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Code smartly to avoid exceed AWS request rate

Have your http calls ever been throttled by AWS? If not, congratulations! And if you are curious about what it looks like, here you go: 419 more words


The first of the new breed ultra-small 6mm and 8mm DC servo motors arrive in Australia

Close inspection of the gear motor combination reveals the extent of motor customisations possible, normally for niche hand built servo motor and gearhead combinations that the Swiss engineers have become famous for. 171 more words

DC Servo Motor, Robotics, Automation

Jenkins Part 8: Trigger a downstream Job or Workflow with Hand-over of Parameters

This blog post will lead you through the steps how to trigger a downstream Freestyle job or Pipeline workflow from an upstream Freestyle project. We will also show how to pass a parameter from Freestyle project to the downstream workflow or job. 834 more words


The Best Web Callback Software Phone Call Capture Tools Suite

Using a web callback software for your business is a smart marketing strategy. This sales automation tech is a proven method to increase sales leads in the form of phone calls coming into the business from new prospects. 44 more words

Automation, Robots, and Job Losses Could Make Universal Income a Reality

The rise of automation and resulting job losses could force the federal government to guarantee some income for everyone, but that won’t happen for years or even decades, according to some academics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 522 more words


Plant Where Trump Mislead Americans about Saving Jobs, Plans Layoffs before Christmas

In December of 2016, Carrier, the heating and air conditioning company, decided not to move a large number of it jobs from its Indianapolis furnace factory to Mexico. 393 more words

Week 7

This week the project has been completed and documentation remains only to be officially signed by the appropriate authorities within the project team.

It looks like the next project that I’ll be assigned to is WFI or Water For Injection which seems to be quite an interesting project and having so far mostly worked on the document control side of a project there is a strong possibility I’ll get to begin coding.