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Blog 32: Making New Associations: Moving from Pain to Pleasure.

Imagine with me a trip to the Middle East where we see a camel driver and her camel. If the human driver is aware of her camel’s limits and needs, they thrive as a team. 1,352 more words


We all remember those Calgon commercials, right? About the soothing power of a bubble bath? Calgon doesn’t exist anymore—it’s officially Cal-gone. Anyway.

Gracie has had diarrhea since Friday. 793 more words

"That'll be a great day..."

Tonight I’m writing out of a place of a lot of pain and hurt. I wish I could tell you that I’ve spent the day reveling in the joy of a flawless blood report, but that just wouldn’t be true. 1,081 more words

#101: HRV / Heart Rate Variability, Pt 2

Today we talk about HRV, or Heart Rate Variability. It’s a great piece of technology, maybe one of the most powerful and affordable of any fitness evaluation tool created. 20 more words


Wim Hof a.k.a. Iceman is a Medical Mystery

If you’ve ever doubted the power of mind over matter, you won’t after this short film.  Wim Hof, otherwise known as “The Iceman,” is perhaps one of the most interesting and psychologically advanced humans in the world.   337 more words

Your Autonomic Nervous System Does Not “Know” Where Your Sperm is Going


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your autonomic nervous system has conceptual frameworks. A woman, whom I had partaken in a sexual interlude with, had asked me why my autonomic nervous system would release attack sperm, used to fertilize eggs and different from blocking sperm which is used to block the sperm of rivals, if she was using her mouth to stimulate me, for it was obvious I could not impregnate her by depositing sperm in her mouth. 40 more words

Thinking About Sexuality


It turns out that being mildly stressed all day long is worse than experiencing occasionally big stresses that you get over quickly.

Ten minutes of slow breathing … read more

Faster Is Slower