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How to Deal With Fear When Having Your First E Bike Ride?

First time riders of two wheelers tend to experience some kind of fear or a lack of confidence. However, you need not worry about it a lot, as it is a common feeling shared by almost all the first time users barring a very few exceptions. 328 more words

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Become Better Rider with These E Bikes

The joy of riding a two wheeler is a lot different from driving a four wheeler. Offering greater maneuverability to the rider, permitting users to safely weave in and out of traffic, a two wheeler is suitable for congested city traffic. 327 more words

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These Accessories Can Make Your Electric Scooter Stand Out

It’s easy to see why the electric scooter for adults has become very popular recently. This practical mode of transportation is really easy to operate, is ideal for travelling in small cities, and is also light. 287 more words

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Safety Tips to Newbies for Riding E-Bike

Having an electric bike will allow you to easily get around the city, save money, as well as help conserve the environment. E-bikes seem harmless, and they sure are fun to ride. 290 more words

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2018 Cars: Trends Geared Toward Real Estate

Next year’s vehicle lineup introduces new safety features, autonomous driving capability, and improved fuel economy—all of which affects how you interact with clients in the car. 78 more words

KIA Soul from Russ Darrow Wauwatosa Review.

We bought a KIA Soul from Russ Darrow Wauwatosa in 2015.  It is basically a good car with some problems.

The central control console goes totally blank on rare occasions except when it is at the dealership for maintenance.  313 more words

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