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The Occupational Therapist came by today to trial a wheelchair for my transition home. They’re hoping to get me home early next week. I’m managing to sit up for short periods of time (5-10 minutes), after which I can feel the blood draining from my face, my muscles cramping and my headache intensifying. 391 more words

But You Don't Look Sick

Turning a Tide

Well – I had my follow up appointment last week. My doctor and I agreed that the Enbrel was actually making issues worse, which is great because I had spent 3 months trying to convince of that and finally I had enough and had to stop taking it after the pharmacist told me that if the Enbrel was causing plaques at the injection site, I needed to stop taking it. 319 more words

Gluten Free

My Sheldon Cooper Moments!

So having an autoimmune disorder causes you to pick up some habits that can be a bit absurd sometimes. I was never a germophobe and I still am not but I will say that during cold and flu season I am leading up to it you will be put on the do not call, write, email, or send telepathic thoughts list! 319 more words

Myasthenia Gravis

Today.... I might die.

April 2015- I’m not sure if the ER doc just wanted to wipe his hands clean of me or was truly concerned for me, but either way I was admitted to the hospital because despite all of the meds I had been given, I was still really sick and actually declining. 1,084 more words


RA & I are in a relationship!

I realised I’d posted an oddly worded comment in a group yesterday, saying “I’ve been with RA for about ten months”. I read it back and almost laughed, because it read like we were in a relationship. 524 more words



I’m brave because I transferred to the commode four times today. I’m brave because it exhausted me, and left me in pain, but I did it anyway. 182 more words

Chronic Illness