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Auto Start and Stop Your EC2 Instances using a Script

Are you board from manually starting and stopping your AWS instances? If your answers is yes, don’t worry. Here is a small script that I wrote that will help you overcome this little. 237 more words

How To

It is sometimes useful to quickly check if the URL is a valid HTTP request or returns a valid code when clicked on it. Below is the code that navigates through the links in a webpage and returns if its valid or invalid HTTP request.


Connect Batch of Azure VMs to Log Analytics (OMS) via PowerShell

So, you have a bunch of Virtual Machines (VMs) in Azure, and didn’t used an ARM template, and now need to connect the VMs to Log Analytics (OMS). 181 more words


Takin’ Care of Business - A Different Facet of Automation

In 1973, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, aka BTO, released its Bachman-Turner Overdrive II album. This album included the single Takin’ Care of Business. Most of us have heard this song in some setting or other; its memorable chorus can be quite the earworm: 312 more words


Test Automation Tips!

Even the most conscientious tester will make mistakes during monotonous manual testing. Automated tests perform the same steps precisely every time they are executed and never forget to record detailed results.  147 more words


What you need to know about intent-based networking

In a nutshell, IBN is about giving network administrators the ability to define what they want the network to do, and having an automated network management platform create the desired state and enforce policies. 8 more words