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Importance and Advantages of Unit Testing in Software Development

Meaning of Unit Testing

Unit testing is one of the sorts of programming testing types that fuse the fundamental testing stage where the most diminutive parts or the modules of writing computer programs are attempted only. 1,311 more words

Software Development

Selenium Software Testing Tool

Selenium IDE is a Firefox plug-in that can be used to automated testing services. Note that this plug-in works only in Firefox.

  • Selenium WebDriver is a robust and browser-based automation tool that can be used to execute regression test suits across different browsers, test phases and test environments.
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Case Study: The agile products and pricing engine driving all commerce at Sky and NowTV

As a mission-critical, core component of Sky’s infrastructure, powering multiple front-ends, content management systems and various routes to market, the multi-channel Products and Pricing engine handles thousands of sophisticated business rules to evaluate customer profiles and baskets. 1,152 more words

Automated Testing

A Small Case Study in Test Automation (and other things)

I’m trying to walk a line here in this post between avoiding specifics about a client project for obvious reasons, but providing enough detail to make this post worthwhile for that client. 2,551 more words

Automated Testing

12+ Automated Testing Tools for Web Applications 2020

With the rapid adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies in recent years, the way how we test web applications has completely changed today. Unlike previously where we used to manually test a web application, testing nowadays is performed by a computerized system to save time and get faster, more accurate results. 86 more words