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Chi / Larissa Face Detection #12 - Building & Training Convolutional Neural Network (AWS)


Note that this same notebook crashed my laptop when I tried to train my CNN, so I’m migrating this onto AWS. This notebook’s code is a similar copy of the previous notebook in this series except for this preface and the section after the model has been successfully trained. 2,031 more words


Database Mail

Requirement: SMTP server (potentially configured for relay)

Database mail profiles may be private or public.

Profiles provide limitations on attachment extensions and attachment size.

Calls msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail… 20 more words

Automation: SQL Agent Jobs and Alerts

Automation: Agent Jobs

Basic job architecture:

  • Jobs
  • Steps and subsystems
    • T-SQL
    • CMD Exec
    • Windows PowerShell
    • SSIS
    • Analysis Services
  • Schedules
  • Operators

Job Step Security

T-SQL job steps: 137 more words

Standard Configurations and Security hardening: OS level

Linux has in-built security model in place by default and is thus considered very secure. Even better if you tune it up and customize as per your need because that would make your system more secure. 3,009 more words


Preventing your web server from brute force attacks using fail2ban.

NGINX is the one of the world’s most popular open source web server and load balancer for high-traffic sites, so it is important to protect your website and users from brute-force attacks. 1,108 more words


Managing Docker Containers

Docker is world’s leading software container platform and developers use docker to eliminate “it works on my machine” problem , once and for all.

Docker Container is similar to a virtual machine where the application is packed in a container and deployed on any host server standalone. 864 more words