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iPhone Autocorrect fails so hard it wins

Autocorrect on my iPhone just took to a whole new level a very dull email I was typing about a contract. As my fat fingers punched away at the screen, typing the phrase ‘Can you please send…’, Autocorrect delivered big time. 71 more words

Autocorrect and the Tao of Texting

Illustration by Seymour Chwast

Excerpt from this article:

Some people get so frustrated with autocorrect that they disable it completely, but then you run the risk of telling a date that you’ll “be thfre asd oon sa i gte off th trnai.” To which your date will reply, “Are you O.K.?” And you will reply, “Osrrt.

116 more words

Damn you Autocorrect

Just find it so had to say

something to you without

you gotten offended

Shouldn’t say horrible

things ten

I didn’t men it the way you… 277 more words


Pressure Project 1 - Autocorrect Faux Pas

One of the most error-laden interactions we all deal with on a regular basis is the constant battle with auto-correct on mobile phones. While this feature is often extremely helpful, it is also often extremely embarrassing. 467 more words

número uno

Número uno. Day 1. February 1st. 

I did it. I survived 1 whole day without social media. And let me tell you, I struggled a little bit. 390 more words



More like auto defect!
Put in place
To make spelling prefect.

For duck’s sake!
It’s done it again
Changed the wards
It’s such a pain! 27 more words