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Rubbish weekend

So Friday is chemo day so I always know Saturdays are hard but it is completely ruining my weekend. I fell asleep at 9 on Friday night and didn’t when up until 11.30 on Saturday and did the same Saturday night. 620 more words

Case History: A Year With Acupuncture 40 y/o Male, 30+ Year History of Autoimmune Disorder

A Year With Acupuncture: Case history, 40 y/o male, 30+ year history of autoimmune disorder.

Sx’s: Diverticulitis, rheumatism with multiple joint pain, gout, anemia, fatigue, psoriasis, acne, rhinitis, migraines, fatty liver, stomach pain, night sweating, frequent sweat, dry mouth, burning tongue, mouth sores, metallic taste in mouth, swollen neck glands, eye redness and itching, diarrhea, irritability, easily stressed, propensity to anger. 536 more words

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Something to Smile About

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this absurd fear about my losing my teeth. It was probably fueled in my early years by the pressure of embarking on the vain and competitive career of acting, feeding into the idea that the only way to succeed was to look perfect. 725 more words

The Old Lady In My Bones

25 minutes to Create a Transformation

When you have your life completely upended by chronic illness, you get to really think about your life.

Why you’re here.

What it’s all for. 294 more words

Silently IT Lurks...

Everywhere I turns it’s there reminding me it has me in it’s grasps! Clawing at my skin leaving it red welts and vanishing before I anyone see IT. 204 more words

Myasthenia Gravis

Hands On Medicine

When I attended my first appointment with my current rheumatologist in 2013, I remember being surprised when he asked me to sit on the bed in his office so that he could do a physical examination. 786 more words



Sometimes I don’t understand how I am meant to function with this shitty disease. Both ankles and knees are bad and one leg can’t weight bear at all tonight. 258 more words