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True Equality Means Universal Basic Income

You can argue all day about the meaning of equal rights in Britain.

For example, the old debate about equal pay for women in the workplace has been long since superceded by virtue-signalling conversations about BAME/LBGT/Trans quotas, unacceptable speech policies, ageism, carers rights, paternity/maternity leave and the generally shameful lip service paid to candidates with disabilities. 888 more words


Tự động cập nhật thông tin thời tiết (Trở thành chuyên gia hệ thống cùng Siêu sò phần 4)

Xin chào mọi người!

Nay mình đã trở lại sau 2 bài viết đầy tính chất cao siêu và khó hiểu đối với đa số đại chúng :v  819 more words


Quick Take On The Automation And Basic Income Topic

A lot of articles making the rounds about how it’s great that we soon may become a society where we won’t have to work due to automation, and where we might be given a… 342 more words


12V, 20A Solar DC Water Pump Timer - Controller

This Pump Timer – Controller will start and stop your DC pump for predefined time intervals. It will also regulate the water level in your water storage tank and will protect your dc pump for dry running in the water well. 126 more words


Guest Post by Synergist: 'The Future Will Be Machine Readable'

This is a guest post by Mladen Stific, co-founder and CTO of Berlin-based Synergist.io, a pioneering legal tech start-up reinventing the way legal contracts are negotiated, mediated and agreed upon. 1,066 more words


3 Reasons to Automate Software Testing

You’re not a true developer if you don’t firmly believe that software is capable of anything. If you do believe this, then, why can’t software test a software? 300 more words

Data Acquisition System

Let’s Build A Framework – Day 2.5

Despite my best efforts we fell a little behind in the last 2 sessions.  So to catch us up to where I wanted to be on our final day we mae this Day 2.5 session post.   1,626 more words