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What It's Like to Live With a Sick Person

I debated whether to call this post “What It’s Like to Live with a Sick Person” or “What It’s Like to Live With a Sick, Crazy Person,” because I’m sure there are people out there doing a much better job of living with their chronic illnesses and chronic pain than I am. 1,977 more words

2017 in Review

I stopped writing on this blog for a while because sometimes I try to run from my POTS identity. It is so much easier to be a normal college student participating in everything than a chronically ill person that has to follow a strict regime. 739 more words


Stressing Out About Stress: The Issue of Chronic Stress and the Cure

Technology is a useful thing. For instance, I sit here writing this on my iPad. Meanwhile, I have Spotify playing on my phone through a cheap Bluetooth speaker. 1,060 more words

Random Thoughts

Visual Processing Disorder

As I have stated on here before (and in the video I made) Sara has been diagnosed with a Visual Processing Disorder –  visual processing disorder refers to a hindered ability to make sense of information taken in through the eyes. 697 more words

Learning Disorders

Stress and inflammation: the missing link for IBS?

Is IBS  all in the mind or all in the gut?  Is it mainly the effect of stress or might infection, inflammation or disturbances in the colonic micro-biome be major factors.   1,431 more words

Autonomic Nervous System

Working with babies, mothers and pregnancy; therapeutic touch.

What is Craniosacral therapy (CST) and how can it support working with babies, mothers and pregnancy. CST is a nurturing and calming approach to healthcare, the treatment process is gentle and supportive to the physical and emotional needs of the individual.   429 more words