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Augustine and the Art of Not Yet

“I had been putting off the moment when by spurning earthly happiness I would clear space in my life to search for wisdom; yet even to seek it, let alone find it, would have been more rewarding than discovery of treasure or possession of all the world’s kingdoms, or having every bodily pleasure at my beck and call. 404 more words


Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival 2016 Is Here Again

It is that wonderful time of the year when I get the opportunity to see and hear some fantastic authors discuss their books and the experience of writing.  250 more words

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J. Kazmir: An Autobiography

As a child I wanted to be a writer.

My parents’ immediate reaction was laughter. They thought it was cute. As I got older, they realized this was not a joke and things escalated from funny to serious. 413 more words


"There are things that if I don't do now, I'll never do."

Title: My Salinger Year
Author: Joanna Rakoff
Date: 2014
RRP: £8.99
Publisher: Bloomsbury

It’s a timeless story, that of your first job. We crave to read our own lives, as validation, confirmation that we’re going down the right path, and that all will end well. 986 more words

Book Review: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

Phenomenal Woman has always been one of my favorite poems by Maya Angelou. I first heard the poem when it was recited by Janet Jackson in a 90s movie also featuring, Tupac; … 424 more words

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