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The Love Bug - VW Beetle

Fine food, Finer profession and the finest car is what I would love and genuinely automatic transmission is a blessing for a girl in her 20’s who loves to multi-task, explore and live life to its fullest. 449 more words

2017 jaguar f-pace review and prices Dubai UAE

The all-new F-PACE is a five-seater with a spacious, luxurious interior featuring the premium materials, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail that that gives every Jaguar its unique sense of occasion. 1,453 more words

The Award Winning Jeep Patriot

When in BC travel in Jeep Patriot, one of the most popular drives in the area. However, it is not just popular but has also proven its mettle in the past with various awards and titles in its kitty. 298 more words


Samsung’s ‘Safety Truck’ Shows The Road Ahead On Screen So Drivers Can Pass It

Semi-trailers are dangerous and stressful obstacles when drivers try to pass them, so Samsung has come up with a great way to make things a little bit easier for other drivers; they’ve attached giant TVs to the back so that drivers can see the road ahead before trying to pass. 140 more words


UK Is Testing Roads That Charge Electric Cars As They Drive

Imagine never having to pull over to fuel your car. This is exactly what Highways England is planning to implement for drivers of electric vehicles. Automobiles would be fitted with wireless technology and then driven on roads with special electromagnetic field generating equipment buried underneath. 197 more words


Elevated Bus That Drives Above Traffic Jams

China’s traffic jams are legendary. One jam even has its own Wikipedia page dedicated to it (China National Highway 110 traffic jam. Look it up). But the country’s epic gridlock problems might soon be a thing of the past if plans for this amazing elevated bus go ahead. 125 more words


Why Ally Auto Leasing Sucks.

First of all, why do people tell people off by telling them to suck moosecock? According to Canadian legend, the moose has one of the largest and ugliest members of all land-based mammals. 1,224 more words