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Google autocorrect & God's mercy

I learned something new recently.

When I typed “unforgiveness” into a web document page via Chrome, Google autocorrect didn’t accept it as a word. Instead, it underlined in the red annoying squiggly line. 274 more words

Revealing Errors

“When technology is accepted, when it becomes invisible, really need to be paying attention.”

In Benjamin Mako Hill’s article, Revealing Errors, he describes how technology designers hold so much power through their control of what users see and understand.

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Jesus Citrusy

My phone corrected “Jesus Christ” to “Jesus Citrusy.” …Not quite the impact I was hoping for.

Apple's Fix for the Ducking Autocorrect!

The autocorrect on our phone has been responsible for many adventures in texting and chatting lives. On several occasions, it made us sound more intelligent than we actually were, offered the right words when needed and even helped correct embarrassing typos. 359 more words


Dear Android gesture typing: Enough ashtray with this one autocomplete error

About 95 percent of the time, the “gesture typing” built into Android’s keyboard is one of my favorite parts of Google’s mobile operating system. I trace a fingertip over the letters of the word I have in mind, that item appears in an overlay before I’m halfway through inputting it, I lift my fingertip, and a Scrabble winner like “deoxyribonucleic” pops into a tweet, e-mail or note. 305 more words



Loquita is, by her own admission, a creative speller. I feel confident that she’d be on board with Mark Twain’s opinion: “Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.” As such, she takes advantage of spellcheck regularly, and it helps keep her professors happy. 187 more words

Autocorrect Error

By Austin B. Hahn

A husband once sent to his wife:

“Honey, there’s a cuntry club opening soon. You should think about joining.”