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DYING: A Memoir


Taylor was 60 when she was told that what had started off as a melanoma was now incurable cancer. She had already witnessed difficult deaths: both her parents died in nursing homes after long and humiliating dementia. 253 more words


My Community Service Project: The Trash Man Cometh


Being retired not only gives me more time to become irritated over fairly mundane things (see Grumpy Old Man), but it also provides me the time and opportunity to do something about them. 655 more words


Fiction Outtakes 179: Bill Wynn 164

The last day of work was just another day. He lugged the five turkeys up the stairs and he and Mary set them up to cook and put them in the ovens. 693 more words

Hurricane knitting

When instead of having your Train arrive, what you’re looking at is

Source: dpa/ Berliner Kurier

Source: Pexel stock photos

Source: Pexel stock photos

Because trains and planes have been cancelled all over Europe because of Hurricane Friederike, knitting or crocheting can help pass the time and ease the pain. 51 more words


Colour Dilemma: Ultraviolet

The colour of the year 2018 has been released for a while now, and I’ve been looking at it and looking at it for a good while now. 194 more words


Umbilicus by Paula Gruben

Umbilicus is an autobiographical novel by South African author Paula Gruben. Following Charlotte, the reader is taken on the journey she endures in discovering who she… 404 more words

About Me

Become An Animal.

Become an animal.

I am the sleek, grey hawk that came down from great heights to swoop and kill the mouse on the side of the highway. 736 more words