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Dear Autocorrect,

Please, for the love of ducking god, STOP ‘CORRECTING’ MY PERFECTLY PLACED PROFANITY!! Siri, have you ever heard me talk about ducks?! Fuck! Not DUCK! I have not once called somebody a ducking idiot; or to duck themselves; who does? 31 more words

I'll give you a Hillary

I have a love-hate relationship with spellcheck. As a kid, I used to be a story-teller. I was a champion that liked narrating short stories. Some would say I am still a story teller. 425 more words


"Many Wearing Rapiers are Afraid of Goosequills" (Hamlet II.ii.328)

I am a writer, a poet in particular, and I would agree that poets are particular writers, black sheep, the odd cousins that no one is really sure about. 1,330 more words

10 reasons you need someone to write for your business

  1. You’re always having an argument with autocorrect or spell-check!
  2. You’d rather watch all those “likes” ticking up on your Facebook page than write up the promotional material for your Spring special offer.
  3. 443 more words


I really really REALLY detest autocorrect. I turn it off wherever possible but sometimes you just cannot avoid it.

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The Mortal Enemies of Good-Grammarians: Spellcheck and Autocorrect

Yes, autocorrect, I really do mean to say Obi-Wan, not obliterate. Thank you for trying, though. No, spellcheck, that it’s really shouldn’t be its. Don’t make me question everything I know about possessives. 812 more words


Bets woshes, Ruht

But did you know you can set up your own autocorrects to spell your name correctly in every email?!

If you’re like me, you spell your name wrong every third email. 107 more words