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Mercedes Benz® Sports Car BOGO Two-fer

The showroom display seems to say “Buy One Red Mercedes Benz® Convertible, Get One Free.” Though admittedly the second is a slightly smaller model. But such a deal does solve another “Rich Person’s Problem” … how to keep your kid ahead of and looking richer than the Jones. 207 more words

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Mercedes-Benz® Miniature Custom Car Cover

Rich person problem … “How to keep dust off your Mercedes Benz® while in your garage?” For surely if you can afford the Mercedes you can afford the garage to start with. 539 more words

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People I Hate #289 (In A Series)

Who: The guy who accompanies his car’s turn signal with hand signals.

Why: It’s unnecessary, it’s pointless and it’s distracting. When I’m driving, I take note of a car’s turn signal with an almost perfunctory sense. 74 more words


Trouble with the Fox

So its been a few months since I have posted, but we left off where I traded my 2000 Integra for a notchback Mustang. It had full bolt ons a mild cam suspension etc, etc. 118 more words


Who Doesn't Love Mozart?

Classical music.

Some despise and refuse to learn more about it. Some like it but don’t know enough to understand it. Some just don’t get it although they’ve tried. 560 more words

ATEC 2321

Torque vs. Horsepower

There are many misconceptions about horsepower and torque but the truth is that you need both. Torque is the pulling power a car has and how quickly the car accelerates and horsepower is torque multiplied by speed. 89 more words