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Ask the Car Chicks: What technology should I have in my car?

Brooke checks out all of the latest and greatest tech gadgets when it comes to the automobile industry. To get more information, go here.  20 more words

The Place

042/366 - McLaren

Disclaimer: up until a couple days ago, I had no idea what a McLaren was. Granted, I admit that this is a really beautiful car, but — honestly — I don’t and can’t really appreciate this machine. 31 more words


A Throwback in Time

Vintage car at the 2014 Car Show at Batso Village (click the link for a bit of history). I am not sure what type of car this is but it is a… 21 more words


The Fonz's Motorcycle From "Happy Days" is Currently For Sale

You might be too young for “Happy Days” or you just might not really remember watching it.  However, there’s a pretty good chance that you know of “The Fonz,” who was a super cool dude that starred on the show.   38 more words


Google Patented A Self-Driving Delivery Truck

According to a reported by Quartz Just patented a “autonomous delivery platform”. That gives a hint that in future we can see some self-driving tech from Google. 129 more words