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Inside the virtual workforce: an army of software robots revolutionising enterprise innovation

Despite decades of investments in IT, knowledge work has been largely unaffected by productivity technologies up to this point. However, the landscape is quickly changing, due largely to the rise of the virtual workforce, and specifically, robots, who are able to efficiently and seamlessly complete mundane, process oriented tasks. 748 more words

Automating your NMS build using Python and Restful APIs Part 2 - Adding Devices though Auto-Discovery

This is the second in a series of posts where I’ll be using a RESTful API to automate a bunch of the initial deployment functions within my NMS. 1,477 more words


Servo Solutions for Mobile Automation Challenges. On-Demand Webinar

YouTube Video-  57minutes

With automation expanding out of the factory, machine builders are faced with a varying set of new challenges. Mobile platforms, such as unmanned systems, are expected to operate in extreme environments and carry their own power source; all while being light weight and compact. 126 more words


The Future Castes Of America

“Jon” over at unz.com describes the future castes of America. He links to two bloggers that exemplify two types of Whites that will attempt to tell the truth about the ruling class and how they will be written off as “conspiracy theorists” or otherwise badthinkers. 786 more words

C03 - PROFINET for Machine Builders and OEMs

PROFINET is widely accepted and well proven in plant engineering.

This is because a lot of PROFINET functions were defined in close collaboration with customers and are used now in many applications. 264 more words


Designing for autonomy – what are the parameters for success in designing a self-driving car?

By Nick Reed, TRL

The technology to deliver automation of vehicles is developing rapidly. However, at present, most of the concepts we see for automated road vehicles follow broadly conventional vehicle design approaches. 621 more words

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Create to survive!

“Innovate or die.” I have heard this phrase so many times that it no longer has any impact. Yes, I believe it, but I see so many instances when innovation activities are crushed because it is not one of our “current priorities.” The first nail in the coffin… 329 more words