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Why Did the Holocaust Happen?

Why Didn’t God Stop It? Many who ask these questions have suffered extreme personal loss and seek not just answers but solace. Others see the Holocaust as the height of human evil, and they struggl… 6 more words


Abstract Presentism

This week I wonder how I would explain myself to my two-years-ago self. The week and the wondering began as a form of career path bewilderment, but now I want to hold up one of several poems written by our mutual past self (from a mere three years ago: spring 2014) and say, “you’d be appalled at how kinky your past and future selves are, if you even had a clue.” … 450 more words


New page from Issue #3 of Terminal Velocity.


Kabul to Kandahar

The ride up through the Khyber Pass to Jalalabad was, as I said, frightening, but at the same time awesome, in the old meaning of the word — it filled me with awe. 2,079 more words


Mad Sounds and MCC: Chapter 7

​I met Alaha a few days later, at the Botany tank. It was a sunny day and I was having my lunch, when she appeared with a guy. 438 more words


Mad Sounds and MCC: Chapter 6

I met Alaha the next Friday. She was sitting in PD class and I took the seat next to her.

“How’s life?”

“It’s okay. Have a lot of assignments and department work to do”. 687 more words


Mad Sounds and MCC: Chapter 5

​At home, I started working on an acoustic tune that I had composed. I had an idea suddenly, what if I played it on my electric guitar and added distortion to the riff? 994 more words