Superbowl XLIX Car ADs: preview

With Superbowl 2015 upon us in just three days (FEB 1, 2015) here’s a sneak peak at one of the many car commercials to debut during the… 27 more words

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Expelled, Suspended and Unexcused

Many states require certain public school reports be posted through public notices.  Happily for some of us the notices do not include our individual grade reports. 176 more words




          Judging from Acura‘s recent advertising campaigns, the company understands the changing perceptions of luxury and, more importantly, the growing market of young middle-class luxury consumers.  150 more words

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          These recent ads by BMV don’t pull any punches.  Incredibly simple yet effective, they focus not on the luxury attributes of the car or even a specific target market but on the fact that BMWs are fun and can be customized to fit the personality of the individual consumer.    171 more words

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          There’s something refreshing about these Bentley ads.  Though some might find both the print ad and the TV commercial highly offensive, at least Bentley tells us everything about the type of consumer it targets right up front.  201 more words

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          Another candidate for the “Just Plain Wrong’ category, the Jaguar “Gorgeous” campaign suggests that beauty represents the single most important characteristic not only in a car but in a person.  128 more words

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