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Weekend Report

After two days of prednisone, most of my joint pain has abated. My back is still killing me and my left shoulder isn’t yet healed. My useless bloodwork from Friday revealed mildly elevated c-reactive proteins, but that’s not helpful at all. 423 more words

Finding The Hummingbird in My Bear

Mental and physical health go hand in hand. Together they equalise the scale that balances our life. Unexpected events can tip the scales pulling our welfare far beneath the fulcrum. 634 more words

The Old Lady In My Bones

Day -1: Last day of chemo

Today was my fourth and last day of cyclophosphamide chemotherapy which will hopefully wipe out my old immune cells in the next few days. The doctors expect that I will enter a stage called neutropenia during this time–a dangerously low level of the blood cells that fight off infection. 331 more words

Act I

One woman show

Act I

I feel like I’m dying

I can’t live like this

Feel the breeze?

Everything will be ok

At least she has a mom… 71 more words

Oh yeah, you're that chick who passes out...

Please imagine the following:

“A girl murmurs next to you something about fainting, it isn’t or did she say it is a big deal? Next thing you know she slumps over and you hold her head perplexed. 1,641 more words

Timothy Bryce

Thursday night, Mr. V had an audition for a play at his college. He ended up needing to stay pretty late (which was great!), which meant that I spent a lot of the evening laying or sitting around on the floor of the Performing Arts building (weirdly, this building doesn’t have any seating inside, and outside is just concrete steps). 801 more words

Day -3: Labor pains? Really?

I slept pretty well last night despite the PICC line, and the day started early when the doctors came to give me my filgrastim shot and take another blood sample. 363 more words