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When you try to walk away from the pain of it all, but you find out after years of trying, it was never yours to disappear from in the first place. 235 more words

Autoimmune Disease

I woke up bloated again...6 weeks AIP

I woke up bloated again. I’m finding nothing I’ve tried worked for my body with reintroduction so far. That tells me my body isn’t ready. 229 more words

10 Ways to Feel Less Hopeless When Chronically Ill

“I just can’t keep going.”

“I feel completely hopeless.” 

“How can anyone live like this?”

These messages come to my inbox nearly every week from kids and teenagers who think PANS or Lyme is the end of the life they once loved; from adults who’ve been fighting for years, unsure how much longer they can go through the cycle of relapse, treatment, and recovery; and even from parents who are tired of being too strong for too long.

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Xyrem Vol. 6: One Year

I took my first dose of Xyrem 365 days ago TODAY.  Am I better? YES! Am i still sleepy? Yes.  About 2 months ago the reality of my narcolepsy set in: managing my sleepiness is, and always will be, something I work at every single day.  442 more words


Celiac and the Microbiome

I thought this was one of the more interesting and, in a way, hopeful stories I’ve read in the last few weeks.

Celiac is yet another autoimmune disease with a rising incidence in the industrialized world.   477 more words


AIP Journal DAY 17

BREAKFAST: Tea and Fruit bowl. Wasn’t very hungry this morning so kept it simple.

LUNCH: Coconut curry salmon soup with veggies and Kraut. Delicious!

DINNER:  22 more words


Spotlight on Scleroderma

Obtaining appropriate diagnosis, effective treatment, and quality care for autoimmune and chronic conditions is often quite challenging. If you have experienced such struggles, then you are not alone. 1,282 more words