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List Of Things I Can't Let Go Of

English teachers and grammar nerd friends……this will contradict the title of this post, and #1 below, but FYI I do realize that it should read “Things of which I can’t let go.”  But that doesn’t flow well in a title. 75 more words


Autocorrect, LOL

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Autocorrect gains sentience

I tried to write, “I have a short attention span,” but autocorrect decided I meant, “I have a shortbread attention span.”

Also valid.

Conversations and Cream Sofas

It’s edging on 36°C here in Joburg, and whilst myself and my team are stuck behind our desks doing the work, Kuli is out in the heart of the Maboneng on a shoot for our client where she’s braving the elements (and by elements, I mean she’s sat in a car with aircon). 294 more words

Made In Joho


I’ve certainly had a relationship with my phone long enough that it should know me better by now…but sometimes I just feel like it doesn’t know me at all.

Everyday Musings

Autocorrect: Bridging the Gap Between Laziness and Professionalism

Grammar has been permanently altered over the past two decades. Anyone born after the year 2000 is unlikely to remember a time before cell phones and text messages. 841 more words


Lady K

My husband let me know that he ate a bowl of cereal and a “lady k” of hot dogs for lunch. I hesitated to ask about Lady K. 637 more words