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It was a pleasure to meet up with my old friend Michael B today, in Paddington. Yes, after ten years, we managed to be in the same place at the same time once again! 440 more words


Fiction Outtakes 236: Bill Wynn 223

First, he spoke to her. He sat her on the vanity if they were in the ladies’ room and stood between her legs where he could whisper in her ear. 666 more words

Social Anxiety

I cracked a fortune cookie, pulled out the little strip of paper, popped a piece of cookie in my mouth, and while I munched on it, read my fortune. 414 more words


Egomaniac: Ice Cream Woman

Did you know I draw comics? It’s been so long I can imagine maybe people don’t know haha. The fonts are a little different because I don’t have my old one on the iPad, but it works! 9 more words

Fiction Outtakes 235: Bill Wynn 222

So the more Mary got into her own head, the worse it was for her. If she were into her own head, into her thoughts, and Bea happened to go downstairs with Bill, or after him as she actually did it so she could get some, the thoughts got worse, more and more dark. 585 more words

Be Curious, Not Judgmental

“Sometimes, all you need is someone who will listen. It is fortune enough to have people around who hear you & not judge you.”

― Tara Estacaan, Internet blogger, poet, artist… 824 more words

Transgender Family