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Lifestyle Changes

Most teenagers stay up late pigging out on junk food and watching scary movies. Not me. I am in bed by 10 pm every night, with few exceptions, and wake up at 6 am almost every morning. 369 more words


odds and ends.

Knitting makes me break out into hives and flushing, apparently. No, not really. That’s just what I happened to be doing when my body decided to throw a fit. 483 more words

A Pre-Lent crescent moon

Good Day, God!

Thank You for early morning walks with dear and trusted friends! Thank You for thin crescent moons showing through the morning clouds. Thank You for this gift of Life! 283 more words


the healthy gut...

Occasionally, the BF and I like to go out for “date night”.  Date night is like every other night, except that we put on something besides pajamas for two hours, we use a napkin to wipe our face, instead of our sleeves, and we practice appropriate conversation topics to have in public, which we have learned does NOT include conversations about butts or dog wieners. 651 more words

Chronic Illness

Brief and lovely gentle yoga (good for the challenged nervous system too)

I got up this morning wanting to go to a yoga class. Still, the condition of my autonomic nervous system has different ideas sometimes. Even yoga can be too much and a full yoga class in the community quite often is. 399 more words

Mental Health

See if You Are Over-working through Autonomic Nervous System!

【Try to see if you are over-working today!】

Health depends on inner body condition, and it is invisible. W/Me is an innovative device that can help you know your emotional map and ANS age to see if you’re overfatigued through HRV. 265 more words

Health Fact

Using adversity as fuel

I’ve been complaining a bit more than I would like, lately. The space bar thing has thrown me off, to tell the truth. I really need to be able to type quickly, and it’s stopping me from doing that. 442 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI