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Putting Kids in Jail for Stealing Food

I wrote my first blog post, My Father, on an excruciating morning after another sleepless night just a few months ago. A trance came over me as I wrote. 1,203 more words

Zachary Luke Sickels

Multiple Projects

Amazingly, my project with Diana Naneva is not the only literary blessing in my life. After several months of working at the welcoming and endearing comic shop Southern California Comics, the owner and my boss, Jamie Newbold, made an offer to me. 275 more words

Creative Writing

The Future is Now


it’s been quite a while since I updated this site, and quite a bit has happened in that. My short story was rejected for being “too predictable,” despite “some wonderful writing.” A mixture of disappointment and abject sadness struck me, but ultimately I felt relieved. 229 more words

Creative Writing


Take the exit for I-40 West; leave the moonlit lighthouses littering the coast, the ocean in turn littered with shipwrecks; people from New Jersey—that is, people of a certain age—love to read about these, your, shipwrecks on museum placards during their vacations. 420 more words

Essays & Other Writing

The Break

(To be deleted, in several days.)

As my mind bursts with memories, metaphors, and colors awry, I’ve decided to refrain from posting on Crumpled Paper Cranes until full completion of my manuscript. 133 more words


Remembering Chris Squire

Chris Squire, the legendary bass player with Yes had died. I have few heroes, but during the gawky isolation of mid-teens when I listened to Yes obsessively, Chris Squire was my absolute hero. 487 more words


Ego-Surfing: Finding Yourself in Unlikely Places

Come on – admit it – you’ve Googled yourself, right?

I found myself in a textbook today, of all places. I suppose if my name were more common, I’d be less surprised, but it’s not like I’m Mary Smith or Jane Doe. 137 more words