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Hollywood Rain

Almost a year ago I made the decision to FINALLY dedicate all my energy to making my 3rd album.  It was a difficult decision to make, because I was going to have to ask for a lot of help.  657 more words


Every Glance A Dream

Each night, I closed the curtains, taking one last look out on the Broad.  The street lights cast a dark gold glow, and created long secretive shadows, tethered behind objects like Peter Pan’s reattached shadow.   249 more words

About Me


Impromptu haiku –
Inspired by Tinder spam
Match at 1 AM



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.

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Rare are gingers on the whole –
But rarer still are
Gingers with a soul



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Even Better Than Before. #MidLifeClarity

Even Better Than Before

August 25, 2015

If you met me in 2010, you would barely recognize me.

I don’t mean because my hair has gotten thinner in the male way, or that my facial hair has gotten more creative to compensate. 1,272 more words


I am a feminist.

I’m just going to ramble. This blog post will not have a cohesive structure or argument. I’m just going to try to put things I’ve read into context with each other. 1,234 more words