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Dopamine - how it keeps your motivation flowing

The source of motivation begins in the brain where nerve transmitters pass chemical messages to keep us alert and on task.

Dopamine is the primary neurotransmitter that plays a role in motivation. 379 more words

The silent world of our bodies - do we take it all for granted?

The extra ordinary making of you  countdown to life.

This BBC programme charts the intricate and precise alignment of everything in our body from conception, which  gives us perfect balance – organs, muscles, skin, brain, skeletal, neurology, blood and lymph systems.   255 more words


All Change for IBS

Shirley had written to me for advice about the dreadful abdominal cramps that were associated with her constipation.  The following day she wrote again.  ‘Thank you for your response regarding my pain and constipation.   689 more words

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Grey Area

Two weeks ago I learned my latest blood results that showed multiple systemic infections and other things. If you missed that read it here. Two of the things that came up were low B12 and gluten intolerance and I told my GP I wanted to rule out celiac disease. 879 more words

Chronic Illness

rollin in my 6-4...

You may remember from my last post that I purchased a new set of wheels for my birthday a few weeks ago. I had been dreading taking my shiny new ride out for a spin in public for reasons I understood but didn’t want to acknowledge.  906 more words

Chronic Illness

Emotions - are they serving you in a way you would like?

Emotions are specific and intense psychological and physical reactions to a particular event.

What Are Emotions?
Emotions, often called feelings, include experiences such as love, hate, anger, trust, joy, panic, fear, and grief. 409 more words


Update: College Life

Hello bloggers! I have not posted in a very long time, and I apologize. It’s not because I was so out of it I couldn’t type, like had been the case. 236 more words