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What is the Future of Employment in America?

I’ve written a lot about the effects of outsourcing and immigration on American workers. But what effect will automation have on US workers? Additionally, what can be done about it? 311 more words

Mass Automation - The future of employment

Last week, iPhone manufacturer Foxconn announced that they would be replacing 60,000 human workers with robots. The change is due to increased labour costs, as previously cheap and exploitable migrant wages become more expensive. 679 more words


And the winner is..

When someone talks about DevOps (including me off course) , you should be aware that you need a provisioning tool, an there are some few around there. 141 more words


The Horsepower War

I chuckle at the ridiculous horsepower figures given for the latest internet supercars.

(To make a long story short, the limitations of tires if nothing else means that increased engine power will pass the point of diminishing returns before it reaches the theoretical limit.) 240 more words


Salesforce: Preserve Related Lists and Chatter on Lead Conversion

In Salesforce, lead management allows your marketing and sales teams to market, qualify, and build your sales pipeline with prospective customers. Once qualified then a lead can be… 811 more words


Foxconn lays off 60,000 factory workers, replaces them with robots

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Foxconn lays off 60,000 factory workers, replaces them with robots


Apple and Samsung supplier Foxconn says that it has cut 60,000 jobs at one of its factories and replaced them with robots, a move that is part of an ongoing process to automate many of the manufacturing tasks in its operations. 312 more words


Let's scrap old and embrace new

MCR (Modernhome Concepts Realized) is introducing in India a new method of home building which is smart and is for future. Let us scrap old methods and embrace new ones so we build for future for smart generations to come. 22 more words