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Labor, Automation, and Refusal

Marxism has, and had for a quite a long time, a problem with the question of work. This is not to say that Marxism can be confused with the insistence of its antagonist, capitalism, over the relations of labor and production – nowhere in Marx’s own writings do we find the glorification of work elevated to the despotic cult of personality, as we currently see from policies recommended by the left and the right, from the popular media, from psychiatric practice and prison ‘reform’ programs, and even from the worker his or herself. 4,754 more words

Corbynism, Sanderism, and party politics vs. social movements

Viewpoint Magazine published this essay a few days ago about the underlying dynamics of Corbyn’s election to the head of the Labor Party, titled “Beyond Parliamentarism: Historical Bases and Prospects for Corbynism”.   439 more words

Monday Interesting Links

Class Composition and the Theory of the Party, Workers' Councils and the Social Factory: Notes on Sergio Bologna

Read Bologna’s piece here. This post is a work in progress. I am adding notes as I continue to think through this piece.

Structure of the labour force and political class composition in Germany before World War I: 969 more words


The Decline and Fall: Personal Reflections on Post-Left Anarchism, Occupy, and the Future of the Left

Derick Varn of Symptomatic Commentary has an interesting and brief post that asks the question “what happened to post-left anarchism?” It’s an interesting thing to pose – post-left anarchism (from henceforth “PLA”) emerged during the 1990s as a loose tendency that sampled bits of Situationism, the individualist anarchism of Max Stirner, and post-structuralist theory to argue that mainstream left movements were incapable of generating revolutionary change. 2,800 more words

Militancy, Antagonism, and Power: Rethinking Intellectual Labor, Relocating the University

This is the abstract for a co-written presentation I will be presenting at the MLA Subconference in Vancouver, BC in about a week. Perhaps I will see some of you there. 446 more words