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Automation is good- Jobless loses to automation is progress.

2017 bots are slowly taking over.

2016 has an interesting article on the internet quoting IT is doomed by 2020.

2014 saw advanced mobile technology and way individuals interacted with brands.

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5 Logistics Trends of 2017

With the internet, logistics market is growing rapidly with every passing second. Companies are reaching out for more and more ways to satisfy their customers giving the way to many technologies that are beginning to transform the industry. 468 more words


Automating Android auto-sync toggle while charging

My older Nexus tablet is slow when toggling WiFi so I disabled accounts auto-sync, but needed a solution to auto enable when charging.

So I found an automation app… 11 more words


How to Use HubSpot CRM and Zapier to Close More Deals

Use the HubSpot CRM-Zapier integration to automatically create contacts and manage companies and deals automatically

Sourced through Scoop.it from: zapier.com

started using zapier this week and highly recommend it!

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Digital Kiosks will Replace Many McDonald's Cashiers

You may want to dust-off your resume and search elsewhere if you work at or were considering working at McDonald’s.

The company has announced that it is installing digital kiosks starting this year. 348 more words

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rbvami - Managing the vCSA VAMI using Ruby

I have been putting together a module for managing vCSA’s VAMI using Ruby. This uses the vCenter 6.5 REST API, and the long term plan is to build it out to cover the entire REST API. 50 more words