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 MICHAEL PARKER is a law enforcement officer created by the author Merle Temple. This feature takes a look at the Michael Parker trilogy, and discovers something quite remarkable. 1,140 more words


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‘My Freedom catapulting Your Liberation’ #HigherCalling #HisPurpose #Writer #Journey #Autobiography


When Life Hands You Lemons, Upgrade!

A couple of weeks ago, my Fitbit Charge broke. Oddly enough, this was exactly one year to the day that I got it (easy to remember, as it was an anniversary gift from Tara). 739 more words

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Born to write

From a house on a hill a sacred light shines
I walk through these rooms but none of them are mine
Down empty hallways I went from door to door… 725 more words


Apocalyptic Narcisissm or Imaginative Release? ~ NaNoWriMo 11.2016

A week ago yesterday I felt myself on the cusp of exploding; despite regular conversational overuse of hyperbole, this is not a common feeling. Putting myself under pressure is something I’m used to, borne of various complexes. 1,164 more words


Tabernacle - part three

Many of my memories of Tabernacle date back to the time of the last minister but two, Marshall Jones who had a son called David Marshall Jones whom I recall as an intense and quite fiery young man with heavy-rimmed black glasses and who stands in contrast to his father who exists in my mind as a squat cylinder dressed in a black cassock. 1,651 more words

Laying to rest the ghosts of mammograms past (and making up for a cancelled bike ride)

I’ve had a couple of weeks of laying old ghosts to rest.

First of all, I got the results of the review of the clear mammogram I had in October 2014, nine months before my diagnosis with Stage IIIa breast cancer ( 1,349 more words

Breast Cancer