requiring Strength and Perseverance

I finally made it, I managed to sign up for this month’s blog tour! Now I can say this is an official stop to this month’s blog tour “Treasure” 2,720 more words


Fiction Outtakes 136: Bill Wynn 121

“Drenovis is skuzzy,” said Victoria after lunch out in the hall. “I know you all don’t like him.”

“What’s to like? For him it’s all about power and getting sex. 651 more words

Writing: a love/hate relationship

As I mention in my introductory post, I am a doctoral candidate in the final stages of completing my dissertation. Well, academic funding only lasts so long and now my funding has run out, so I am no longer one of the lucky few blessed to write “for a living.” Gone are the days of being able to do what I want to do all day without having to worry about applying for jobs or beg my parents for a loan for just one more month (I promise). 754 more words