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Wait, you want MY opinion? The research methodology of autoethnography

During my time at university I have been meticulous in keeping my personal views, opinions and experiences separate from my research. The second my rear end was planted in my seat in DIGC330, everything changed. 540 more words


Living The Dream. [Autobiography, Age 30-31]

Hozier – Arsonist’s Lullaby.

While reading this, recall that it’s mostly a very brief recap – given that nearly this entire period of time is recorded, in much greater detail, in the… 1,029 more words

My Gaze Was Ever Upward

. . . In the summer of 1903 my mother presented me with a 2½ astronomical telescope, and thenceforward my gaze was ever upward at night. 151 more words


New graphic novels tells the story of Nick Cave: Watch teaser trailer

Nick Cave has made a career, a life really, out of unique storytelling and living as libertine an existence as possible. Over the years his prodigious output of dark, sensual music and stories that seek to extricate the human soul from the mundanity of typical existence matched with Cave’s equally prodigious thirst for women and drugs to create a myth as large as the man. 307 more words


Blue Overcoat

In this excerpt from his autobiography, The Making of an American ©1901, Jacob Riis recalls an incident as a young man in Denmark:

The third day after I reached the capital, which happened to be my birthday, I had appointed a meeting with my student brother at the art exhibition in the palace of Charlottenborg. 489 more words

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I Was Young Once

Found some old yellowed newspaper clippings from more than 50 years ago, and was delighted to remember that I was once a fair-to-middling athlete.

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Book: "Yes Please" - Amy Poehler

This was the first autobiographical book I had read for a long time – the first time in probably ten years (since the Horrible Histories collection by Terry Deary) – and I loved it! 246 more words

Freeing Freida