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Escape By Faith

John Thompson, whom I have been reading about lately, lived a very interesting, yet very unpleasant life. I have completed his autobiography, and in the book, the last place I read that he was in was a whaling ship. 372 more words


Wisdom From a Writer's Life

Don’t get too excited.  I searched every box, trunk, bag of tricks, safe, closet, and jelly bean jar that I have in my rusty old memory.   791 more words


I opened the door...

I opened the door to someone today.

I do not always open the door.  I have my front-room curtains pulled in such a way that I can go into the front room, and glance out and see who is at the door. 131 more words


Previously I wrote in my article successful college dropout about how school and I don’t get along very well. There was one school, though. One school that made a very big difference for me. 1,274 more words

Self Reflection


TITLE : Let Life Be Light

AUTHOR : Jyoti Saini

TOTAL PAGES : 208 pages

PUBLISHERS: Blue Rose Publishers



COVER : 4/5

TITLE : 4/5… 526 more words


Aarodum Paribhavamillathe - MKK Nair autobiography

Aarodum Paribhavamillathe is an autobiography of a legend M K K Nair. He was an IAS officer of 1950 batch and started it career as a Sub Collector in Madras State. 94 more words


Review of In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom - Yeonmi Park

Human rights activist Park, who fled North Korea with her mother in 2007 at age 13 and eventually made it to South Korea two years later after a harrowing ordeal, recognized that in order to be “completely free,” she had to confront the truth of her past. 337 more words