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Fight or flight gets joined by f---, pee, & poop

Just a few days ago, I wrote a post about a very unusual occurrence: a serious change in a fundamental piece of neuroanatomy. To recapitulate, Jean Francois Brunet and his colleagues, including lead author Isabel Espinosa–Medina, used a modern molecular approach to show that the autonomic motor neurons in the sacral cord share their characteristics with the sympathetic motor neurons in the thoracic cord and not with the parasympathetic motor neurons in the hindbrain. 972 more words

Brain Anatomy

A Prince for a Princess

Warning: This post may sound sappy.

Over a year ago, I met a guy named Marcus. As I soon as I saw him, I was hooked. 477 more words


What is the Autonomic Nervous System?

Hi Potsie Friends,

It was helpful for me to understand the autonomic nervous system better and I hope this blog post will bring clarity for you as well. 253 more words

Briefing-Time to Check in

In the dispatching world briefing is pretty dang important.  Especially when you take over the radio console and have ongoing calls already happening (which is almost always).  517 more words


T-VAM Information

I wanted to raise awareness for those of you suffering from Dysautonomia about a procedure I had almost a year ago. I wrote about it briefly in my… 135 more words

Autonomic Nervous System

Finding Balance in a Work Obsessed Culture

“The body knows the truth. The truth is there is a healthier, more sustainable way to live that everyone has access to.”

Feeling a powerful pull to go inward, I take a break.

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Subtle Activism

Polyvagal Theory, Fight, Freeze or Engage

The autonomic nervous system is a control system that regulates bodily functions, over which we have no control such as the heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response etc. 438 more words