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Dear Android gesture typing: Enough ashtray with this one autocomplete error

About 95 percent of the time, the “gesture typing” built into Android’s keyboard is one of my favorite parts of Google’s mobile operating system. I trace a fingertip over the letters of the word I have in mind, that item appears in an overlay before I’m halfway through inputting it, I lift my fingertip, and a Scrabble winner like “deoxyribonucleic” pops into a tweet, e-mail or note. 305 more words



Loquita is, by her own admission, a creative speller. I feel confident that she’d be on board with Mark Twain’s opinion: “Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.” As such, she takes advantage of spellcheck regularly, and it helps keep her professors happy. 187 more words

Autocorrect Error

By Austin B. Hahn

A husband once sent to his wife:

“Honey, there’s a cuntry club opening soon. You should think about joining.”


Notes from the air

I’m writing this at 10,972meters.
That’s about 36,000 feet.
I’m in a plane – obviously.
But I am also writing this on my new iPad Air. 435 more words


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Quiz! Cryptic Text Messages and Possible Responses

Ever gotten one of those cryptic, completely context-free text messages that you can’t figure out for the life of you?   I’ve gotten what seems like more than my share, and it’s sometimes almost like a spy sign/countersign kind of thing–you know, one person says a secret phrase like “the rain falls sideways in Greenland,” and then you have to know the pre-arranged answer, like “but only in the morning” and then the first person knows you’re his contact.  372 more words