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Distance Together

Alexi and I have been doing distance since October 15, 2016.

A lot of my friends and people I know are doing or have done distance with their significant others.   584 more words


Darkening Sky

Lately, I have been feeling hollow.  Most of the time, I’m okay and my days feel normal.  However, at times, I am haunted by my brother’s death. 362 more words


A Song For Each Decade

If every 10 years you spent alive had to be accompanied by a solitary anthem, what tunes would you choose for the soundtrack of your life thus far? 474 more words


Fiction Outtakes 68: Bill Wynn 54

When Bill did the onion rings, the eggs were still trippy eggs. He saw all kinds of things in them from flowers to cartoon dinosaurs. But he could see things now and still work-function. 597 more words

On the Author

I, the “Misha” of mishamau5.wordpress.com, am a mid-twenty-something hipster millennial living in rural North Carolina instead of his native Central Florida. I was born and raised well within Walt Disney World’s circle of influence; my dad worked for their emergency services department until I was about 15 or so. 581 more words


Number Three of Three

Being the youngest of three children
had its perks and pitfalls. I never had to be the first to do anything—
to walk, to talk, to ride a bike, to start…
220 more words

Beyond The Grave

For reasons which were never adequately explained to me, when we had our extension built, Building Control forced us to have a soak away dug in the back garden rather than simply cut into the existing surface water pipe. 148 more words