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3 steps to absolute control of your life

  1. Live in the present: be aware of your body, your mind, and your surroundings.
  2. Master breathing: consciously control your breathing.
  3. Control your autonomic nervous system: take a cold shower every day.

Caffeine: How Much Is Too Much

Wired and Tired (HUH)

Bit of a contradiction wouldn’t you say? How can you be wired AND tired at the same time? Very good question. For thousands of people across the globe, attempting to stay awake for more then 8 hours seems like a trek for the fellowship of the ring… 1,076 more words

Fitness And Health

Failing to Understand Stress

I thought that I fully understood the stress response and had been to enough yoga classes to avoid getting sick due to stress. But what I’ve learned over the past year has been a real game changer. 945 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Daniel Kahneman and the Stupidity Pandemic

In case you haven’t noticed there is a stupidity pandemic.  It’s a pandemic because it rages throughout the world.  Perhaps the most conspicuous example are the religious wars.  689 more words

Mnemonic Techniques

Progress? or Progress!

Progress.  If there’s one thing out there that people really want to genuinely know about, it’s progress.  That’s the question I get asked the most often.  419 more words


Fight or flight gets joined by f---, pee, & poop

Just a few days ago, I wrote a post about a very unusual occurrence: a serious change in a fundamental piece of neuroanatomy. To recapitulate, Jean Francois Brunet and his colleagues, including lead author Isabel Espinosa–Medina, used a modern molecular approach to show that the autonomic motor neurons in the sacral cord share their characteristics with the sympathetic motor neurons in the thoracic cord and not with the parasympathetic motor neurons in the hindbrain. 972 more words

Brain Anatomy

A Prince for a Princess

Warning: This post may sound sappy.

Over a year ago, I met a guy named Marcus. As I soon as I saw him, I was hooked. 477 more words