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You Think That I Need You!?

Dear Auto-correct,

     Sir, ma’am, whatever you are. I am writing you this letter to inform you that you and I are no longer friends. From this day on we do not have a personal relationship with one another. 637 more words


Sorry... 'Autocorrect'. (Lee Mugo)

Whiskey; A Gaelic of life (“water of life” in Irish). This is a phrase I got to learn a couple of weeks ago. I actually don’t remember where I heard or read it from (most likely heard it since I’m nowadays watching movies). 856 more words


Office #Word 2016 really is a piece of...


What follows is a raged induced rant so look away now.


I’ve just wasted an hour trying to fix the Word 2016 dictionary. It started with ‘Mira Than‘. 412 more words

My Soap Box

Why I've Been Using Punctuation Emojis

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, and I can thank blame exams for that. In all honesty, I wrote my last exam two weeks ago, but since then I’ve been catching up on everything I missed (partying, socializing, work – you can tell that my priorities are obviously in order from the way I listed that.) 385 more words


Love in the Time of Cauliflower

Please marrow me, my beloved sweetpea,
so that we may beetroot to our hearts.
Lettuce have the courgette of our convictions
and our love elevated to Great Artichoke. 95 more words

Odds And Sods

Applause Limes

I quite regret the text I sent.
Those weren’t at all the words I meant.
I’m coming deeply to resent
Autocorrect. Clap flatulent!


Bad words

My Smart phone won’t prompt the word ‘suicide’.
What the duck… fuck.

I understand that making sure duck prompts first for the general population is a good thing, albeit frustrating. 367 more words

Suicide Loss