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Speak in big crayons to me~

I understand that medical terminology is big words with fancy explanations. They are expensive words, doctors pay a lot of money to be able to toss them around with importance… 350 more words

Chronic Illness, Invisible Illness, Adrenal Insufficiency, Fibromyalgia, Health, Myofascial Pain, Insomnia

IBS: How can diarrhoea and constipation coexist in the same illness

This is one of the biggest mysteries of IBS.  Alternating diarrhoea and constipation is a well known subset of IBS, but it is not always balanced.  860 more words

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Blog 45: Pleasure Part 3-Exercise:Tell me what you love!

So here is a great  exercise I learned at a Tara Brach conference. Tara Brach She is truly an amazing teacher and human being. This exercise is a great way to feel Enjoyment and Pleasure. 407 more words

POTS on paper..

I think it is only fair for me to post a few clinical definitions of POTS before I start gibbering away about my own personal experiences. 245 more words


POTS attacks & the 'hokey cokey'

First rule of thumb for typing these posts, I have just learned, is to remind myself to do the ‘hokey cokey and shake it all about’. 488 more words


This is my POTS...

I’m not quite sure I am doing here. So bear with me ha ha.

This is my POTS blog. My personal experience of POTS.

To be honest, I am still in the process of discovering what POTS  is and what, if any of my symptoms, are in fact – to do with POTS.  249 more words


ANS: Receptors without innervation

Some receptors that respond to autonomic drugs, however, receive no innervation, like:

  • Muscarinic receptors in the endothelium of blood vessels
  • Some pre-synaptic receptors