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pLese Use Ur Autercorret or: WTF!?


Jeez o’Pete!! I don’t care if it’s gun control, mental health, worms in fish or other food, or any other topic on Facebook today… … 532 more words

Life As We Know It

1 Hour of Questions: Philosophy

What harsh truths do you prefer to ignore?
i used to say “i’m not a pessimist, i’m a realist” a lot back in the day. now that i’m older i realize i might not be 100% sentient. 667 more words

Quick Tip #20: Don't let Autocorrect become an Autofail!

Does this issue ever happen to you when you’re emailing, texting, or generally typing on an Apple product?

As I noted in this re-created conversation, it’s dangerous to rely too heavily on autocorrect. 265 more words


Fixing unintended auto-corrects in Office

Generally speaking, the Auto-Correct feature in Microsoft Office is great in fixing your typing mishaps. But depending on the industry you work in, there are certain acronyms that are constantly mistaken by Auto-Correct as misspellings. 86 more words


Fixing your quirky spelling errors in Office

Admit it… you have a few(?) words that you always misspell or mistype when working on a Word document, a PowerPoint deck, an Excel file, a OneNote notebook, or an Outlook email. 202 more words


Link weenie ...

I absolutely love autocorrect. It cracks me the HECK up. My phone has come up with some DOOZIES too. And today I witnessed, quite possibly, the best autocorrection EVER. 90 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Texting Trauma

Now, everyone has those people in their lives, who insist on having everything spelled correctly, even in texts.  No words can be shortened, no abbreviations that aren’t accepted in the unknown Guide to Abbreviations, no short cuts of any kind.  203 more words