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Hello world

recently I find that company behind WordPress – Automattic, is hiring for¬†JavaScript Engineer¬†position. Soon, I started to explore more about work at Automattic. All of what I read fits to me, except one – “Great communication skills”. 38 more words


A Lucid Dreamer's intro

Hi there, internet person!

I gave this brief talk last year at our company’s meetup in Whistler, British Columbia. While it is short, I think it gives a good introduction into lucid dreaming for those looking to experiment a little (though please excuse the excessive use of commas :) ). 636 more words

My 3 Words for 2017

Just as I did last year, and after seeing the great results that I got, here is my post with my 3 words for 2017. 854 more words


One Blog to Rule Them All

I killed my Tumblr account last night. I know – I’ve done it before. Last night felt like the final time though, because it wasn’t so much about me, as the platform. 630 more words


Top Tips for Working Remotely

If you work remotely or have considered it, you’ve most likely seen lots of advice about how to do it successfully, including how you should dress like you’re going into an office or have a whole room dedicated for your office space. 647 more words


Dan's blog is now dans.blog

Thanks to Automattic being the registrar for .blog domain names, I was able to get the domain dans.blog, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a lot easier to remember than iamdanjohnson.wordpress.com :) 82 more words


Howdy Harare

Four weeks ago I was on my way to a foreign country for the third time in one year. But no 28-hour flight to a different continent this time. 379 more words

Assorted Hammers