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Part Two: Keeping It Cool When Your Doctor's A Fool

(Continued from Part One).

Only after telling me of his certainty that my tachycardia, pain, and breathlessness were due to anxiety, did my cardiologist put a stethoscope to my chest.Once he actually examined me, he realized that my resting heart rate actually was as high as I had told him, reaching the 120s just when I was lying on the table. 575 more words


Delicious AIP smoothie

My health has hit an all time low. Between sinus infections every week and unbearable stomach pain, I’m just done. I would like to lose 30 pounds that I’ve gained over the years but between weight loss and health, I would much rather improve my health than my figure. 200 more words


A Running Update About Running

I haven’t updated much lately about my runs. There’s a good reason for that… I haven’t been running.

I came down with a nasty, nasty, nasty virus the day I finished my 40 mile December. 291 more words


Part One: Keeping It Cool When Your Doctor's A Fool

Today I am really having to work hard to not become discouraged. In order for me to explain today, let me backtrack to just under a week ago. 1,070 more words



They got a sample of my blood today. They do it every month. My doctor (rheumatologist) always checks my blood for any abnormalities that can pertain to my liver, kidney and others. 90 more words