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The Cities that are Car-free are Carefree

Every time I catch sight of an adult riding a bicycle I feel my despair for the future of mankind waning; the feeling continues to grow, till it collides with the befouling air emitted by thousands of automobiles scattered on the streets, honking their way out of traffic jams. 595 more words

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Multi Point Fuel Injection System

Historically, machines and vehicles have made use of carburetor for delivering fuel to the engine. The carburetor, however, is an intricate item of machinery and became popular due to the demand of engines for specific circuits and… 381 more words


Gallardo Parts Manual Online for a Convenient Maintenance

With visible sharp and innovative design Lamborghini Gallardo is an exotic fleet, which can give riders a speed and thrilling driving experience. All versions of Lamborghini Gallardo have both the speed and spirit of a fighting bull, which possess all most all features of supercars. 414 more words


Bugatti Vision GT煉成幕後秘辛!

Bugatti為賽車遊戲《Gran Turismo》而設計的概念車Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo由虛擬遊戲變成真實。這台超跑是如何變成實實在在可以在路面行走的超跑?《Gran Turismo》製作人山内一典更在影片登場親述這次的合作。



The Coming of the Automobile

Another great story about William B Lippincott is this one again told by my father Everett L. Rogers.

Great Grandpa’s New Automobile

This is a story told to me by my grandfather, William J. 729 more words

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Drive 4 UR Community with STEMaction

Through Ford Motor Company’s new program called Drive 4 UR Community, which is designed to help raise much-needed funding for local community groups and nonprofit organizations, Academy Ford will raise up to $6,000 for STEMaction programs this Saturday Oct 10th from 9am- 2Pm at Capitol technology University right here in Laurel. 231 more words