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How much I love Callie

You probably won’t understand my fourth poem of National Poetry Month, but I simply


I was trying to say that I really


Huh. Well, 214 more words


Day 91 - 1st April - Unfortunate Corrections

It’s Easter Sunday, so officially, Happy Easter.  That was the message I sent to a friend of mine, however my phone decided to autocorrect for me and change it to Eastern.  66 more words


Additional AutoCorrect options in Office

Recently I talked about how to add and remove particular words and acronyms that Office “helpfully” tries to correct for you. In this tip, I want to point out a few other options that are interesting and might address a pain point or two based on how your fingers and your brain communicate with each other… 274 more words


Da*n You, Autocorrect

If you want to see me ugly laugh, cry to the point of tears just streaming down my face, snort like a pig with hiccups, then put some autocorrects in front of me. 89 more words

Autocorrect Blues #5

I Swype “journey”
Autocorrect changes it
To “Jernee”
Not this time, Autocorrect.
For once, I’m
Not talking about her.


Autocorrect is shirt!

Normally, autocorrect and its ilk are…well, shirt. But I came across the list of added/personalised words, and thought ‘wow, this says quite a lot about me’. 870 more words


we cant auto-correct life

mr zukerberg i dont mean to disrespect you but you sir have been one of lifes biggest downfalls, we live in a world were we spoil precious moments by recording them on a phone, we have to wait until thursday to post old pictures of ourselves, we cant enjoy meals before we take a snap of it. 325 more words