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Routinely Medications

Medications! If you’ve got an autoimmune disorder, you take medications. It’s just part of the deal. Unfortunately, most medications have side effects and special timeframes and restrictions on when you have to take them and what with. 483 more words


Something about Amy ...

In 2007 I was diagnosed with Lupus and ever since have struggled with life and the complications it throws at me. As a result I’ve had no end of stomach and, (dare I say it), bowel problems. 199 more words


Autoimmune Life: Sticking Together

Spoonie. Chances are, you’ve heard the term. Chances are, you’re a spoonie yourself. Spoonie refers to anyone who has a chronic illness. The word originates from Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory: 285 more words


Vasculitis Awareness Month

So I wasn’t sure whether or not to post about this, I don’t want to come across as whiney, but it is vasculitis awareness month, so I am going to share my experience. 1,023 more words


My Journey Through an Autoimmune Diet Day 1


As some of you may know, I have dermatitis. Growing up I always had some patches of eczema, but around the time I went college it started getting really bad. 602 more words


Tips for Gluten Free Beauty Products

Finding gluten free and autoimmune-safe beauty products can be quite a challenge.

While I do not personally use all GF products, as a Celiac, I am always conscious about going gluten free when I believe that there is a chance that the product will come in contact with my mouth, like in the case of lip products or hand creams. 225 more words


Butterscotches, Shoelaces and Lettuce Heads

“I had sailed along in life believing I would always be able to rip open a bag of crackers without effort, or tear away the snug cling-wrap sealed around cheese, produce and other perishable items. 367 more words

The Old Lady In My Bones