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Purolator Products, Inc.

Purolator has been manufacturing, marketing and distributing oil filters for engines since 1923. Ernest Sweetland and George H. Greenhalgh patented the first automotive oil filtration system. 73 more words

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Tips To Choose An Appropriate Automotive Oil

Automotive oil is mainly used to reduce friction and lubricate parts of the engine. This in turn helps to improve the performance of the engine. There are basically three types of motor oil which includes synthetic, conventional and synthetic blend. 340 more words

Automotive Products

Types And Features Of Lubrication System

Majority of the machines require different types of lubrication systems so that it can function effectively and smoothly. The life, function and durability of a machine depend solely on proper lubrication. 325 more words

Automotive Products

Styles Of Three Wheeler Vehicles Available Online

Three wheelers are basically vehicles with three wheels. There are different types of three wheeler vehicles. Some of the most common types of three wheelers are auto rickshaws, motorcycles and cycle rickshaws. 322 more words

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Various Problems Associated With Cylinder Head

Cylinder head is a part of the internal combustion engine. Different types of engine have different cylinder heads. The main function of a cylinder head is to seal up the combustion chambers in the engine. 310 more words

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Lubrication System And Types Of Lubricating Oils

Lubrication system is one of the most important components of a machine. These systems facilitate in the input of lubricating oils into the machine for better and smooth operation. 327 more words

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Understanding Different Parts Of The Diesel Engine

Diesel engines are among the most widely used engines in most of the automobiles these days. It has a number of beneficial features compared to the petrol engines. 329 more words

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