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Late Autumn Rains

It is raining again in Texas, and cold enough to make the leaves turn red and yellow and orange.  The cracked and useless swimming pool is filled with rain water.   343 more words


Story Saturdays: The Day I Left - autobiographical short

We’re fighting again. It’s getting loud. I don’t like loud. I don’t like yelling.

“I’m going for a walk to cool off.” I tell him, and I leave the house, careful to not slam the door, because doors slamming is scary. 1,714 more words

Mental Health

Chapter 16 of the P. and G. Klopp Story - Part I

Summer Employment, School, and Ballroom Dancing

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”


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Daily Thought 38/365 no time for fear

Death. I do not fear you. You are the inevitable. You are as trustworthy as the sun rising in the east.

What I do not trust and do fear is Time. 47 more words


Admissions Letter

Since I could pick up a crayon, I have been drawing. Since I learned the alphabet, I have been writing. From childhood, the inexplicable need to create has driven me to expend hours upon hours wrought across thousands of sheets of paper. 388 more words

Michelle Most

Daddy's girl: the afterlife of a blog post (Week 4, Day 5)

In her study Fathers and Daughters, Sue Sharpe writes:

In Asian families, fathers are generally even more removed from the everyday discourse of personal and especially female issues, and such communication between father and daughter may be minimal.

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November 2015

10 years on...

Did you live today like it was your last? 10 years ago you thought your world had ended after you found out the man you had given everything to and given up everything for, had cheated on you. 545 more words