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During President Obama’s farewell address he stated that “the next wave of economic dislocations won’t come from overseas. It will come from the relentless pace of automation that makes a lot of good middle class jobs obsolete.” He then advocated for a new social compact for future generations of Americans that would ensure them the education they would need to be able to… 988 more words


Automation etc.

I mentioned in my 2016 reading round-up that I hadn’t yet had a crack at Martin Ford’s The Rise of the Robots. I finally put that right the other week, and the book prompted many, many thoughts. 838 more words


Creating an image with 2 Managed Disks for VM Scale Set

We talked about Managed Disks, now let’s use them.

Let’s create an image from an OS + Data disk & create a Scale Set with that image. 3,264 more words


Automation is coming for you too

We all think we’re less likely to be affected by misfortune than other people. This is such a phenomena that psychologists have a name for it: … 131 more words

Avoid The Automation Language Barrier

Most developers who have used multiple programming languages have a love/hate relationship with at least one of those languages, myself included. Sure, there are some zealots out there that insist “Language X” is the best language ever, but I’ve found that some languages are more appropriate in some contexts than others. 653 more words


Charging pads and surfaces

As computers get smaller, screens get bigger, appliances get smarter, let’s focus our attention a bit on charging all these things. There has been talk for a very long time of the disappearance of cables. 118 more words


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