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Bipolar in the Wild: Me, suspecting and unmedicated

Without the buffer of booze, I have a clearer sense of self than ever. There are no hangovers to come between me and my patterns, no wild nights of liquid courage to come between me and my fluctuating self esteem. 429 more words


Write the Theme Tune, or The Show Must Go On

After the premiere of Mrs G’s play, Tempest Tossed, I’ve felt a bit like I should have my own semi-autobiographical play. Ignoring the fact that “The life of a Number’s Guy” won’t be that exciting (as I am not involved in deciphering the Enigma code, just sales trends) I should start to consider what job I should take in the dramatisation of my life. 309 more words


Sight Unseen

Invisible: A Memoir by Hugues de Montalembert

Sight, like all senses, is seldom savored except in its absence. What it means to go suddenly and inescapably blind is the subject of… 485 more words


Let me take a #groupselfie: A Reflection on my #selfie practices

We’ve talked a lot about #selfies and the generalized genres we see in them, such as haircut selfies, weight loss selfies, or mirror selfies.   378 more words



<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/the-show-must-go-on/”>The Show Must Go On</a>

to film or not to film?


The first, and last time I was offered the lead part in a film my parents would not let me take it. 774 more words


Pulitzer Prize-winning Gilead failed to draw me in


Gilead is a fictional autobiography of a small-town reverend named John Ames. When John finds out his heart is failing, he begins to write a “never-ending letter” to his 7-year-old son, hoping to pass along stories he may not get the chance to tell. 499 more words