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It turns out that being mildly stressed all day long is worse than experiencing occasionally big stresses that you get over quickly.

Ten minutes of slow breathing … read more

Faster Is Slower

Coherent breathing is a very simple breathing technique of taking 5 breaths per minute. The purpose of this type of breathing is to increase heart rate variability (HRV).

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Therapeutic Presence

Part 2: Making New Associations: Moving from Scarcity to Plenty

So I was running on the beach today, listening Def Leppard, like you do, and a song caught my attention, as an good example for our blog today. 1,054 more words

Treating Fluoroquinolone Anxiety

Free-floating, often severe, anxiety is a common symptom of fluoroquinolone toxicity.

Fluoroquinolones thoroughly mess up GABA neurotransmitters, and GABA “plays the principal role in reducing neuronal excitability throughout the nervous system… 655 more words

Hacking Fluoroquinolone Toxicity via the Nervous System

I recently read Hacking the Nervous System, about how vagus nerve tone is connected to chronic illness.

The vagus nerve is a huge nerve that connects the brain to the various organs throughout the body. 1,535 more words

being process oriented in a product oriented world

I’m about to let you in on a secret.  It’s something I’ve been doing almost every single day the past few months, and it is amazing.   604 more words