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Coping with changing object id's

Sometimes you might be running automation on more than one branch on code. For example, it’s pretty common to be running some smoke tests on the ‘Development’ or ‘Integration’ branch and also be running tests on ‘Master’. 212 more words

Test Automation

Creating a news aggregator in python 3.5

I’m am going to create a news aggregator in python over the comming weeks. Follow me so I can see the interest. I will document, record and distribute my knowledge. 24 more words

Jinja2 and... Powershell? Automation(ish) Microsoft DHCP

Most of us have home labs, right?

I’m in the middle of doing some zero touch provisioning testing, and I had the need to create a bunch of DHCP scopes and reservations, some with scope specific options, and some with client specific options.  734 more words


Buyer Personas for Inbound Marketing Part 1 - Creation

Knowing what motivates your target buyers is essential for building a successful inbound marketing effort and for increasing sales.  This 2 part blog series will discuss what is a buyer persona, why you need to create personas and how to create them.  803 more words


As a software tester, do I need to learn about automation?

Testers regularly ask, “Do I need to learn automation skills?”.

Let’s step back for a minute and put this another way, “Do I need to learn how to drive a car?”. 1,040 more words

Software Testing

Áp dụng BDD cho dự án Agile (phần 2)

Sáng sớm ngủ dậy làm tiếp bài viết về cái BDD nào 

Như bài viết trước thì mình đã giới thiệu tổng quan cho 500 anh em thế nào là BDD, tác dụng của BDD còn nay thì sẽ tiếp tục nói về cách áp dụng BDD nhé :3 Tool sử dụng đó là quả dưa chuột (Cucumber) 1,568 more words


Secret 2 Testing

Good Morning!

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