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The End is Nigh

In so many ways.

Well, for Admere the end is past. He was just murdered in his own bed and, to add insult to injury, his vampire body guard then proceeded to feast on his blood rather than arrest or inhume the culprit. 458 more words


Incorrect Autocorrect

This just happened  to me.

I had just finished  writing  the “Top ten List”  post.

I was typing in key words for the tags and categories. 33 more words


"Damn you OS X autocorrect," corporate-brands edition

I know, I know: Making fun of autocorrect fails is not new. But the automatic spelling correction in OS X is something else, courtesy of its apparent inability to figure out that my starting a word with a capital letter suggests I might be typing a proper name–say, a reasonably well-known online brand’s name–and that a little more deference would therefore be in order. 201 more words


6 Reasons Parents Shouldn't Be Allowed to Text With Their Kids

Look I think everyone has a right to text. Lets face it I was sending texts way before my kids knew what a text was. In the era of smartphones, especially iPhones and auto-correct, sending texts could get funny & sometimes downright embarrassing. 77 more words

Tech Talk

Directing Short Form Comedy: One AutoCorrect at a Time

ACFU’s format is beautifully simple —we take an autocorrected text message, and create a scene from it. VERBATIM.

As a director, that’s both exciting…and a bit daunting (usually both) because of the limitless possibilities it presents. 355 more words

I love bad bitches that my ducking problem.

Actually, no it’s not.
Loving bad bitches is not my ducking problem.
Know why?
Because I don’t duck around.
fuck around.
I love bad bitches – that my  65 more words

3 Poetry Exercises

If you’re like me, when it’s time to pen a poem, your brain tends to wander in the same directions over and over—regular routines, similar themes, well-mined locations. 1,290 more words