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How sad

As I was preparing for tonight’s I noticed that last nights post had failed to upload. It funny that when I tried to write “how sad” autocorrect changed it to “how dad”-  like it knew it had forgot my father and was trying to make up for lost time.

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Fun in Autocorrect Land

My phone somehow auto corrected the word “caffeine” to the word “vagina” so I almost just told a friend I was attempting to reduce my vagina intake… so that’s my Monday lol

First Post

Goodness. What do you write when you find notices every day that people are starting to follow your online blog? In my case you panic. I immediately could not decide of anything worth putting online for others to consume. 371 more words

I Hate Autocorrect (sometimes).

Hey guys.

I hope you are having a great weekend 😊.

I know my blogs have many ups and downs, they are like mood swings but I’ll catch up a steady phase really soon (hoping for the best). 200 more words

Rant: Damn you Autocorrect!

It’s becoming more obvious that Autocorrect is getting worse on devices and it’s ruining the world!

For years we have the jokey autocorrect mishaps, trouble was a few years ago the autocorrect was far more accurate than it is today. 797 more words


Autocorrect Inappropriateness

Let me start by saying the photo I’m about to share is completely, 100% unfiltered. This conversation between my daughter and I took place after I worked the night before and had woke up from 5 hours of sleep. 166 more words

Anxiety Disorders

Sin? Does not compute!

My phone’s voice to text program has a serious problem with the word sin(s)… expressing it as “sense,” “scent” or just about anything else except for what it is – just like us, huh?! ;-)