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A Little Girl's Path to Destruction

This poem is incredibly personal to me. It explains why I am the person I am today. Writing this was emotionally draining, and posting it is stressful, still. 770 more words

Creative Writing

A Poet's Personal Journey

J was a graduate student when I met her. We were in the same poetry writing class in the mid-80’s. I was an undergrad. (I was in my mid 30’s, divorced, with three children, two teens and a pre-teen.) She is a year older than I am. 977 more words



I think and I cry
My heart aches with pain
I breath through a sigh
I no longer feel sane

A broken empty shell
Shadow of my old past… 223 more words


This Possession of a Life

I am waiting for a feast that never came
It never arrived and I’m sick of waiting
I’ve been so patient my entire life
Loving a thing that was never meant to come… 182 more words


The Fifth W.

It seems that somebody felt left out of the “W” party (see Welcome to Whoever I am). Perhaps, I can’t answer the question of why we’re all here, but I can tell you why I am here. 809 more words


Purple Eyes

My eyes are brown

at least

that’s how they

once in high school

I had parked

my car.

I looked in the rear

view mirror… 72 more words


Solar Storm


Solar Eclipse, how everything changes when you come
I can feel in my bones the disintegration of the past
I, who love too much and too easily the rebels… 284 more words