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T-VAM Information

I wanted to raise awareness for those of you suffering from Dysautonomia about a procedure I had almost a year ago. I wrote about it briefly in my… 135 more words

Autonomic Nervous System

Finding Balance in a Work Obsessed Culture

“The body knows the truth. The truth is there is a healthier, more sustainable way to live that everyone has access to.”

Feeling a powerful pull to go inward, I take a break.

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Polyvagal Theory, Fight, Freeze or Engage

The autonomic nervous system is a control system that regulates bodily functions, over which we have no control such as the heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response etc. 438 more words

Thermoregulatory Sweat Test

“Do you tolerate heat well,” the nurse asked as she lead me back into the testing room.

Uh…no…I have POTS and Chronic Migraines. Both are triggered by heat. 956 more words


The Dreaded Tilt Table Test

The velcro crackled as they strapped my legs and arms onto the table. A sharp pinch rippled through my arm as a needle went in. Wires ran across my body as the table lifted up, tilting my body with the intent of causing me to get symptomatic. 337 more words


Chronic Truth, Invisible Pain & Quiet Strength

             The tagline to this blog, and the title of this post – “The Chronic Truth, Invisible Pain & Quiet Strength” – explains everything you need to know about Dysautonomia, and other invisible diseases. 596 more words

Autonomic Nervous System

Pushan Mudra - The Gesture of Nourishment

This is an excellent mudra for aiding digestion.

Other names: Pushaan Mudra

Music: Light From Darkness Variation 2.0

Light From Darkness (Tuned to 432Hz) by Dee Vigga aka Ultra titan… 61 more words