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A Child's Battle for a Normal Life--Update

From Rhonda….

Yesterday’s dressing change was a typical one – her being this sweet kid going in – then, in recovery, turning into this demon child! 317 more words


What is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease  where the immune system attacks its healthy tissues. This may cause inflammation, pain, swelling, and damage. Most common symptoms to Lupus patients include fatigue, fever, joint pain, extreme sun sensitivity, weight loss, hair loss and a lupus rash. 117 more words


Biohacking Tip 4: Qualitative Methods

Qualitative methods enable deep and detailed exploration.

When you are aiming for lasting transformative change through your biohacking experiments, that might be just what you need. 879 more words


This is what I feel like every day

And You Wonder....

Why I never get anything done.

So first of all, just disregard the oxygen tubes and machine I cart around.  Totally forget about the bag of pills, the order of bedrest, the spine fusing together, the two shunts I had put in my head over Christmas, the hearing aides,  the chemotherapy scars, and the crackling noise I make when I move.   496 more words


Fight, Flight or Faint? STRESS!

At some point in your life you learn to listen to that voice inside that gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and you weed through the BS you allow people to put you through. 1,142 more words


If You Can't Joke.

…then you will be crying.
A lot.

I can recall the first time I genuinely paid attention to a feminine product commercial on television. Watching several women congregating around a kitchen table, talking about their cramps and bloating, wondering aloud “Do women really talk about their personal business so freely?” 249 more words