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#47 - This Text Message Pops Up On Your Phone...

…It’s from a friend telling you to meet her at the bar at 10:00 p.m.  Autocorrect has changed some words.  How does the text read? 237 more words


"I have diffidently put effort in."

Awhile ago I devoted a post to ruminating on an example of this word, “diffident.” That writer was writing about fast food as an eating “path,” and I was comparing this concept to the two paths in Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken,” especially since my student said the fast-food road was “diffidently not the only one.…” 368 more words

Student Writing


The title alone gives off the signal of being something that we all go through everyday. It’s like an unhackable life cheat that makes communicating harder and harder. 195 more words


Review of "Can We Autocorrect Humanity?"

In the video, Can We Autocorrect Humanity?, it mentioned quite a few points that I absolutely adore and are so important to speak publicly about. Those points are: 853 more words


Auto correct.

Hey Hey Hey! Yea you. I have a question for you. Auto correct. When you hear that word, or even read it, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 837 more words

Auto-correct Fail

I’ve encountered many auto-correct problems since 2006 when I had T-9 text to the auto-correct of Blackberry and the iPhone 5 & 6. While it makes texting easier, auto-correct can have some downfalls. 329 more words

Project 3

Experience with autocorrect and autocomplete...

My biggest experiences with autocorrect and autocomplete happen in the writing center. I am a writing center tutor and I deal with a lot of ESL students. 201 more words

Project 3: Interrogate An Interface