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Home Automation is the Future.

As everyone knows smartphones took place of our many day-to-day appliances like a newspaper, alarm, watch, etc. Technology is growing at its best speed right now and Home automation is the new trend that everyone wants in their home. 41 more words

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Preventing DevOps Failures

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DevOps is a culture, a philosophy that is being practiced by many companies around the world to increase the productivity, reduce costs, and boost the company’s overall revenue. 29 more words

"What's exercise?" a question about the future of work

Let’s imagine you somehow got your hands on a working DeLorean – and took a trip back to the not-too-distant past of the pre-industrialised world. And when you arrived, you sat down with someone and asked them this simple question over a semi-dirty glass of water at their kitchen table. 682 more words


Robots are not the cause of unemployment

PricewaterhouseCoopers (dba PwC) researched and wrote a report that said over a third of jobs in the United States were ripe to be replaced by… 320 more words


Automating the Windows Desktop Calculator's UI using Winium

Ever since I learned how to use Selenium to automate browsers and web applications a few years back, I’ve wondered from time to time whether I can use the same process or technology to automate Windows desktop applications via its user interface. 285 more words

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Create a Business Group in vRealize Automation 7

Our next step in the initial setup of vRA 7 after creating our fabric group, is to create a business group. A business group associates a set of services and resources to a set of users, often corresponding to a line of business, department, or other organizational unit. 309 more words


What Apple's acquisition of Workflow means for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch automation

”When I wrote ‘Workflow Is the Next Step for iOS Automation‘ (21 December 2014), I had no idea how literal that title would prove to be,” Josh Centers writes for TidBITS. 213 more words