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PowerShell - Book review of : Windows PowerShell Best Practices

Last week I completed PowerShell Deep Dives which got me excited again to read more about PowerShell. As such, I continued reading the next book on my reading list: Windows PowerShell Best Practices by Microsoft Scripting Guy  287 more words


PowerShell - Book review of : PowerShell Deep Dives

I’ve had the book PowerShell Deep Dives laying around since August 2013. I had read some parts of it because I follow many of the great PowerShell community members that contributed to it. 487 more words


Introduction to PowerShell - Also relevant for NON Microsoft administrators

Today I had the privilege that many colleagues of mine from Open Line decided to sacrifice their free time and attend my session: “Introduction to PowerShell – Also relevant for NON Microsoft administrators” 168 more words


PowerShell - Get photos / images / pictures matching meta data tags

I’ve created a script Get-PhotoByTag that:

  1. Gets the tags for all photos / pictures / images in a folder.
  2. Gathers their meta data including tags.
  3. 165 more words

PowerShell - Using PowerShell 5 to automate the installation of your favorite Windows applications

In this blog post I will explain why to automate installations of Windows applications and how you can do this.

Why automate the installation of applications? 581 more words


PowerShell - Manage printers

At work a colleague of mine was looking to modify printer permissions on a Server 2008 R2 terminal server using PowerShell. And to be honest, it was more difficult to do than I had expected. 96 more words


VMware - PowerShell script to get (storage)vmotion history

Even though I’ve always liked VMWare vSphere, I thought the events and informational messages weren’t always as helpful as they could be.

One of the common things I want to know are the vmotions and storage vmotions that have taken place. 43 more words