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a dodged bullet and lessons learned!

My body doesn’t handle stress very well.  Since my autonomic nervous system and adrenals don’t function as they should, I recently found out how dangerous stress can be.   534 more words


Blog 27: Let the fear fall away- Intolerable sensations and addiction.

Thanks to my tech savvy sister, I  have recently joined twitter! As all new experiences do, it has really stimulated creativity. (Unfortunately, I also felt the rush of anxiety that accompanies the experience of doing something new for the first time.) But I have learned from experience, if you stay focused on the creativity and keep at it, the anxiety will drop away. 807 more words

Scooter Sagas

What do they pump into the air at Walmart? I avoid that store like the plague. It always makes me sick and most other chronically ill people I know have similar experiences! 799 more words



This past week I performed in my school’s theatre production of “Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.” I have been actively involved in the theatre department since my freshmen year, but this show came with more fear than the previous ones. 214 more words


Blog 26- Part 2: Nike, the serenity prayer, and stress physiology!

Part 2 – The Serenity Prayer

Part 1 of this blog addressed Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It” (JDI), and how it beneficially impacts our physiology. Today’s blog will make more sense if you read part 1. 646 more words

Physiology of Fainting

It often is rather scary to witness a real, live faint, especially if it involves a loved one.

The fainter turns white as a ghost or ashen grey, their eyes glaze over or even roll back, and then their whole body goes limp.

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